Minutes of Meeting Sep 23 2019


The President opened the meeting at 6:01 PM

There were 34 members and visitors present.

A new bell was presented to the club by Phil N. to replace the broken one that was presented to the club by Lou Kiss.

Elections were held for 2020

Angela S. nominated Silvia R. for President who declined

Dar nominated         David R. for President seconded by Melanie E.

Dar nominated           Frankie D. for Vice President seconded by MIke P.

Dar nominated           Bob K.        for Treasurer and seconded by Ed W

All officers were elected by acclimation.

Eric Levine was appointed our Sargent of Arms. Congratulations !!!!!  Eric !!!

Bob K. gave the financial report.

Our last meeting for 2019 will be on October 28.

This will be our Holiday Party. The Club will be providing two turkeys and three hams which Frankie D. and his wife Suzanne will be cooking for all of us.

Everyone is asked to bring in a side dish. You can bring a guest. We will all eat at 5 p.m.

We will have a Chinese Auction with quite a lot of meal certificates, stamps and coins at this Chinese Auction. Joan, Sue and Jean will be handling the Chinese Auction .

Show and Tell was a huge success.  Speakers were Jean P. Angela S. John H. Bob S. and Paul N.

There was a short but lively auction that was a lot of fun.

Door prize gift cards were won by Keri , Mike P.

The 50/50 was won by Mike P. who graciously donated the winnings back to the club.  Thank you Mike for your generosity.


Minutes Submitted by:

Silvia Rosenthal


Minutes of Meeting August 26 2019

Meeting was called at 6:05 PM.   67 members and guests were present .

We can not thank enough Mr. and Mrs. Frank Feldman for the delicious homemade chicken noodle soup and to everyone who brought in side dishes.
We can not forget that delicious peach cobbler !
We bid farewell to Michael N., our Master Sargent of Arms, he is moving in with his daughter down to South Florida..
We welcome in two more members –  Mr. John Costa and Mr. Richard Rivard. Welcome to our club.
Bob K. gave the financial report.
Bob K. spoke to us about cyber security . A great program that gave a lot of information out to our members.
Thank you Bernie, Tom, Kent , David, Richard,  John, and Frankie D., and Brian for  setting up tables and putting them back into the shed.
We welcome back long time members: The Two Brothers Clyde and John S.,  Henry I., and Bill J.
Thank you Angela for taking care of the sign in table.
Thank you John B., and Frankie for manning the auction table.
Thank you Phil K. for our donation of coin items for our door prizes.
We had a great live auction with lots of items changing hands. This is always a highlight of our meeting and a lot of fun.
The recipients of the gift cards were Sue G. and Silvia R. One was awarded at the break and the other at the end of the auction.
Bob K and Lee S.won the 25/25/50.
Minutes submitted by ,
Silvia R.



Minutes of Meeting July 22 2019

48 members and 4 guests were present.


David R. opened the meeting at 6:05 PM.

We had a moment of silence for Patrick Ahern .

We Thanked Bob K and his wife Adelet for sponsoring this month’s supper it was very kind of them both. Great food. No one left hungry.

And It was delicious !!

We need sponsors for August and September. Please contact David R. and let him know if you will sponsor one of these meetings.

In October for the first time ever in the history of our club we are going to have our Holiday Halloween Party .. Customs will be judged ,tables decorated and plenty of door prizes

It will be our last meeting for the year no meeting in November and December.

The club will provide Turkey and Ham. Prepared by Frankie D. and his wife Suzanne and everyone is asked bring a covered dish to compliment this fantastic meal.

All Members can bring in one guest .

We will also have a Chinese Auction.  Please bring new items for the Chinese Auction. This can be anything including coins and stamps.

We had two excellent  speaker’s  Mark R. and Ross M.

Mark R. spoke about fraud and how to avoid being taken. Ross spoke about his experience with meeting many of our astronauts. Some of which were Neil Armstrong, Alan Shepard, Jim Lovett, Buzz Aldrin and worked for Ronald Reagan  and others. This was very interesting and a great way to remember the 50th anniversary of the moon landing on July 20, 1969.

At our August Meeting Bob K. will be talking about cyber security.

Maddy is asking all members if they have any stamps with pandas, animals, dinosaurs and unicorns to please bring them to her .

Eric lost his stamp tongs at the stamp table if anyone took them by mistake please return it to him .

A lot of door prizes were given out. The new door prizes will be $10.00 gift cards. One winning number will be called before the auction begins and the second one at the end of the auction.

Mike P. was the winner of our 50/50. Every time Mike comes he wins the 50/50. (This is his 32 time winning!!! )

Maddy and Silvia won the $10.00 gift cards.

Thank you , Barbara and Angela for manning the front table.

Thank you Frankie D., Kent, Tom, Jacob and myself for setting up and taking down the tables.

Thank you Phil K. for donating coins for future door prizes. You are indispensable.

Thank you Frankie D.  for taking care of the live auction.

Thank you to all of our members and guests for making our club the best Stamp and Coin Club in the world!

Minutes submitted by

Silvia R.



Minutes of Meeting June 24 2019

There were 51 members and guests present.

Dave R. Stated the meeting at 6:15 PM. We started late to give Dr. John Z. time to set up his educational program.

At 5:00 PM we stood for a moment of silence for Geri Fiore, a long time member, who passed away last week.

Everyone then dug into the best-pulled pork dinner supplied by Kathy and Tom G. This was the first homemade pulled pork and homemade baked beans the club has ever eaten. Thank you Kathy and Tom for all the work in preparing this meal. Thank you to Frank F.’s  wife for the great macaroni and cheese.

The club also wants to thank everyone who brought in side dishes to compliment this meal. Everything was great.

Thank you to Joan B. for always helping to clean up after the meal is over.

While waiting for the program to start we had a small estate auction that was a lot of fun.

Dr. John finally was able to show his program provided by the American Philatelic Society. Thank you, John, for bringing this to the club.

Bob K. gave his financial report.

We had a quick but fun live auction at the end of the meeting with most of our members staying to bid on lots.

Thank you to Frankie D. for helping with the auction and tables. Thank you Tom H. and Frank F. for putting up the tables. Your help is invaluable.

Thank you Francine F. for manning the children and adults stamp table and helping with the auction.

Thank you to Angela for taking care of the sign in table

Door prizes were awarded:

Mike Z. and Bill B.

The 50/50 was won by Bob K.

The DPV program is being revamped.  The new program will be announced at the July meeting.  It is exciting!   JULY 22, mark your calendar.

Minutes submitted by:

Silvia R.





Minutes of Meeting  May 20 2019

David R. opened the meeting at 6:01 PM. There were 41 members and visitors attending.
Everyone stood up for a moment of silence for long time member # 29 Ray Longobardi who passed away.
Everyone that attended this meeting enjoyed “COOKIE MONSTER DAY” along with cheese and crackers and other great stuff. All of which was calorie free!! Thank you to everyone who brought in COOKIES and Stuff. This was a great success.
There was a lot of action at the free stamp table thanks to several donations of used and mint stamps that came in this month and a lot of great fellowship.
Bob K. gave a short talk on coins and his treasurer report.
For the first time Bob K. pulled his own name for the door prize voucher and donated it back for the club. Dave R. picked the next winner and picked his name. Dave R. also donated this back to the club.
Two more names were pulled for the donated door prizes and the first one from the sign in table went to Linda C. who was very happy to finally get one and the second name was picked from the secret word can and you all guessed it… Linda C. won this one also. This was a first for our club.
The was a short Good For The Club auction and a short but fun regular live auction.
The 50/50 was won by Bill J. # 235. If anyone needs a loan see Bill at our next meeting.
After the auction was over and everyone left several coins including a gold 5.00 coin with a MS 70 slab was left behind. The club was happy with donation but we did locate the owner who came back to retrieve them.
The meeting adjourned a little early at 7:45. PM.
The SECRET word for JUNE meeting is FIREWORKS
Minutes submitted by:
Silvia R.
Hostess and First Lady

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Minutes of Meeting April 22 2019

There were 59 members and guests present.

David R. started the meeting at 6:04 PM

David announced that our beloved Keith M. is going back to Michigan or Minnesota or something like that. He is going back to snow country. We all bid farewell and safe travel to him and his wife.

Eric L. gave a wonderful , educational and very interesting talk about his new love of China Stamps and a history of his wife’s family .

Winnie C. gave a talk about the Wickham Center and all the senior services available.

David shared some fake stamps and an expensive set that he found going through an old plastic storage box.

Robert K. gave a great treasure’s report. Yes, We have some $$$$. but not enough for that special cruise.

Frankie D. told everyone that our club is putting on a presentation on Wed. at the Wickham center and Bob K. is looking into other venues for us to do the same.

We had a great anything goes auction that all the club members enjoyed.

We Thank Tom Hart for putting up all the tables and putting them back and everyone else pitching in.

Thank you Jacob and Angela for taking care of the sign in table.

The 50/50 was won by one of our members ,but was giving back to the club as a donation.He does not want to be recognized .

We Thank Him Very Much .

Jean P. and David R. (finally) won the door prize vouchers

Minutes submitted by :

Silvia R.



SECRET word for MAY     is Hurricane


Minutes of Meeting March 25 2019

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM, on time for a change.
There were 62 members and visitors.
Dave R. thanked Frank F., member #294, for the best chili ever prepared in Florida, This was definitely an award winning effort  and as
 result Frank was given 14,100 points.
Dave also thanked everyone who brought side dishes for this feast.
As of right now we are looking for a meal sponsor for the April meeting.
Dave R. gave a show report and spoke about the finances from the 15th Annual Show. After 15 years of running this show and the low attendance even after all avenues of advertising was done and feed back from the members and dealers about their income it has been decided that this will be our last show.
Thank you to Frank and Jane M. for running the Chinese Auction.
Thank you to Bob K. for manning the welcome table.
Thank you to everyone who helped set up and helped and supported  the show.
Dave also discussed and voted to having a Holiday Party at the VFW for our October meeting. There will be no meal at the Golden Corral.  The club will provide all the meats and the members and guests will provide their special Holiday side dishes. There will be much more to come on this matter later.  We will have a Chinese Auction at the  Holiday Meeting.
The gold coin raffle was a success and the club will look into doing this again next year.  Our club sold 786 out of 800 tickets. Great job to everyone that helped with this.
Dave R. welcomed back Ed W. who graciously attended our meeting for a short time. Everyone was happy to see Ed up and around but not yet ready for the Palm Coast marathon.
Dave R. also welcomed back Linda C. who looked like Miss America.
Bob K. brought up the Friends of the Library and Flagler Live past donations. It was voted on not to send these donations this year.
Dave R shared some interesting items from his stamp collection and showed the microscope purchased from Amazon for viewing stamps and coins and gave a tip to all if they purchase this from Amazon and set up a credit account they could get $20.00 off the price.
Angela spoke about her trip with the ROTC and her interesting adventure.
Frankie D. spoke about youth programs and will work with Jacob S. to set up Scout Merit Badge programs.
Keith M. Spoke about the Bright Line  train now available from Ft Lauderdale  to Miami with one stop at West Palm Beach. Cost is $22.50 per person each way. Orlando will be added in the future.  Sounds like we now have our own Polar Express.
$10.00 Door Prize Voucher winners:
# 206 Henry I.
# 283 Kent S.
50/25/25 winners:
#152 Keith M. for 236th time
# 238 Stephen S. (donated back to the club)
The SECRET word for the APRIL Internet door prize voucher is   EGGS
Minutes submitted by: (Typed by David R.) (Only took David 3 hours and 43 minutes to do this.)
Silvia R.

Minutes of Meeting Feb 25 2019

81 members and visitors came through the door. Hooray!!!
Dave R. started the meeting at 6:06 PM. 
 Mrs. Laird , Angela and Jacob manned the welcome table.
Everyone stood to give a loud thank you to Leda and Cora for the most delicious Latin meal ever served  at our meal table. Thank you so much for all your hard work. This meal was dedicated to Denis, her husband on his 126th birthday. 
David R. welcomed everyone and introduced Richard W. as our 302nd member. David then introduced Lisa S. for being # 300. This is another milestone for our club. Lisa waited five years to get this number. Congratulations for reaching your goal. That’s another item off your bucket list.
Dave R. welcomed back Gunter and Ginny  from the 7 years at sea and Keith M. from his 26 below zero Michigan location, Jerry C. from Palm Coast who has not been at a meeting in a long time, Ed and Joanie G. whose joyful presence  is always welcome.
David reminded everyone that their 2019 dues are due and to see Bob.K to pay him.  Bob loves $$$.
David reminded everyone that our 15th Annual Stamp and Coin Show is being held this coming Sat. March 2nd at the Elk’s Lodge on Old Kings Hwy.
The club needs everyone to help with the Chinese Auction by bringing in gift cards from local retailer and restaurants that they frequent. Also, if members want to get together gift baskets or donate any new item for the Chinese Auction to bring these items on Friday night at 9:00 PM to the Elk’s lodge or Sat. Morning  before 10:00 AM so we can process them. We also need some donated coins and stamps for the auction also. Dig deep into your duplicates and share some fun with everyone.
Lucian and Patty M. donated some coins for the auction. Thank you to both of you.
Once again Jane and Frank M. will run the Chinese Auction for us. Thank you to both for all your help. Chinese ticket prices will remain the same.  $1.00 each $5.00 for eight, 20 for$10.00 (best price).
Bob K. spoke about a U.S. Mint coin set for kids that is space related. Only 5000 of these are being produced and will sell out quickly. Bob said to contact the U.S. mint quickly when the sale starts.  USMINT.GOV.  On sale Feb 28 at noon.  $9.95 per set.
Angela is  proud to let the club know that our club now has followers on  Instagram. Great job Angela.
Keri S. spoke about her collection of old fold out valentines, most of which were from Germany and all over 100 years old. It is great when collectors preserve history to share with others.  
David S. Shared his love for Ham Radio and displayed a current amateur radio, along with an old brass Morse Code instrument. David mentioned that he used to deliver papers and mow lawns for one dollar to raise fund for this hobby. Dave R. offered him several yards to mow for $1.00 but said he was all booked up!
Both Keri S. and David S. received rare, very limited, no longer produced, hard to find, clean, new, plush animals for speaking to the club.
Remember, Our club encourages members to talk about their other hobbies and interests. This could be a two minute up to 15 minutes presentation. We need someone for our March meeting. Let David R. know. 
Thee was no Treasure Box at this meeting. It was buried  under items for the annual show and could not be reached.
Door prize voucher winners:
# 295 Lucian M.
# 253 Allen K.
the 50/25/25 winners:
# 155 Phil K.
# 238 Steve S. (who donated his winnings back to the club.) 
The SECRET word for the March meeting is WINDS.
Minutes submitted by:
Silvia R.


Minutes of Meeting Jan 28 2019

There were 68 members and visitors present.

Dave R. started the meeting at 6:01 PM.

Dave R. Thanked everyone who came and gave a very special thank you to Frankie D. and Suzanne D. for preparing a great Italian meal for all to enjoy. A great round of applause came from everyone for their efforts. Dave also thanked everyone who brought in side dishes.

Dave R. gave a report on another successful Home Show. Our table was crowded both days and we handed out over 250 15th annual show flyers with a special gift card attached to be turned in  on a first come first served basis at our show. The second day was raining heavy all day but this did not slow down the show.

Dave R. thanked everyone who helped at the Home Show Table and those that wished also got great sandwiches supplied by Silvia R. along with chips and water.

87 Raffle tickets were sold for our first Gold Coin Raffle. We are not printing any more tickets so if you want to help the club these tickets will be at our Feb. meeting and at the March 2nd show.

Silvia R. showed a 420 piece mailing going out to local collectors supplied by the APS. This is the first time our club went to the time and expense to get new visitors to our show.

NEWS FLASH……  I am very proud to announce that we just signed up member # 300. Lisa S. Congratulations Lisa on becoming #300.

We also had two new members join that were at our meeting. # 299 Rob P. and # 301, Ed C.

Dave R. reported on the costs of running each meeting and asked our members to remember the “Good For The Club” auction at each meeting.

The final countdown has arrived… Frankie D. has 30 days to retirement. HOORAY for Frankie D.

Thank you Eric L. for your demonstration of the Carson eFlex Microscope.This can be used for stamps or coins and is a great item. Dave R. bought one and it is great.

Bernie and Mickey B. are in Thailand. Bernie fell and was hospitalized for three days. Get well quick Bernie.

Ed W. fell and is recuperating at home.

Bob K. gave the financial report.

The $10.00 Door Prize winners were…

# 224 Clyde S.  and #  296  Patricia M.

The 50/50 winners were Eric. L. and Billy Bob .

A special thank you to Phil K. for supplying coins for door prizes.

A special thank you to Patty M. for handling the 50/50 and setting up the tables for our dinner.

Thank you Leda for manning the sign in table.

Thank you Alvin for taking care of the door prize tickets.

Thank you Joan for helping with the clean up.

And let’s not forget everyone that helped either setting up or taking down the tables.

The owner of the cell phone was located.

The SECRET word for the February door prize voucher is SPRING.   This must be given to Bob, our treasurer, to be eligible for the $10 voucher.

Respectfully submitted,

Silvia Rosenthal




Minutes of Meeting October 22 2018

There were 72 members and visitors present

Dave R. opened the meeting at 6:01 PM.

Everyone was welcomed and enjoyed a great Chili dinner presented by our Vice-President Frankie D. Thank you to everyone who brought side dishes to compliment this great meal.

Dave R. welcomed back Ed G., Linda C., and Jacob and Lisa S., Bernie and Niki B., Phil A.

Phil K. and Robert C. both gave Jacob some coins.

Frankie D. Presented our Hostess, Silvia R. with a bouquet of flowers for all that she does for our club.  (pictures on web site)

Everyone stood up and introduced themselves so new members can see the faces that match the names.

Motion made by Eric L. and seconded by Bob S. to pay for next year’s use of the VFW. Motion passed.

Motion made by Jean P. and seconded by Patricia M. to pay for next year’s insurance when due. Motion passed.

Motion Made by Frankie D. and seconded by Phil K. to pay for one year of web service. Motion passed.

Motion made by David R. to send the President and his wife, Silvia around the world on a year- long cruise. Motion denied due to lack of funds!! Maybe next year.

A big thank you to Phil K. who brought the blank raffle tickets for our Lucky Seven Gold Coin Raffle. Tickets are one dollar each and the winning tickets will be picked at our 15th Annual Stamp and Coin Show on March 2nd at the Elks Lodge at 2:00 PM.

This was our final meeting for the year. Next month is our Holiday Meal at Golden Corral at 3:45. PM. Everyone attending must be in attendance no later than 3:45 PM.

Frankie D. gave a quick presentation on 1950’s cars and admitted and confessed that his wife Suzanne cooked the chili.

Bob K gave the financial report.

Thank you to everyone who helped set up and take down the tables.

35 members stayed for a very active live auction.

Special plush door prizes won by everyone.

Door Prize Winners:

# 225 John S. and # 286 Dennis M.

50/50 winner was Phil K.

SECRET word for the January 28 2019 meeting is New Year

Submitted by:

Silvia Rosenthal



Minutes of Meeting September 24  2018

9-24-18  There were 50 members and 14 guests present.

David R. Welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked everyone who brought in those delicious  side dishes, awesome desserts ,and bags of chips  for our Cold Cut Sandwich Night. We received a lot of compliments regarding the cold cuts that the club provided for all .

Dave gave a special welcome to J.C. M. and his wife Patty who drove from the Villages to visit us and gave a donation of stamps for our club. He was presented with one of our famous pens and club’s pin.

David R. told everyone that the raffle tickets will be ready this week.  Thank you Phil K. for taking care of this for us.

Silvia R. has over 300 packets of stamps to give out at the library Festival of Trees event in November. and Has another 200 packets ready for the Home Show in January.

Ed W. gave a great talk on the 100th Anniversary of  WW I.

Linda C. gave a report on the upcoming elections and explained how mail in ballots worked and are counted.

Nominations were taken for 2019 officers.

Nominated for Treasurer/secretary by Francine F. and seconded by Mike P. was                 Robert Kegley

Nominated for Vice-President by Bob S. and seconded by Ed W. was                                     Frankie Debisceglle

Nominated for President by Joan B. and seconded by Phil K. was                                            David Rosenthal

All of the officers were elected by acclimation.

Thank you to everyone else who also tried to second the motions.

Congratulations to all the officers for 2019.

Thank you to all the members who make this club the success that it is  !!

Thank you to everyone who helped set up and take down the tables.

$10.00 Door prize voucher winners:  Billy Bob B. and Allen A.

50/50 winner was Martha L.

Special door prizes were won by: Ross M, Ed G. and Bob S.

David R. reminded everyone that our October meeting is the last meeting for the year.

The Secret word for the October meeting is SPOOKY

Minutes Submitted by:

Silvia R.




47 guests and members present.

Dave R. opened the meeting at 6:07 PM.

Everyone enjoyed our Christmas In July meal. Thank you to everyone who brought in a covered dish for the meal. The food was awesome and plentiful. The main meal provided by the club was a huge frank and bean casserole.and plenty of christmas candy . Our Master Sargent At Arms, Mike N. suggested that after the meal that we turn on all the fans on high speed. I could not figure out why!!

Several members wore Holiday clothing and were each awarded 2650 points each.

After a few announcements and Bob K’s financial report Dave R. introduced our esteemed educational director, the Honorable Ed W.who gave the most interesting talk on WW I pilot wings from the US and Germany and shared his framed military  collection of these items. One of these wings only had 17 issued and Ed W. had one to show us along with the history of tracking down the original pilots information.

Thank you Ed W. for all the time this took you to put together and share with us. We are all very thankful and lucky to have you in our lives.

Our Lucky 7 Raffle is now complete and the raffle tickets are soon to be sent to the printer. Thank you Phil K. for helping us with this huge project and also to Bob K. for his help in obtaining two of the gold coins.

There will be three gold coins along with 4 silver coins in the raffle. Cost per ticket will be $1.00 each. There will be 1000 tickets printed.We hope to make this an annual raffle so lets all support our club and buy bunches of tickets.

Thanks to a large donation of books that was brought to the club just before the meeting started and 4 huge boxes of covers and a huge donation of proof coins in slabs and presentation books by Phil K. we had one of the biggest “For The Good Of The Club” in a long time. Thank you to everyone who bid on these items. There were some items that did not sell and will be available at our August 27th meeting.

A big thank you goes out to Bob S. who handled the 50/50 and to Willa and Jim B. for manning the welcome table and to Tom H., Eric L., Bob S., Mike P. for helping to set up and take down the tables. Everyone is receiving a permanent promotion and 3240 points for helping.

Door prize winners were # 270 Our beloved  Eric L. and #250 Our beloved Linda C.

50/50 winner was # 98  Our beloved Joan B.

We had a Treasure Box Winner!!!  Congratulations to our beloved Jean P. and  for being part of our club family.

Secret word for August is  HEAT

Submitted by Silvia R.



Minutes of Meeting June 25 2018

Dave R. opened the meeting at 6:03 PM. This is as close as it gets to starting on time!..

57 members and guests were in attendance.

Dave R. had everyone stand for a moment of silence for Joel Grebin who recently passed away. Joel’s number was #1 and a charter member of our club. He will be greatly missed.

Dave thanked everyone for coming out for this meeting. 

Everyone who attended this meeting received a special $10,000.00 insulated travel bag.   If your bag did not have the $10,000.00 in it see Bob K. at the next meeting.

Everyone enjoyed the first ever Dipity Do Da Day. Thank you to everyone who brought in dips and chips. This was a little different and   fun.

Dave gave a report on our upcoming Lucky 7 Raffle. We still need three more coins and then the tickets will be printed. Phil K. is taking care of this for us. Thank you Bob K., Robert C. and Phil K. for your donated coins.

Dave updated us on our 15th annual Stamp and Coin Show. Contracts are available for this show. As in the past we expect this show to sell out quickly. In addition to all of the advertising we do, the APS, has sent us a list of 275 members in the surrounding area. We are going to send an invitation to each with a special incentive to attend this show. These invitations will go out 4 weeks before the show.

The 2019 Flagler County Lifestyle and Home show will take place on Saturday and Sunday January 26th & 27th. We will be in the same space as in years past. This is a great way to have the general public learn about our club. The 28th of January will be our first meeting of the2019 year and will be very busy from people that we meet at the Home Show. We need volunteers on both days for about 2 hours each from 9:00 am till 4:00 pm on Sat. and from 10:00 am till 4:00 pm on Sunday. Snacks (food) will be provided by the club for those who help at our table.

Dave R. shared results of Linn’s Stamps News poll on last years stamp issues.

Silvia R. was presented a gift card for all that she does for the club. (It was also her birthday!!).

Cards from some of the schools that have received donations from our club were passed around for all to see.

Kari S. gave a wonderful presentation on miniature dollhouses. Kari brought in 4 examples of handmade to scale her creations. This was enjoyed by everyone and a lot of questions were asked by our members. Keri was thanked by the club and awarded over 10,000 points to be used for nothing!!  This was  especially enjoyed by all of the men who attended and have never seen anything like this before.   See the club’s picture site on web page  to view Kari’s marvels.

Linda C. was given an exquisite coin collectible for all of her recent help and for dressing up in her Hawaiian Costume.

Thank you Eric L. for your help with the 50/50. 

Thank you Barbara C. for passing out the insulated bags.

Thank you Jim and Willa B. for manning the welcome table.

Thank you Frankie D. for doing the auction table for us and to Francine F. for her help also.

Thank you Bob and Paul S. for all of your auction help. 

Thank you to everyone who put up and took down the tables. This is much appreciated.

Door Prizes were won by # 145 Frankie D. and # 283 Kent S.

The 50/50 was won by 135 Jean P.

The Treasure Box would have been won by Kathy G, if only she was at this meeting. So Sad!!

The secret word for JULY door prize voucher is FIREWORKS

Minutes submitted by:

Silvia Rosenthal, Hostess


Minutes of Meeting May 21  2018

There were 57 members and visitors presen

Our President opened the meeting at 6:04 with a barrage of bells that seemed to last forever

The club recognized and stood in silence for David Gold who recently passed away. 

The club provided sweets for those that needed a sugar fix

Dave thanks everyone who helped set up and take down the tables that we now have permission to use and return to the new shed in the back of the VFW. Thank you John R. for making this happen for us.

Special thank you to Jane M. who recorded the minutes for us.

David announced that that the contracts for our 15th annual show was approved by the Elk’s and the payment for this will be made. Frankie D. informed the club that a city wide mailing for this event would cost in excess of $5,000.00 so this idea was tabled.

Angela and Frankie will look into social media to advertise the show.

Kathy G. gave a report of conditions that still exist in the Florida Keys from their recent boating experience there and also talked about her daughters Coast Guard  observations of the damage in Puerto Rico.

Ed Wolf gave a talk on the Red Cross and Clara Barton along with items he has collected and framed from the Red Cross. Ed was presented with an extremely and rare collectible wooden frame to add to his frame collection.   

Bernie B. gave a hilarious account of his families participation in Wold Wars I and II from a German perspective and his participation in Viet Nam. Thank you Bernie for making our meeting enjoyable for all.

Our Treasurer Bob K. gave the financial report.

Thank you Angela and Linda for manning the welcome table.

We had close to 100% participation for the secret word from our minutes on our web site. That is great news.

The $10.00 door prize vouchers were won by: Kent and Francine.

The 50/50 was won by Linda C.

After the prize drawings we had a lively auction that was well attended and enjoyed by all.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM. 

The JUNE 25 secret word for a door prize voucher is celebration

Minutes submitted by Jane M.


Minutes of Meeting April 23  2018


There were 52 members and guests present.

Dave R. opened the meeting at 6:03 PM. Due to the heavy downpour at 4:30 PM no tables were brought into the VFW room from the POD.

Finger food provided by the club and members were enjoyed by all that attended.

Dave welcomed everyone and introduced the visitors. Silvia R. went to each table to introduce everyone at the meeting.

A motion made and seconded to pay the Elk’s Lodge the cost of using their facility for our 15th Annual Stamp and Coin Show on March 2nd 2019.  Approved by raised hands that could be seen by Dave.

A brief discussion was held about the attendance at our 14th annual show. The club will look into more paid local ads for the 2019 show.

Phil K. and Bob C. donated a second silver dollar for our upcoming raffle. Phil K. will have the raffle tickets provided by the club printed at no cost to us.  Thank you Phil K.

Dave mentioned that we still need one or two Mexican Gold coins for this auction. Please. If anyone can find this at a reasonable, cheap, affordable, wholesale, discount price contact Dave R.

Paul N. gave a presentation on old puzzles from the 1930’s. This was very interesting and kept the attention of everyone. Examples of hand cut puzzles was just one of many items shown.

Lisa S. spoke about the new Mr. Rogers stamp and her memory of watching this show with her sister.

Frankie D. told everyone that he is looking forward to retiring from the USPS. Frankie D. does not realize yet that when this happy day finally arrives he will work twice as hard and twice as long for no compensation!! Hee Hee. (This is what retirement is all about).

Thank you Bernie B., for being our professional photographer for the day. You get 11,400 points for this.


The club welcomed two new members:

John R. # 293

Fran F. # 294

We welcome both of you to our family.

Our live auction was attended by 30 members and guests and was a lot of fun.

Door prizes were won by:

# 294 Frank & 174 Bob S. This is the 38th time Bob has won!! It might even be the 39th time.

The 50/50 had two drawings.  Member #289 Bob won the first one and # 289 Lynn won the second.

SECRET word for a door prize voucher for the May 21st meeting is MEMORIAL.

Minutes submitted by:

Silvia Rosenthal, Hostess


Minutes of Meeting March 26 2018

There were 68 members and guests present

Our President Dave R. opened the meeting at 6:04 PM and welcomed everyone to our March meeting.

Snacks were provided by our members and Chic-Fil-A provided the chicken nuggets for this meetings surprise snack. Keri gave the blessing before everyone dove in and enjoyed the food. Special thanks go to Therese, Keri, Henry and Joan for their home made goodies.

A moment of silence was held for long time member Bob Charters who recently passed away.

Dave R. gave a very positive report on our 14th Annual Stamp and Coin Show. Several members came up with several ideas to improve our show.

One of which is to include a raffle at $1.00 each with a gold coin as the main prize with several other coin prizes. Bob K. volunteered to canvass printers to find out the cost for these raffle tickets. Phil K, and Bob C. donated a beautiful MS63 1887 Silver Dollar as one of the coins to raffle away. Our club can sell these raffle tickets for the entire year leading up to our 15th Annual Stamp and Coin Show to be held on SAT. March 2, 2019 at the Elk’s Lodge.

Big thank you to John R. who helped us get the rectangular tables back. We have access to the key to the pod. Remember, our club has to put the tables back in the pod after the meeting is over.

Dave told everyone that the new community center is now open.

Dave R. told everyone that our beloved “TREASURE BOX” is no longer among us. Due to a terrible fall our box was rushed to the ER and did not make it through to lifesaving procedures! We will come up with something new in the near future.

Thank you Angela S. for taking over the welcome table duties. Angela gets 7500 points for helping us.

Thank you to our speakers for our show and tell. Phil K, Billy Bob B., Angela S., Dave R., and Alvin A.,

A motion was made by Francine F. and seconded by Billy Bob to put out the funds for our 15th Annual Show next year. Motion was carried.

Thank you Bernie B. for taking care of the club’s 50/50.

Winning vouchers for $10.00 was won by # 277 Angela S.and # 287 W. Kenneth W.

For the first time we had two winners for the 50/50 with the same last three numbers.

# 281 James V. and # 165 Paul S.

We had a very active auction attended by 41 members and guests.

SECRET word for door prize voucher for APRIL 23 meeting is  SPRING

Minutes submitted by:

Silvia R.


Minutes of Meeting February 26 2018

There were 68 members and visitors

Dave R. started the meeting at 6:09 and welcomed everyone to our monthly meeting especially Linda C. who had a terrible fall during the Home Show at Flagler Palm Coast High School.

John H. gave the blessing before we all ate healthy salads for this meeting. Next meeting we will be back to sweets. Look for the meeting reminder for more details. Thank you to everyone who brought salads. It was great. Thank you June for helping to set up the table for the salads.

Bob K. was happy to see so many members raise their hands that they went to our web site to get the secret word.

Dave discussed with the members the added fee of $75.00  the VFW wants from the club  to use the rectangular tables. The club can not afford this so we will try and make do with what the VFW provides. This was a hardship on the club but we got through it.

Dave R. spoke about the upcoming 14th Annual Show and the volunteers needed to run the show. He asked everyone to help get items for the Chinese Auction which is always a lot of fun.

Dave reported that we added a lot of extra advertising for this show.

The Elk’s Lodge will provide a menu for those who want to eat at the show.

Congratulations go out to Niki B. who just became a US citizen. Way to go Niki.

Ed G. gave a great presentation on rare vinyl records in his collection and Ed W. showed his collection of WW1 items that drew a lot of interest to his display during the break.

Sue B. fell and is on the mend. We hope she recovers quickly.

Geri F. also fell and is also on the mend.

Judge Judy on one of her shows told her audience that the secret to a very healthy long life is Do Not Fall. Please everyone, be careful.

We welcome three new members: #289 Robert Lee M., #290 Eric L., and #291 Gene M. to our club. Let’s everyone welcome them to our growing family and make them all feel right at home.

The Treasure Box was won by Joan B. who was present at our meeting. Congratulations to Joan.

Door Prize winners were # 238 Stephen S. and # 165 Paul S. for the 32nd time.

Two 50/50 winners:

#44 Jim B. and # 280 Ed Guy.    SECRET word for door prize March 26 meeting is   daylight

Minutes submitted by:

Silvia R.  Hostess

Typed by:

David R. The Pres.


 Minutes of Meeting January  29 2018


 Minutes of Meeting Oct 23 2017

There were 76 members and guests at this meeting.

Our illustrious president opened the meeting at 6:05 PM.

Dave R. thanked John H. for the blessing for our meal at 5:00 pm.

Everyone was thanked for bringing in side dishes for this final meeting of the year.

Dave R. thanked our members for their help for everything during this past year.

Our club is sponsoring a table at Belk’s on Friday Oct. 28th from 2:00 PM till 6:00 PM to sell charity tickets for Belk’s Charity Day on Nov. 4th. Special hours will be from 6:00 AM till 10:00AM. There will be gift cards at the door for the first 100 people. You must have a ticket to get in. The ticked price is $5.00 and you get $5.00 off your purchase on this day. Our club gets to keep the $5.00 paid for this ticket.

We will be participating at the annual Home Show at Flagler Palm Coast High school on Sat. and Sunday Jan. 20-21 2018.   We will have the same location as last year. We need volunteers to help man the table during the show. Please bring items to put on table to show visitors and of course take them back with you when you leave. This is a great way our club shows the public what we do and how we can help them get free evaluations of their collections.

A motion was made and seconded that we continue our club’s support for the Friend’s Of The Library. This passed unanimously.

Our club will also be participating at the Festival of Trees being held at the Palm Coast Library. Our set up time will be November 28th at 5:00 PM. We need a few members to please show up to help. This will only take about thirty minutes. Also, Dave R. has asked all of our members to make a personalized ornament and bring it to the library and put this on the tree.

Our Treasurer, Bob K. gave the monthly financial report.

Jose L. spoke about an orphanage and school in Puerto Rico run by nuns that is in dire need of financial help due to the devastation from hurricane Irma. Our club took up a collection and with matching funds will send a check to them. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO DONATED FOR THIS CAUSE. The name of the orphanage/school is La Casa De Todos, The House For Everyone.

Kent S. spoke about Model A and T cars built by Ford. Everyone enjoyed this and had many questions. Kent has been given 10,000 points and a certificate.

We had a large and fun auction that had a lot of surprises for everyone.

Francine F. was present and accepted the Treasure Box when her name was called. Congratulations.

The door prize winners were # 221 Jacob S. and # 135 Jean P.

The 50/50 winner was #268 Bernie B.

A thank you to Angela S. for manning the sign-in table for members and guests.

Most of all from the bottom of our hearts we wish you all a very Happy and Health Holliday Season.

The SECRET phrase for the January 22 2018 meeting is  NEW YEAR

Minutes submitted by:

Silvia R. Hostess



Minutes of Meeting September 25 2017

62 members and visitors were present.

At 5:00 PM John H. gave the blessing and we all ate pizza and side dishes brought in by our members.

Dave R. welcomed everyone to our meeting and hoped everyone got through IRMA in good shape.

Dave R. briefly spoke about his and Silvia’s trip our West with Alvin and Joyce.

The club was informed that Lisa S. had a grandson born at home during the storm. This is what I call a great souvenir from the storm.

Dave R. mentioned that the smallest post office survived the storm and is located on Hwy. 41 East of Naples.

Nominations were held for the year 2018. Dave R. was nominated for President by Bob Kegley and seconded by Angela S., Frankie D. was nominated for Vice-President by Francine F. and seconded by Jean P., Bob Kegley was nominated by Linda C. and seconded by Bernd B.

All of the nominations was closed and the nominated officers were elected.

Frankie D. read a thank you  letter from The Ronald McDonald House in Jacksonville, FL thanking our club for the huge box of stamps we sent them for their visiting patients and guests. This is just one of many donations that our club ships out to schools, orphanages, and clubs all over the world.

Our club welcomes our newest member Dennis M. #286. Thank you for joining our family.

Bob K. spoke about the new procedures for APO and FPO mailings and the responsibility of the Post Office and the Military Post Office getting the mail to our men and women in uniform.

John and Clyde S. spoke about advertisements on the back of Civil War currency and limited issue gold, platinum, and silver coins from the US Mint.

Allan K. spoke briefly on the growing Opioid problems in the US and locally.

A motion was made by John S.and seconded by Clyde S. that our club pays for the room rent, holiday meal, web site, and insurance for 2018. Passed with flying colors.

Special thank you to Tom H. who set up and took down the tables.

Special thank you to Ray and Martha for calling out special door prizes and to Angela and Kendra for delivering these items to the winners.

Thank you Angela and Kendra for manning the sign in table.

Door prize winners were David S. and Cathy G.    SECRET word for the October 2017 meeting is FALL.

The 50/50 winner was # 266 Lee S.  Winner of Treasure Chest was #279 Alvin A.   Alvin was present to accept this.

Minutes submitted by:

Silvia R., Hostess

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