Minutes of Meeting Oct 26 2015

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Dave R. calls meeting to order at 6:06. The Rolling Stones, in the 60s, sang “Time is on my side.” Dave must hate the Stones.

Paul S. issues challenge…look at two Scottish stamps that appear identical and pick out the 3 subtle differences. New member John S. does so and wins the stamps.

Dave holds inaugural youth auction, with 9 young members bidding on items using Monopoly money. They had a blast. We don’t want to say it was long, but during auction, Jody D. starts reading “War & Peace,” finishes it as last item is auctioned off.

Club holds moment of silence for our departed friend, C.L. Offering remembrances of how kind and helpful C.L. was were Dave, Mike N., Ed W.

Dave asks for help w/ club Christmas tree decorating on Nov. 18th, and also at the upcoming Home Show. Apparently he doesn’t need help with menorah decorating, since it’s just candles and a candelabra.

Treasure chest needs more love.

Dave thanks Frankie D., Bob K., Mike N. Bob and Paul S., and Jody D. for their monthly efforts.

Treasurer’s report from Bob K. He’s still keeping the account in the Cayman Islands secret from the IRS.

Motion made to give the Friends of the Flagler Co Library an annual donation. Carries.

Frankie D. reports our club bricks at the Chamber of Commerce and Library have prominent positions, which is good for club PR.

Door prize vouchers won by Frankie D. and Jerry C.

50-50 won by Bob C.

John S. from St. Augustine and Paul K., who just moved here from TN, are welcomed as new members 263 and 264.

Good of the Club auction held, followed by regular auction.

Winner of Treasure Chest was James Y., who was NOT present, so it carries over to January. That’s right, kids…NO MEETINGS UNTIL 4TH MONDAY IN JANUARY.

Respectfully submitted,

Jody Davis

Recording Sec’y


Minutes of Meeting Sep 28 2015

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Dave R. calls meeting to order at 6:05. And they say women are always late.
Attendance 57 (51 members and 6 visitors)
One of our earliest members, #16, was in town and dropped by briefly to say hello. He actually thought we still met at the public library.Moment of silence for Tony the fish. RIP, little swimmer.Dave gives certificate of appreciation to Everett M. for all the assistance he gives.

Larry P, Anthony B, and Peggy L are new members #259, 261 and 262.  Great to have you!

Nominations taken for our three elected positions. All incumbents re-nominated. Jody D. attempts to nominate Donald Trump for president. Dictator Dave says he can’t do that, since the Donald isn’t a member. No others nominated. Current president, VP (Frankie D.) and Treasurer (Bob K.) are automatically re-elected. Yup, we’re stuck with the same ol’ same ol’.  😉

Dave stresses need for youth coordinators. He’ll discuss in private with our young members.

Dave asks members to please volunteer to staff tables and bring coins/stamps along for the Home Show on Jan 23 and 24.

A couple more tables for our March show were purchased during the meeting. There should only be a couple remaining at this point.

Reminders… our November dinner at the graze-a-teria, a.k.a. Golden Corral, will feature a crazy hat contest. Wear yours and win a prize, perhaps.

Next, Dave had bricks in his head. He said the brick the club purchased from the Chamber is being made, and he asked for a motion to buy a $100 brick to honor veterans outside the Elks Club. Passed unanimously.

Dave and Sil’s Big Deal of the Day… notebooks at Target for a nickel apiece. Given out to all members in attendance. Might want to think about donating them to a Stuff Bus campaign.

Dave passes around a 3-cent stamp from 1917, old Austrian money, and currency from Algeria from 1929. If it’s old, Dave’s got it. Silvia excluded, of course.

Ed W. brought in two Greek medals from pre-WWI era bought in a store in Queens, NY. He gave history lesson on the battles in the Balkans in the run-up to the war.

Special door prize drawing held.

Dave reminds all…next month is the “good of the club” auction. Also…you can bring in any collectible-type item to auction off…not just coins and stamps.

Sue G. and Mike P. win door prize vouchers.

Kathy G. wins 50-50.

Farewell, Paul B., who’s relocating to be near family in Massachusetts. He’ll be back for the dinner, though.

Auction is held, followed by reverse auction.

The Treasure Chest is won for the second straight month! Our old pal John D. takes it home. John became a member about the same time the Standing Liberty quarter came out.

Only one more meeting in 2015!

Respectfully submitted,

Jody Davis
Recording Sec’y


Minutes of Meeting August 24 2015

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Dave R. calls meeting to order at 6:07. I’m biting my lip here. We have 68 present, including 11 visitors.Welcome back Jose L. We missed you when you were in the hospital.Dave presents Al W. with a plaque recognizing his contribution of so many materials to the club.Moment of silence was held for member George B. He left us just shy of his 74th birthday.

Dave presents Jody D. with a new club shirt… a sleeveless tee which he or Silvia scribbled on with a Sharpie. After handing over the high-class wardrobe item, Dave gives him a club golf shirt to replace the one which literally fell apart. No striptease this time (see last month’s minutes for explanation).

New member Matt F. (youth) is given an armful of goodies.

Dave gives Paul B., who’ll be leaving us after next month to be closer to his daughter in New England, a certificate of appreciation for all he’s done, including handling the 50-50.

Next month is nomination time for elected club officers. If two candidates for any position emerge, vote will be taken in Oct.

Dave says more coin collecting members are needed, along with their coins, for our station at the next Home Show.

Dave suggests buying a brick at the Flagler Co Chamber of Commerce with the club’s name engraved. Measure is approved.

The Flagler Co Public Library will put up a plaque shortly, recognizing the club as a donor.

Reminder…October is when our “good for the club” auction takes place. Items needed!

Bob K. gives Treasurer’s report. We’ll have enough money to build our own headquarters… in 2050.

Jody D. and Mike N. discuss the “women on US currency” issue.

John Z. and Gary M. win door prize vouchers.

Bill J. wins 50/50.

Ancient City Coin Club member Cliff W. created the official medal for the upcoming St. Augustine 450th anniversary celebration. The coin shows exceptional detail and is available in copper and silver.

If you aren’t getting club emails and you have an email address, tell webmaster Bob K. ASAP and he’ll fix the situation.

Auction is held

Treasure chest winner is Robert S. who is present and accounted for!

Respectfully submitted,

Jody Davis
Recording Secretary


Minutes of Meeting July 27 2015

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Dave R. calls meeting to order at 6:07. 6:07! Shame on you!

In attendance were 68 members and 11 guests.   32 members/guests stayed for the auction.

Dave asks all to sign cards for two members dealing with illnesses.

Nice to see Phil Schwartz and Carol.

Dave reminds us the October “Good of the Club” auction can include items other than coins and stamps.

Members vote unanimously to spend $55 (or whatever it may end up being) for a table at next year’s Home Show.

Dave introduces three visitors.

Thank you, Paul S., for smoothing the path to get our advertisements run locally.

Tables for March  5, 2016 club stamp and coin show are one-half sold. There is a waiting list for those interested.

Mia, an English girl who got many gifts of stamps from us, mailed us quite a few British stamps and envelopes as a thank you.

Dave introduced the Little family (mom, dad & 2 sons)… one boy collects coins, the other, stamps.

Dave sez Palm Coast Data got big new contracts and is here in PC to stay. He thanked them for supplying us with a lot of stamps.

Jody D. is presented with his late father’s (Sy Davis) membership number… #62. Jody thanks everyone for the honor, then performs a striptease to show the club how his fancy club golf shirt now looks like swiss cheese. Silvia promises him a new one. I should live so long.

Bob K. gives Treasurer’s report and warns members about a Microsoft virus scam making the rounds.

Dave announces we’ll have live music at this November’s holiday party.

Mike N. got an article mentioning the club in the News Journal.

Ray H. presented Part 2 of his coin presentation, this one focusing on post-1964 clad coinage. He gave major emphasis to why the Ike, Susan B. Anthony, Sacagawea and Presidential dollars were, as he put it, epic fails.

Danny R. and Phil K. win door prize vouchers.


Auction is held.

Winner of Treasure Chest is Ray M. who was NOT in attendance. Another rollover.

Respectfully submitted,

Jody Davis
Recording Sec’y


Minutes of Meeting June 22 2015

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Dave R. calls meeting to order at 6:05. We would have started at 6:00, but Silvia kept saying “Wait, wait…just another minute” while she furiously arranged stamp packets.
Attendance: 60 members. And 45 stayed for the auction!
Dave R. tells boring story (thankfully short) of his and Sil’s European vacation. He says the International Stamp Show in London was underway when they got there, so he altered plans to attend. Some great rarities, he says.

Dave advised all who want to buy a table at the March ’16 club show to pick up a contract from him and return it ASAP. Only a finite number of tables exists.

Club recognized 4 youth members in attendance.

Dave mentions June D., who is a real estate agent, offers to give 10% of proceeds to the club for every sale involving a club member.

Bob K. gave Treasurer’s report. We’re not broke. We got bucks.

Mike Nishti proposes taking nominations and a vote for the woman we want to select to replace Hamilton on the sawbuck ($10 bill) in 2020. He says he prefers the change be made to the 20 instead of the 10. Members will be polled via email. Jody D. suggests Silvia to replace Hamilton.

Jose L. tells us about stampnewsnow.com–a website that keeps up with new issues.

Ray Herz presents part 1 of a presentation on modern coins. This segment covered the Coinage Act of ’65 and the end of circulating silver coins. Part 2 next month.

Dave G. and Bob S. win door prize vouchers. Vira B. wins 50-50.

Auction is held.

Jacob becomes first youth member ever to win Treasure Chest. He is in attendance.

Respectfully submitted,

Jody Davis
Recording Sec’y


Minutes of Meeting May 18 2015

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Vice President Frankie D. called the meeting to order at 6:10 pm.   The extra time allowed those present to display their auction material.

In attendance were 45 members and four guests.

Frankie handed out envelopes to various members from the club’s hostess Silvia.

Moving right along, VP Frankie asked for any members who had a show and tell or a life experience to raise their hand.

The following members made presentations:

#250 Linda C.

#133 Bill B.

#27 Edward W.

#85 Dar F.

A  thank you for these presentations.

Frankie D then announced that we had a new member.    Matthew F., a student, became our #258.  A picture was taken and Frankie stated that the club’s “goodies” would be presented to Matthew at the June meeting.  The club wishes to recognize club member #221 Jacob S. for his referral of Matthew.    A SHOUTOUT to you Jacob.

Bob K. presented the treasure’s report and commented that the club’s web site does not show much activity for viewing.   A link is provided at the end of this email.

The drawing for the door prize vouchers was conducted and members #178 Dan J., and #250 Linda C., were each given a $10 club voucher.  We wish to thank #125 Paul B. for handling the 50/50 event.

The 50/50 was drawn and the club’s winner was member #103 Alva W., III.    Alva then donated his portion of winnings back to the club.   A HUGH appreciation to Alva for such a gesture.

After taking a 15 minute break for all the members and guests to view the auction table, member #165 Paul S. was our auctioneer, with VP Frankie D. and member #60 Francine handling the bookkeeping.      We had 37 members and guests stay for the auction.    There were many items in the auction and Paul S. kept the action moving.

The auction ended at 7:30 pm.    The drawing for the treasure chest was conducted and the winner was member #56 William H.    William was not present so the chest and its contents move to our June meeting.    You MUST be present to win the treasure chest.

Club’s web site:   http://www.stampandcoinclub.com

Submitted by
Bob K.


Minutes of Meeting April 27 2015

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David R. called the meeting to order at 6:10 pm.   The late opening was to give members more time to get their auction items on the new configuration of tables.   This new configuration was necessitated because of the new PA system installed and the fixed cable microphone only reached a certain distance.

Total attendance of members and guests was 68.

Dave R. reminded all present that the next meeting will be May 18 2015, the third Monday.   This change from our normal meeting on the 4th Monday of the month is due to VFW holding Memorial Day activities on May 25.

A motion was made by John D. and seconded by Ed W. that our club donate $150.00 to the Friends of the Library (FOL).    Motion was approved by all present.

The Flagler County Free Clinic sent the club a very nice letter of appreciation for its donation which had been made on behalf of our member Mr and Mrs Frank S.   We have forwarded this letter to them.

Member Jane M. was given a special award for all of her help with the Chinese auction that was held at our annual stamp and coin show in March.   Thanks Jane, and let’s not forget Frank M.  and his help in selling tickets for the auction.

Jose L. told the club about a stamp web site that has good prices on the new impref US stamps.  Fliers were handed out providing the URL for this web site.    As is club practice, we do not include in our minutes the names of dealers who are outside of our club.   We will, however, share such info on request.

We had two special presentations:

Lt. Eric N, from the Flagler County’s Sheriff Dept COP, gave us a great presentation on how the COP operates and the many functions they perform, including home security surveys.   The COP activities works in conjunction with the Sheriff’s office, which frees up the Sheriff’s deputies for more important functions.

Member Ed W. gave a fascinating talk on British forgery notes during WW II, which were printed by the Germans.  Ed was given a standing ovation by the audience.


After the meeting we received word that the Elk’s Club has approved our application for our annual stamp and coin show to be held on March 5 2015 at the Elk’s.

Minutes submitted by:

Silvia R, Hostess


Minutes of Meeting March 23 2015

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Dave R. calls us to order at 6:03. We have 63 members & guests present.

Report on March 7 Stamp and Coin Show: we had at least 400 people come through the doors. 79 items were donated for the Chinese auction…a record. The club delivered 39 certificates of appreciation to all businesses that helped out with gift certificates, etc. Dave recognized all club members who helped throughout the show.

Dave mentioned that one of our stamp contributors is collecting cancellations for all 365 days of the year.

Gary M. recognized as new member (#256)

Bob K. gave his Treasurer’s report.

More on the show… 22 tables sold, club’s net was the best ever for a March show. A vote on whether to do the show again in 2016 resulted in approval.

Dave says we’re being solicited by K of C, the Italian-American Club and the Elks along with the VFW to house club meetings in the future. We’re awaiting more concrete information from all parties.

Alva’s son, Alva, was recognized. He thanked club members for their friendship for his late dad and announced he’s joining the Club. He’s given his father’s number (103)… the first time that’s happened.

New members Jerry L. and John M. received their membership goodies. They joined at the March show.

Joyce G. (wife of Dave G.) announced the upcoming Flagler Art League show on April 7th at Flagler Auditorium featuring an FBI detective specializing in art crime.

Tom B. wins the 50-50.

Robert C. and John Z. win the voucher door prizes.

Thank you Paul N. for sharing your old wooden puzzles with the club.


The auction is held. Treasure chest winner is Allan K., but he left a few minutes before the end of the meeting, so it rolls over.



Respectfully submitted,


Jody D


Minutes of Meeting February 23 2015

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Dave R. calls meeting to order at 6:04. We have 68 members and guests attending.

Two members are introduced… Tom B (252) and Alan K (253).

Dave issues reminder for club’s March 7 stamp and coin show… dealer setup is from 8-10 am, the show runs from 10 am to 3 pm. All dealer tables are sold out for the 6th straight year.

Paul S. has suggested we have a “trading day”, where members can trade items with each other with no cash changing hands. This is being explored, possibly for mid-April.

Visitor Glen W. brought his two sons, introducing them as big baseball card collectors as well as coin collectors.

Visitor Joanne told club about website postcrossing.com. It allows anyone to send and receive postcards of all types (i.e. recipes) and from all nations. She has received cards from many countries. Users can specify preference of country of origin in order to collect the stamp.

Dave shows club an “imperfect” Ringling Bros. circus stamp… issued in first-day covers and in an expensive book, but NOT made available in singles or sheets.

Silvia and Dave told us about a letter of thanks from Cuba sent to them/us which took TWO MONTHS to arrive. Silvia said our friends there are happy about the reopening of relations with the US.

Dave asked everyone to donate a gift basket for the good of the club at our upcoming March 7 show.

Ed W. gave educational presentation of his medal collection, including a Harvard U. Hasty Pudding medal, an Umberto I from Italy, medals from Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines, and the Valley Forge medal awarded to Ed himself in 1964.

Bob K. wins the 50-50.

Door prize winners were George B. and Allan K.

Treasure chest went unclaimed.  #228 James C. would have won if present.

Respectfully submitted,

Jody D.


Minutes of Meeting January 26 2015

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After opening the doors at 5:00 pm Dave R. started the meeting at 6:00 PM.

A moment of silence was given for  Mr. Warren Setup and Mr. Alva Whitney , both who passed on to their final collectors bourse above. They will greatly be missed by everyone;  we were all very lucky to have known both of these fine gentlemen.

Dave R. thanked everyone who helped man the tables at the home show on Sat. and Sun. and enjoyed all the members that stopped by to say hello. The Home Show was a great success and we talked to a lot of collectors and individuals that had questions about inherited collections of stamps and coins.

Our upcoming 11th Annual Stamp and Coin Show will take place on March 7th, 2015 at the Elks Lodge on Old Kings Road from 10:00 AM till 3:00 PM.  Dave said that there are a couple of tables still available for this event. If interested in a table please contact Dave at 386-437-0368. The Boy and Girl Scouts can earn their merit badges at this show and will be taught by Charlie C. and Lisa (Jacobs Mom)

We are going to have a Chinese Auction at the March Show as we have had in the past shows. We need members to bring in collectable items to be donated for the good of the club for this. This can be stamps, albums, supplies, coins, gold (oh sure, bring us some gold) silver (see previous note) or interesting items. Please ask the business that you frequent for a gift certificate. Most will give if you ask.  This could be your barber, beauty salon, auto service, restaurants, food stores, etc.  This is a great and fun way for the club to raise funds and keep our dues so low each year.

We had a lot of fun with Dave’s stand up auction. A lot of bargains were won by all.

Remember each member can bring anything they want to sell, trade and share before and after the meeting. If you need a table just let us know when you enter.

In our new contract with the V.F.W., we can not be in the building before 5:00 PM. Our club can stay as late as we want.
We need help from the members to set up the auction tables at each meeting.  And remember that we have to put the tables back at the end of the meeting.

Thank you Silvia for providing the sandwiches for the Home Show.
Thank you Frankie D. for the Post Office Updates and for a busy auction.
Thank you to everyone who help to set up tables for our meetings.

If you have not paid your 2015 dues please send them to PO Box 351355, Palm Coast, FL 32135-1355.

The Honorable Ed Wolf will have a special numismatics  presentation at our Feb. meeting.

Welcome to our new members:
#248  Julia B.
#249 Robert G.
#250 Linda C.
#251 Allen A.

Door prize winners were: #27 Ed. W. and # 195 Stan C.
Our 50/50 winner was Mike P.
Our Treasure Box winner was #85 Dar A.  (We have to start a new Treasure Box, Be Generous.)

Silvia and I thank the entire club for the beautiful plaques presented to us and the anniversary gifts.
As president starting my 11th year I want everyone  we have known over the past ten years that we could not have had as good  a club without all of you.

Submitted by David and Silvia