Minutes of Meeting March 26 2018

There were 68 members and guests present

Our President Dave R. opened the meeting at 6:04 PM and welcomed everyone to our March meeting.

Snacks were provided by our members and Chic-Fil-A provided the chicken nuggets for this meetings surprise snack. Keri gave the blessing before everyone dove in and enjoyed the food. Special thanks go to Therese, Keri, Henry and Joan for their home made goodies.

A moment of silence was held for long time member Bob Charters who recently passed away.

Dave R. gave a very positive report on our 14th Annual Stamp and Coin Show. Several members came up with several ideas to improve our show.

One of which is to include a raffle at $1.00 each with a gold coin as the main prize with several other coin prizes. Bob K. volunteered to canvass printers to find out the cost for these raffle tickets. Phil K, and Bob C. donated a beautiful MS63 1887 Silver Dollar as one of the coins to raffle away. Our club can sell these raffle tickets for the entire year leading up to our 15th Annual Stamp and Coin Show to be held on SAT. March 2, 2019 at the Elk’s Lodge.

Big thank you to John R. who helped us get the rectangular tables back. We have access to the key to the pod. Remember, our club has to put the tables back in the pod after the meeting is over.

Dave told everyone that the new community center is now open.

Dave R. told everyone that our beloved “TREASURE BOX” is no longer among us. Due to a terrible fall our box was rushed to the ER and did not make it through to lifesaving procedures! We will come up with something new in the near future.

Thank you Angela S. for taking over the welcome table duties. Angela gets 7500 points for helping us.

Thank you to our speakers for our show and tell. Phil K, Billy Bob B., Angela S., Dave R., and Alvin A.,

A motion was made by Francine F. and seconded by Billy Bob to put out the funds for our 15th Annual Show next year. Motion was carried.

Thank you Bernie B. for taking care of the club’s 50/50.

Winning vouchers for $10.00 was won by # 277 Angela S.and # 287 W. Kenneth W.

For the first time we had two winners for the 50/50 with the same last three numbers.

# 281 James V. and # 165 Paul S.

We had a very active auction attended by 41 members and guests.

SECRET word for door prize voucher for APRIL 23 meeting is  SPRING

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Silvia R.


Minutes of Meeting February 26 2018

There were 68 members and visitors

Dave R. started the meeting at 6:09 and welcomed everyone to our monthly meeting especially Linda C. who had a terrible fall during the Home Show at Flagler Palm Coast High School.

John H. gave the blessing before we all ate healthy salads for this meeting. Next meeting we will be back to sweets. Look for the meeting reminder for more details. Thank you to everyone who brought salads. It was great. Thank you June for helping to set up the table for the salads.

Bob K. was happy to see so many members raise their hands that they went to our web site to get the secret word.

Dave discussed with the members the added fee of $75.00  the VFW wants from the club  to use the rectangular tables. The club can not afford this so we will try and make do with what the VFW provides. This was a hardship on the club but we got through it.

Dave R. spoke about the upcoming 14th Annual Show and the volunteers needed to run the show. He asked everyone to help get items for the Chinese Auction which is always a lot of fun.

Dave reported that we added a lot of extra advertising for this show.

The Elk’s Lodge will provide a menu for those who want to eat at the show.

Congratulations go out to Niki B. who just became a US citizen. Way to go Niki.

Ed G. gave a great presentation on rare vinyl records in his collection and Ed W. showed his collection of WW1 items that drew a lot of interest to his display during the break.

Sue B. fell and is on the mend. We hope she recovers quickly.

Geri F. also fell and is also on the mend.

Judge Judy on one of her shows told her audience that the secret to a very healthy long life is Do Not Fall. Please everyone, be careful.

We welcome three new members: #289 Robert Lee M., #290 Eric L., and #291 Gene M. to our club. Let’s everyone welcome them to our growing family and make them all feel right at home.

The Treasure Box was won by Joan B. who was present at our meeting. Congratulations to Joan.

Door Prize winners were # 238 Stephen S. and # 165 Paul S. for the 32nd time.

Two 50/50 winners:

#44 Jim B. and # 280 Ed Guy.    SECRET word for door prize March 26 meeting is   daylight

Minutes submitted by:

Silvia R.  Hostess

Typed by:

David R. The Pres.


 Minutes of Meeting January  29 2018


 Minutes of Meeting Oct 23 2017

There were 76 members and guests at this meeting.

Our illustrious president opened the meeting at 6:05 PM.

Dave R. thanked John H. for the blessing for our meal at 5:00 pm.

Everyone was thanked for bringing in side dishes for this final meeting of the year.

Dave R. thanked our members for their help for everything during this past year.

Our club is sponsoring a table at Belk’s on Friday Oct. 28th from 2:00 PM till 6:00 PM to sell charity tickets for Belk’s Charity Day on Nov. 4th. Special hours will be from 6:00 AM till 10:00AM. There will be gift cards at the door for the first 100 people. You must have a ticket to get in. The ticked price is $5.00 and you get $5.00 off your purchase on this day. Our club gets to keep the $5.00 paid for this ticket.

We will be participating at the annual Home Show at Flagler Palm Coast High school on Sat. and Sunday Jan. 20-21 2018.   We will have the same location as last year. We need volunteers to help man the table during the show. Please bring items to put on table to show visitors and of course take them back with you when you leave. This is a great way our club shows the public what we do and how we can help them get free evaluations of their collections.

A motion was made and seconded that we continue our club’s support for the Friend’s Of The Library. This passed unanimously.

Our club will also be participating at the Festival of Trees being held at the Palm Coast Library. Our set up time will be November 28th at 5:00 PM. We need a few members to please show up to help. This will only take about thirty minutes. Also, Dave R. has asked all of our members to make a personalized ornament and bring it to the library and put this on the tree.

Our Treasurer, Bob K. gave the monthly financial report.

Jose L. spoke about an orphanage and school in Puerto Rico run by nuns that is in dire need of financial help due to the devastation from hurricane Irma. Our club took up a collection and with matching funds will send a check to them. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO DONATED FOR THIS CAUSE. The name of the orphanage/school is La Casa De Todos, The House For Everyone.

Kent S. spoke about Model A and T cars built by Ford. Everyone enjoyed this and had many questions. Kent has been given 10,000 points and a certificate.

We had a large and fun auction that had a lot of surprises for everyone.

Francine F. was present and accepted the Treasure Box when her name was called. Congratulations.

The door prize winners were # 221 Jacob S. and # 135 Jean P.

The 50/50 winner was #268 Bernie B.

A thank you to Angela S. for manning the sign-in table for members and guests.

Most of all from the bottom of our hearts we wish you all a very Happy and Health Holliday Season.

The SECRET phrase for the January 22 2018 meeting is  NEW YEAR

Minutes submitted by:

Silvia R. Hostess



Minutes of Meeting September 25 2017

62 members and visitors were present.

At 5:00 PM John H. gave the blessing and we all ate pizza and side dishes brought in by our members.

Dave R. welcomed everyone to our meeting and hoped everyone got through IRMA in good shape.

Dave R. briefly spoke about his and Silvia’s trip our West with Alvin and Joyce.

The club was informed that Lisa S. had a grandson born at home during the storm. This is what I call a great souvenir from the storm.

Dave R. mentioned that the smallest post office survived the storm and is located on Hwy. 41 East of Naples.

Nominations were held for the year 2018. Dave R. was nominated for President by Bob Kegley and seconded by Angela S., Frankie D. was nominated for Vice-President by Francine F. and seconded by Jean P., Bob Kegley was nominated by Linda C. and seconded by Bernd B.

All of the nominations was closed and the nominated officers were elected.

Frankie D. read a thank you  letter from The Ronald McDonald House in Jacksonville, FL thanking our club for the huge box of stamps we sent them for their visiting patients and guests. This is just one of many donations that our club ships out to schools, orphanages, and clubs all over the world.

Our club welcomes our newest member Dennis M. #286. Thank you for joining our family.

Bob K. spoke about the new procedures for APO and FPO mailings and the responsibility of the Post Office and the Military Post Office getting the mail to our men and women in uniform.

John and Clyde S. spoke about advertisements on the back of Civil War currency and limited issue gold, platinum, and silver coins from the US Mint.

Allan K. spoke briefly on the growing Opioid problems in the US and locally.

A motion was made by John S.and seconded by Clyde S. that our club pays for the room rent, holiday meal, web site, and insurance for 2018. Passed with flying colors.

Special thank you to Tom H. who set up and took down the tables.

Special thank you to Ray and Martha for calling out special door prizes and to Angela and Kendra for delivering these items to the winners.

Thank you Angela and Kendra for manning the sign in table.

Door prize winners were David S. and Cathy G.    SECRET word for the October 2017 meeting is FALL.

The 50/50 winner was # 266 Lee S.  Winner of Treasure Chest was #279 Alvin A.   Alvin was present to accept this.

Minutes submitted by:

Silvia R., Hostess

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