Minutes of Meeting April 24 2017

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Minutes of Meeting March 27 2017

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President Dave opened the meeting at 6:05 PM. There were 58 members and guest present.

Dave thanked everyone that brought finger food for snacks at this meeting. This was a lot of fun.

Thank you Mike P. for taking the minutes.

Thank you to everyone who helped set up and take down the tables and keep the building clean at the end of the meeting.

Bernie showed his new club shirt with his member number on it. Great looking shirt.

Motions were made my Francine F, and seconded by Anjela (and third by Joyce C.) to pay for next years Home Show and for the 14th Annual Stamp and Coin Show to be held at the Elk’s Lodge.

Francine is selling Belk’s cards for $5.00 each for Belk’s annual charity drive. The buyer gets a $5.00 credit for any thing bought on April 29th, Sat. Our club makes $5.00 for each card bought. This is a win win for our club. These cards will be available at our next meeting.

Dave spoke about the success of our 13th Annual Stamp and Coin Club show and went over the numbers with the club.

Bob K. gave the Treasurer’s report.

Dave welcomed new members #281 James V. and  #280 Alvin A.,  who was represented by Joyce Crawford at our meeting.

Frank W. gave a nice presentation on Canadian Coins and Bob K. gave us some much needed information.

Our guest speaker was Jason G. from Birds Of  A Feather who gave us a great program  on Bird Watching and Birding. This is a very easy and inexpensive hobby to get into. Jason is the local president of the Audubon Society. Mentioned was Payne’s Prairie State Park near Gainesville, Fl. A great place to see birds, alligators, wild horses and bison.

The two door prize vouchers were won by #250 Linda C. and #198 Joan B. Remember, check the minutes for the next meeting’s secret word for the extra chance.

The 50/50 winner was Keith M.  This is his 2 win for this in two months. Hey Keith… now is the time to play the lottery!!

The Treasure Box would have been won by Dr. John Z. if only he were there to claim his prize!  April secret word for a DPV is club.

Submitted by:

Mike Paris

Typed by:

Dave R.


Minutes of Meeting February 27 2017

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President Dave R. opened the meeting on time at 6:00 PM. There were 68 members and guests present.

Everyone was warmly welcomed.

Dave R. reminded everyone that our 13th Annual Stamp and Coin Show and Chinese Auction will take place on Sat. March 4th at the Elk’s Lodge at 47 Old Kings Road N. in Palm Coast from 10:00 AM till 3:00 PM. Doors open for dealers to set up at 8:00 AM.

Everyone bringing in items for our Chinese Auction was asked to bring them in before 10:00 AM to be processed before the show opens.

Dave went over all the different committees that are helping and their duties.

Dave asked that all members wear their club shirts and/or their membership badges to identify them.

The COP will be on hand to direct traffic.

Dave sold the classic souvenir sheets produced by the post office for the good of the club. These sheets are not available at the post office. There are still 7 left and will be sold at the show on Saturday if you did not get a chance to get them at the meeting.

Keith M. gave a great talk on Amtrak train service and was of great interest to all.  Thank you Keith.

A certificate of appreciation was presented to Keith for this talk.

Dave introduced two new members:  # 277 Angela S.  and   #278 Adam C.

Our club is getting closer to # 300 and hope to reach this milestone soon.

Dave R. introduced special speaker Sheriff Rick Staly for his presentation. Sheriff Staly spoke about his first 60 days in office, Juvenile services, veteran’s courts, domestic homeland security, the departments focus on crime and gangs, concealed weapons, the area’s homeless problems and several other topics.

Dave presented Sheriff Staly a certificate of appreciation for his presentation.

Bob K. gave the treasurer’s report.

Door prizes won by # 133 Billy Bob for the 37th time!! Hee Hee, and # 199 Sue G. The secret word for this month’s door prize auction was “VFW”. Check the minutes for next month’s secret word for March meeting.

24 special door prizes were handed out and enjoyed by all. Thank you Jacob and Mathew for handing these out.   March secret word for DPV is  food.

The 50/50 was split into two drawings by hand counted vote and won by #109 Linda C. and #151 Keith M.

The auction was handled by Allen A. and Bob & Paul S. with the paperwork handled by our Vice President Frankie D. and Mike P. Thank you for all your help.

The Treasure Box would have been won by #236 Ken E.

Thank you to Tom H, Allen A. and Dave R. for setting up the tables and Tim S. for your help in breaking down the tables. Joan B. and Silvia R. for cleaning up after the meeting.

A very special thank you goes to Jane M. who took our minutes for this meeting. This is the first time our club had 23 pages of minutes for one meeting!! Great job Jane. You get Jody’s salary for your great effort.

A special thank you to everyone who brought in items for the “Good Of The Club” and Mike G. for bring in a box of stamps for free table.

Next month our club will have finger food. Club will provide finger food sandwiches. We ask everyone to bring some finger food items for the fun of it.


Submitted by Jane M.

Written by Dave


Minutes of Meeting Jan 23 2017

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Dave R. calls meeting to order at 6:01. Attendance 70 (including 8-10 guests, many who met us at the home show)

Dave reminds everyone that, while we can bring in food again as of this month, all drinks must be purchased at the VFW cantee

Dave says our expenses are and will be up considerably this year.

Welcome David S. #275 and James C., #276…our newest members.

Lohman’s on Old Kings Rd is putting on a presentation for pre-need funeral services Feb. 7 at 11 am at Golden Corral. Members can get info and a free lunch.

Our annual club show on Mar. 4 is sold out, of course. Dave asks members to seek gift certificates from merchants they know as prizes for the show’s Chinese auction.  Secret word for DPV for FEB meeting is VFW

Thank you to everyone who helped set up for our covered dish meal tonight, and thanks to all who helped at our booth at the home show. Tom H. receives special recognition for helping set up tables 2 hours after passing a kidney stone!

Happy bday Paul N.

Happy bday Mr. President & Jean P. (Frankie D. presents them with cupcakes from the club)

Dave gives Frankie polo shirt sent to us in gratitude from the post office in Palencia, Spain.

Bob K. gives Treasurer’s Report, reminding everyone that, with expenses up, all support via membership, 50/50, auctions, etc. is especially important this year.

Mike N. talks about book he’s reading…”The End of Money”. It’s about how people deal with money and the future where all transactions are electronic.

Dr. John Z. talks about the first stamps in the Western world…they were “invented” by a Scottish efficiency expert because too many letters were ending up in the dead letter office instead of being paid for by the recipients.

Door prize vouchers to Linda C. and Bob S.

Other door prizes of magnetic list pads given to many winners.

50-50 split between Joyce and Bob K.

Congrats to young member Matthew F. who has attained the Order of the Arrow in the Boy Scouts.

Good Of The Club auction is held, followed by regular auction.

Treasure chest winner was Dar F., who was not in attendance, so we have a rollover.

Respectfully submitted,

Jody D.

Recording Sec’y


Minutes of Meeting Oct 24 2016

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Dave R. calls meeting to order at 6:06 pm after some microphone issues. Unfortunately, we got it to work, so we actually had to hear Dave.

Attendance: 54 members and guests

Dave reminds all to watch for post-hurricane scams. Only hire licensed and insured contractors and repair crews.

On Nov. 5 Golden Corral is having a yard sale fundraiser for its kids camp, so bring your stuff and have some of your revenue donated to the camp.

November club dinner invitations go out in the next day or two.

March 04, 2017 club show is sold out.

If you can help out in our booth at the upcoming Home Show, please volunteer.

Dave discusses monkey business during his and Silvia’s European vacation.

Dave thanks everyone for a great year, recognizing elected and appointed officers.

Next year, our 50-50 options will include 3 tix for 2, 7 tix for $5 and 15 tix for $10.

Also, one of the two voucher door prizes will only be won by those who go to the club website, find the code word for that month, and mention it to Vera when you enter

Club will have a covered dish dinner in January, with cold cuts provided. All drinks must be purchased at VFW canteen.

Welcome new member Jean H. (274) and hello to her brother, Jim G., who may join as well.

Bob K. gives Treasurer’s report.

VP Frankie D. praised his employer, USPS, for its great local response following Hurricane Matthew.

Ed W. says he’s lent sheets of political campaign buttons he’s collected over the decades to the public library.

Youth coordinator Jacob introduces two friends and his Dad. Both buddies collect coins and stamps.

The “Palm Coast Coin Show” is returning to the Columbian (K of C) Club the 3rd Sunday of every month.

Door prize winners are Kathleen G. and Jim B.

Vera B. wins the 50-50. Additional door prizes of princess puzzles are distributed.

Good of the club auction is followed by the regular auction.

Treasure chest winner is Frank M. Not only was he present, he PICKED HIS OWN NAME OUT OF THE PILE. A US appellate court ruled he could keep his winnings despite the shady circumstances.     January 2017 DPV word is “covered dish”.

Respectfully submitted,


Jody D.

Recording Sec’y


Minutes of Meeting Sep 26 2016

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Dave R. opens meeting at 6:02 after his usual gentle reminder from Jody D. We have 57 members and guests in attendance.

Thank you Alan and Joyce for helping to set up the tables for tonight.

Members voted to renew our rental of VFW hall for 2017. Rent goes up $10 a month. Dave says we can bring in food again starting in January, but all drinks must be purchased at VFW canteen.

Dave introduces guest David S.

The Home Show is Jan 21-22. We have the same location in the hall as this year. Motion to pay rent for our spot carries.

Dave says all men must bring a purse to November’s Holiday Party. He did not say whether Golden Corral will be providing transgender bathrooms. Really, Dave?

We unveil our new banner to be used for future March club shows. It’s very big and very nice and kinda expensive, but will be great PR for us.

Elections are held for club officers. Incumbents for president (Dave R), vp (Frankie D) and treasurer (Bob K) are renominated. No other candidates nominated, so we’re stuck with these bums…I mean FINE PEOPLE…for another year.

Newly re-elected treasurer Bob K. gives his report. He tells members…if you want a print of a picture posted on our website, he’ll get it for you at nominal cost.

Dave says the March show is now SOLD OUT, though one more table might be able to be squeezed in.

Dave asks subscribers and readers of Linn’s to watch for our ads for the March show in coming issues, because Linn’s hasn’t exactly been on the ball thus far.

Motion carries for club to give annual donation to the Flagler Co Library.

Frankie D. warns everyone to be extra-watchful, because a ton of postal scams are circulating these days.

Paul S. gives presentation on 9/11. He was on a Red Cross team that came in from NJ to Ground Zero. Thank you, Paul, for your service to all rescuers and crews.

Ed W. gives presentation on medals, of which he has many, many. He shows us how to use internet search to find the real stories and history behind these and other historical objects.

$10 vouchers won by Brian S. and Frankie D.

50/50 is won by William J.

Auction is held.

Treasure Chest winner is Garrett S. who’s NOT in attendance. Rollover.

AFTER THE MEETING: Dave informs your humble correspondent we’ve secured liability insurance for club activities at the VFW at a fair price.


Respectfully submitted,


Jody D.

Recording Sec’y


Minutes of Meeting August 22 2016

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President Dave R. calls meeting to order at 6:02. Attendance: 44 members, 4 guests.

Member Jean Pierre F. is moving to SC and gave club a number of thick, valuable stamp binders and books for the auction. Thanks, Jean…and happy travels.

We observed a moment of silence for member Phil S., whom we lost this past month. His son, Brian, will continue Phil’s legacy in the club.

Ed W. happily brags that two grandkids just got scholarships to Stetson University in arts-related fields. Max, who used to visit us regularly, has appeared in several local productions.

Dave reminds all that next month is our “everything goes” auction. You can bring in collectible items to sell that aren’t coins or stamps in addition to the regular stuff.

Reminder…October is our “for the good of the club” auction. Please be generous. Our rent at the VFW is going up, so we need the shekels.

Dave says not enough members are taking advantage of the club’s website, where you can read these minutes (Hey…humor me, so I don’t type my fingers to the bone for nothing), see photos, among other things. Please check out www.stampandcoinclub.com at least monthly.

This month’s speaker was a no-show…so no presentation.

Dave shows members an old railroad mail delivery tag from his collection, then updates us about package shipping/delivery options offered by USPS.

Bob K. gives his Treasurer’s report. We spent a bunch more than last month. Why? Because Dave is feeling better.

Ed W. shows an army/navy production award from WWII.

Door prizes of German coins are awarded to many winning members.

Door prize vouchers won by Jody D. and Jose L.

The 50-50 winner…Silvia, your hostess with the mostest.

Auction is held.

Treasure chest winner…Dr. John Z. who IS in attendance! The chest will need plenty of love next month.

Respectfully submitted,

Jody D.

Recording Sec’y


Minutes of Meeting July 25 2016

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Call to order from Dave R. at 6:02. Dave’s on drugs, man. Seriously.

We have 44 members and 9 visitors in attendance. Clearly, many of our members are vacationing.

Reminder…September meeting is where we hold our collectibles auction, where all members can participate. October will feature our “Good of the Club” auction.

Dave says we got a nice write-up in the internationally-distributed “bible” of coin periodicals– Coin World. It appeared both online and in the physical magazine.

Our huge (8 ft) banner has been ordered and will be displayed each year outside the building (the Elks again next year) where we hold our annual March show.

Dave asks members to approve ads to run the remainder of this year on the FlaglerLive.com website. Motion carries.

We have two new members…Bob H. (271) and Garrett H. (272)…both into coins. In fact, Bob owns a coin shop in Jax, where he lives.

Bob K. gives Treasurer’s report. Since Dave’s been under the weather lately, we spent very little money last month. Always knew he was a spendthrift. 😉

VP Frankie D. cautions us not to cover bar codes on mailing labels with tape…even clear tape. It messes with the code reader and screws up tracking info.

Dr. John Z. gives presentation on his visit to the NY World Int’l Stamp convention at the Javits Center. He shows slides of many rare issues.

Ray H. completes his 2-part presentation on paper money with a history of Florida currency. Many great historic photos of rare bills.

$10 vouchers won by Frank M. and Jose L.

Phil K. donates a nice number of coins, which are handed out to additional door prize winners.

Frankie D. wins the 50-50.

Treasure chest winner is Gerald L., who was not in attendance. Rollover.

Get rid of those stones, Dave. Feel better.

Respectfully submitted,

Jody D.

Recording Sec’y


Minutes of Meeting June 27 2016

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5 – 6 pm
A blessing was given before the meal by Carmela F.
Club members and guests enjoyed a cover dish meal consisting of an 18 ft sub sandwich, baked beans, cold slaw and various fruits and desserts. Everyone had a great time. One big hit was Bob C.’s organic chicken. Not to mention all the yummy home made deserts and salads. We thank everyone for sharing the side dishes and participation. And let’s not forget Geri F’s fantastic potato salad.
David called meeting to order at 6 pm. (Third time in a row!!)
58 members and 8 visitors in attendance.
A moment of silence was observed for Shirley Davis, mother of  member #62 Jody D. our Correspondent Secretary,  who passed away this past week.  Our condolence to Jody and family.
David explained the process of how the club’s auction tables are displayed.
Dave shared with the club an article about state silver one ounce bars selling for $57.00 each and were advertised as very limited!! This was in the club’s opinion a little overpriced$$$
Dave mentioned that our tables for our annual stamp and coin show are selling fast and will be another sellout. If you have not sent in the contracts for this show and want a table please do so quickly.
Frankie D. gave a brief on the deceptive advertising of Morgan silver dollars, showing a newspaper article.  Morgan dollars advertised for approx. $17.  GREAT PRICE!  Wrong.. fine print said these are copies.
Member #49, Dr. John Z, gave a talk on his attendance at the World Stamp Show 2016 held in New York at the end of May.   He is putting together a slide presentation for a future meeting.  Thank you very much Dr. Z.
Honorary member Ray H.  gave a slide presentation on Florida paper currency from 1817 – 1865.    Thank you for a very interesting presentation.   Ray will give PART 2 at our July 25 meeting for period 1865 – 1935. Ray was presented a gift from our club for all he does.
David introduced new member #270 Larry G.  Welcome to our club Larry.
Returning members #226 Kendra and #236 Ken E. were welcome back.  Kendra is one of our youth interested in stamps and Ken, her father, has interest in coins and stamps.
Certificates of appreciation were given to Jean H. and Lina for all the help they provide the club.
Member #73 Michael Belanich and his daughter Paula are leaving Florida and moving back to upstate New York.  Michael has been a member since July 2005.   We wish them well and safe traveling.
Frankie D. will talk to the Palm Coast postmaster about having a tour of this facility in the near future.
David announced that member #155 Phil K. had donated mercury dimes to the club and that these would be given out as door prizes.   Thank you Phil.
David called the number for the door prizes. #165 Paul S. and # 50 Paul N. won.
50/50 was called.  Two winners were #44 Jim B. and #181 Ron S.    Congratulations to both.
Meeting ended at 7:15 pm.
Auction started at 7:25 pm.
There were 10 lucky winners of the after auction special door prizes. It pays to stick around.
Treasure Chest winner was #138 Bob K.   He collected his “goodies”. (He was so happy.Emoji) This was Bob’s 18 time winning. (No not really).
Wishing everyone a safe and happy 4th of July.  For our Canadian members/friends a happy July 1 to you.
See everyone at our July 25 meeting.
Substituting for our beloved Jody D. Recording Secretary:
Bob K. and Dave R.

Minutes of Meeting May 23 2016

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Dave R. calls meeting to order at 6:12, but we won’t savage him for this one. Unfortunately, we had a delay due to a technical snafu which prevented us from hearing and seeing Paul S.’s 9/11 presentation. He’ll offer it at a future meeting.

Attendance 47 members  seven guests

We held a moment of silence in memory of Lily C., whom we lost since the last meeting.

Dave gives Rodney F. a baby stroller as a gift on behalf of the club for his new granddaughter.

Dave says the club is mentioned in the recent edition of Linn’s Stamp News. Yay, us! Dave publicly embarrasses his Recording Secretary by revealing that “he” was arbitrarily changed to “she” in our community calendar listing this week in the often-pathetic Palm Coast Observer. Also…the Pennysaver listed tonight’s meeting as being in January. Local journalism at its finest, my friends.

Applications are now available for next March’s club show at the Elks. Dave says the number of tables, as well as the price to secure one, stays the same.

The World Stamp Show takes place in NYC next week.

Dave and Silvia looked into traveling there to promote the club, but expenses turned out to be prohibitive.

The Treasure Chest needs more love after Jane M. emptied it in April.

Club is giving three matted, framed blocks of Mexican stamps to Salsa’s restaurant to thank them for their assistance.

Bobby K. gives his Treasurer’s Report. Extra expense this month to pay the Elks for the March ’17 show hall rental.

Visitor Bill B., the VP of the Jacksonville Coin Club, encouraged members to come to his club’s show June 3-5.

We welcome new members Berndt B. (268) and David G. (269) with the usual “stuff.”

Door prize vouchers are won by Francine F. and yours truly, Jody D.

50/50 had two winners.   #70 David R. and #95 Robert C.

Yours truly gives presentation on collecting Old Time Radio shows for free on mp3 via several websites, as well as collecting original 16″ transcription discs at reasonable prices. Presentation includes OTR quiz, which many of our members did quite well on, and display of four of the aforementioned discs with historical notes. Dave gives me certificate of appreciation. Still waiting on the cash honorarium. I should live so long.

Auction is held. Treasure

Chest is won by longtime member and former treasurer John D. The old goat wasn’t present, so we roll over to June. Remember…the box needs love.

Respectfully submitted,

Jody D. Recording Sec’y


Following are the URL’s (links) to the topics in the presentation by Jody D.


Archive.Org      http://www.archive.org/details/oldtimeradio


Old Time Radio Researchers  (more than thousands free shows)   http://www.otrrlibrary.org


Shows for Sale on CD in cleaned up, excellent sound    http://www.radioarchives.com


If you have SIRUS/XM, there is an Old Time Radio channel there.


Transcriptions DISC Quarterly Auctions     email   broadwayrecords@gmail.com