Minutes of Meeting Oct 27 2014

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Dave R. opens meeting at 6 pm sharp. Attendance: 72.
Dave thanked Geri F. and Helen E. for help with various business matters.
Reminder… our annual dinner at Golden Corral is Nov 24. Be there by 3:45 pm.
Reminder… we have space at the Home Show on Jan. 24-25.
Dave said we’re still taking applications for tables for the club’s annual show Mar. 7, 2015
Dave introduced Mike G. as one of our newest members(#245).  
We had moment of silence to send thoughts to C.L., who is dealing with a serious health issue. Dave also told members of the passing of former member John A.
Martha L. wins a fat 50-50, Chris D. and Max W. win door prize vouchers.
Good of the Club auction is followed by our regular auction, then the Chinese auction (which attracted a number of non-members).

Visit the club’s web site to view pictures     http://www.stampandcoinclub.com

Respectfully submitted,
Jody D.
Recording Sec’y

Minutes of Meeting August 25 2014

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> Dave R. calls to order at 6 pm in teeny-weeny back room of VFW. 42 in attendance.

> Club recognizes Alva W. for reaching his 100th birthday! Many more, young man!
> Dave recognizes two members, Bill B and Keith M, who haven’t been with us for awhile.
> Nominations opened for officers for 2014-15. Only one nomination for each of the three elected offices. So, by acclimation, Dave R. is president for another year, Frankie B. is VP once again, and Bob K. is re-elected treasurer.
> Dave reminds all that next month is our big, first-ever coin, stamp and collectibles event. Those with tables are asked to help set up well ahead of 4:30 start time. Children attending will be given packets to help begin the hobby.
> Our club brick at the PC public library will be installed within next 90 days, Dave said.
> Dave reads best/worst stamps from Linn’s latest list.
> Club is informed the most valuable stamp in the world, from British Guiana, sold for $9 million this week.
> Club presents Frankie D. with leather briefcase in appreciation of his work as USPS liaison and auction cashier.
> Dave handed out new stamp cataloging CD to all members who wanted one.
> Bob K. gets gag gift of a cash drawer to play with while recovering from upcoming followup surgery.
> Ed W. shows and tells a wide-angle photo of entire US military outfit just back from France in WW I, and urges club members who find similar photos to preserve them.
> Frankie D. reports Palm Coast area will soon have limited Sunday mail delivery of packages from Amazon.com in partnership with the company. He says Amazon is paying USPS $1 billion for the privilege.
> Bob K. gives treasurer’s report.
> Door prizes awarded to Mike N. and Tom H.
> 50-50 winner is Glenn G.
> Auction is held.
> Hey, Georgie B! Feelin’ lucky today? What a shame, because yesterday was your lucky day. You won the treasure chest! But, alas, you weren’t there to collect the goodies. They roll over to next month.
> Respectfully submitted,
> Jody D
> Recording Secretary


Minutes of Meeting July 28 2014

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David R. opens meeting at 6:00. Attendance: 61 members, 7 guests.
Dave welcomed Ed W.’s grandkids, Max and Shana Rose
New member: Harold B. #244 introduced. This was followed by 5 youth members of the club coming up front for a “team picture.”
Bob S. moves to buy a brick as a donation to the Friends of the Flagler Co Library. Motion passes.
Bob K. given gift in recognition for fulfilling his multiple duties as treasurer/webmaster.
Ed W. given gift in recognition for his education programs.
Kathy K. given an item to use in her craftmaking.
Dave reminds everyone that nominations for officers are next month.
Dave asks everyone who is helping set up for September special meeting be at VFW by 3:30 pm.
Bob K. gives Treasurer’s report.
Dave demonstrates how to peel off self-stick stamps through the use of a WD-40 pen. The pens are no longer made, but the club bought all the pens in the area and is selling for $4.00 apiece.
Members pass around microphone and talk about “firsts” they have experienced.
$10 door prizes to Rick R. and William J.
Jean P. wins the 50-50.
Auction is held, then a drawing only for those who stuck around. Prizes: ice shavers.
Francine F. wins treasure chest!!
Respectfully submitted,
Jody D.
Recording Sec’y

Minutes of Meeting June 23 2014

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David R. calls meeting to order at 6:03.

73 in attendance.

Diana M’s son Joe given club ball cap.

Joe from the American Legion offered members discount tickets to the Daytona Cubs game on Jul. 10.

Dave reminds everyone of the member coin and stamp show Sept. 23. You must let Silvia R. know if you want a table.

 Dave said, since our VFW rent has doubled from last year, please consider more donations for the good of the club to help pay the difference.

A moment of silence was held for Jean P’s husband, who passed away recently.

VP Frankie D. given pretzels, nuts, Slim Jims, etc. to accompany his beer at the meetings.

 Bob K. gave his treasurer’s report.

Frankie D. gave Silvia R. a birthday present from the club.

 Dave gave Catherine G. a stamp she’s been seeking so she can sketch it.

Dave offered CDs containing exhaustive stamp database to any club member.

Ray H. from Jacksonville conducted the second and final part of his grading lecture. He covered Peace Dollars, Mercury Dimes, and Standing Liberty Quarters.

$10 vouchers won by Palmer M. and Bob S.

Approximately 20 door prizes given out—ping pong rackets and balls set.

Vera B. won 50-50.

 Good of the Club auction followed by special auction including member collectibles

Treasure Chest WINNER… C.L. (present at meeting).

Respectfully submitted,

Jody D.
Recording Sec’y


Minutes of Meeting May 19 2014

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Dave R. calls meeting to order at 6:00.

Attendance: 76

Dave gives Ron Stark, Commander of our VFW Post, a framed gift and a certificate of appreciation for all he does for the Club.

Reminder… our September meeting will be the members’ coin and stamp show. All members who want a table will be provided one at no charge. The public is being informed via various media

Dave says forms to reserve tables for the Club’s annual March stamp and coin show will be available at next month’s meeting.

New members welcomed to the Club:

#242  Richard H. He’s interested in Morgan dollars and other silver coins.

#243  Joe S.  His interest is coins.

Dave announces that Kraze will be unable to attend future meetings due to health reasons.

Members in attendance signed 4 get-well cards for ill members and related family.

Everyone introduced him/herself on the microphone for the benefit of all our new members

Young members Ryan K. and Jacob S. given certificates of appreciation for helping the club.

Prize drawing held for Priority Mail cartons featuring Spider Man. Thanks to USPS.

Bob K. gave the Treasurer’s report.

Dave mentioned the National Guard Armory in Ocala is the site of an annual show for train enthusiasts.

C.L. says the Jacksonville Coin Club holds its annual show May 31-June 2. He says so far, there’s no arrangement for local bus transportation to the Summer FUN coin show in Orlando.

50/50 won by Paul B.   He also distributed the tickets. Cries of “Fix!” were widely heard, which Paul vehemently denies. 😉

Cheap jewelry auction followed by regular monthly auction.

Treasure box winner was NOT in attendance, so contents roll over to June

Respectfully submitted,


Jody D.

Recording Sec’y


Minutes of Meeting April 28 2014

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There were 74 members and guests present.

Due to the large amount of pre meeting activity Dave R. started the meeting 2 minutes late at 6:02 PM. ATTABOY Dave.

Dave R. made the announcement that the VFW will not be serving food in the evening due to high kitchen costs. Due to the fact that everyone came in a little hungry the club ordered pizza for everyone. This arrived at 6:20 PM and was quickly devoured.

Dave R. introduced 5 new members and Silvia R. presented each with a club hat, pin and calendar. This was the last of the club hats and calendars.

Dave R. introduced Diana M. who spoke about her estate sales.

Ed W. gave a great 7 minute and 32 second presentation with a hands on demonstration table. Thank You Ed, you always surprise us with your wit and humor.

Dave R. reminded everyone that our May meeting will take place on the THIRD MONDAY in May, 5-19-2014. The VFW each May has Memorial Day activities, on May 26 and the meeting room is needed for this.

Our club will have a pot luck dinner from 5:00 PM till 6:00 PM at our regular meeting day May 19th (third Monday). The club will supply the meats and condiments. Please, we ask each member that wishes to participate to please bring a side dish.

Dave R. spoke about our September club show to be held at the VFW.

Tables will be available for stamps, coins and collectables.

This club event is being published in Linn’s and Coin World as well as all the local papers. For more information contact Dave at stampandcoin@hotmail.com.

The auction was well attended by 44 members and guests and was very  active. New member Elia R. was the talk of the evening with her enthusiasm. There were special door prize tickets for those who stayed for the auction.

Thank you Henry for your help with the 50/50. Thank you Carmela for your help with the door prize tickets.

The 50/50 was won by Lewis S.

Door prize vouchers won by George B. (welcome back George) and Mike Z.



James E. who quickly started going through all the goodies

Minutes submitted by Silvia R., Hostess



Minutes of Meeting March 24 2014

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Dave R. called meeting to order at 6:01.

Dave reviewed our annual coin & stamp show at the Elks Club, saying this was probably our second biggest show ever and the club netted a nice amount this year.

Dave proposed changing our September 2014 meeting to another coin & stamp show, open to the public, with each member getting a free vendor table to sell items. A majority of members approved the idea.

We welcomed new member #236, Ken E. Ken’s daughter, Kendra, is already a member.

Vice president Frankie B. alerted us to a rumor going around the Postal Service…hinting that all civil servants will be retired at the end of 2014. Just a rumor… no substantiation.

Honorary member Ray H. from Jacksonville gave a presentation on the difference between brilliant uncirculated (BU) and almost uncirculated (AU) coins. He used powerpoint and had pictures and grading criteria. He highlighted the buffalo nickel, walking liberty half dollar and Indian cent, and said he’d return in the future to highlight AU vs. BU in other coins.

John R. and James B. won the door prizes.
Members signed a card wishing Frank M. luck on his upcoming shoulder surgery.

Dave & Silvia won the 50-50.

Lots of auction items sold for the good of the club.

No one won the treasure chest.

Respectfully submitted,



Minutes of Meeting February 24 2014

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Minutes of 2-24-

Dave R. called the meeting to order at 6:01. Attendance: 62 members and 17 guests.

We gained three new members this month… Lacy K, William J. and Dave G. Welcome to all!

Welcome back Glen G. We missed not seeing you for a long time.

Dave recognized Jody D. for taking on recording secretary duties and gave him an embroidered club shirt and business cards with his new title.

Flagler Co. Sheriff Jim Manfre was welcomed as our guest speaker. Among other things, the sheriff said the county should be run like a business, his office is encouraging more street patrols for safety, as well as more neighborhood watches, and says our crime rate is quite low, thanks in large part to the older demographic which makes up our population.

A lengthy Q & A session followed, with red light cameras the hottest topic. Dave R. presented Sheriff Manfree a framed certificate of appreciation.

Reminder… our annual show is THIS SATURDAY at the Elks Lodge on Old Kings Rd. We need help early setting up, and help selling tickets for the Chinese auction.

Dave R. informed us a letter arrived from the IRS, confirming the club’s 501c3 status retroactive to 2012.

Bob K. gave the Treasurer’s report.

VP Frank D. reported he went to an elementary school for a program with the students. The post office did not provide items as they used to do, but the club provided stamps, pennies and postcards. Frank says the kids were very grateful for the goodies.

Dave R. says the club has three additional golf shirts for sale at a significant discount off retail. Than you Suzanne S. for providing these shirts.

Dave was given a Lowe’s gift card as a birthday present from the club. The card was wrapped in what looked like 10 layers of wrapping and boxes.

Door prizes are won by Dave R. and Jody D. And no, it wasn’t rigged…we swear!

Thank you to Paul B. who helped with the 50/50 ticket sales.

Thank you and welcome back Vera B. for your help at the welcome table.

Thank you Bob K.  for handling our web page and collecting dues.

Thank you Mr. S. (Jacob S’s father) for his help with the tables.

Thank you for Carmela F. for your help with the door prize tickets.

Thank you Frankie D., Horst S. and Dave R., Francine F., and C.L.W. for your help with the auction.

Thank you Jane M. for your assistance when asked.

Thank you Frank M. for making sure we have a full Treasure

Box for our next meeting.

Thank you Billy Bob and John H. for their assistance in our educational program.

And if I missed anyone else… thank you also.

It is with the members help every month that makes us the best club in Palm Coast and beyond.

Charlie C. won the 50-50.

22 additional door prizes–pewter pins–are handed out to lucky winners.

Following an active and successful auction, the winner of the Treasure Box drawing was not in attendance, so it carries over to March. Sorry Frank M. You should have stayed a little longer!!

Note:  Next month Ray H. will be putting on a special program that will interest everyone. Make sure to mark your calendar. Next meeting will be March 24th.

Remember members can bring items to share, sell, and trade at every meeting.

Minutes submitted by:

Jody Davis

Recording Secretary


Minutes of Meeting Jan 27 2014

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Dave R. called meeting to order at 6:03 PM

There were 76 members and visitors present.


Dave announces the club has finally been approved for 501c 3 non-profit status after two years of effort. A Winter Park attorney worked for the club pro bono, and we are grateful for his efforts.


A moment of silence was held for Stan C.’s wife, Joanne, who recently passed. Stan thanked the club members and officers for their help and support at a difficult time.


LOTS of new members signed up tonight:

James C.

Rick R.

Ryan K. (a 6th grader)

Kathleen G.

James Y.

Warren S.


Dave thanked everyone who helped and participated at the recent Flagler Co. Home Show. Many, many members lent a hand to our booth. Dave said we gave away almost all the coins and stamps we brought with us for the youngsters attending the show to have.


Announcement: Next month we will break into different tables headed by experts and aficionados to learn more about which ever hobby area you’d like to learn about.


Reminder: March 1 is our annual Coin & Stamp Show. Dave challenged all members to bring coins, stamps, or a gift basket for the Chinese auction. Wear your club shirts if you have one.


The club passed a motion to donate $100 to the Elks Club for our annual charitable contribution. The Elk’s Lodge had a major fire last year and needs help getting back to normal.


VP Frankie D. reminds us that, as of today, a 1st Class stamp costs 49 cents. They’re all still “Forever” stamps.


New member Rick R. brought in an error stamp and error coin to

show members.


Dave R. spoke about the “Legends of the West” sheet that the Post Office issued through a lottery program.


Dave said the Postal Service produced an upside-down “Jenny” souvenir sheet containing 6 reproductions of the “Jenny”. These stamps have a $2.00 face value. The Post Office also produced 100 of these sheets with the “Jenny” flying right side up and were randomly sent out to Post Offices nationwide. Offers for these exceed $25,000.00. (GOOD LUCK).  


The club honored Horst S. for his many volunteer efforts on our behalf.

The club also honored Henry I. For all he has done to also support our club.


Door prizes awarded tonight… copies of Root Eye Dictionary by Dr. Tim Root.


Billy Bob B. and Stan C. won tonight’s door vouchers.


Phil N. won the 50-50.


After the “good of the club” shoebox auction tonight… tiny loving cup trophies were awarded to the biggest sport and the winner who spent the least amount of money (99 cents). This was a fun event and we hope to do this again next year.


Minutes taken by Recording Sec’y Jody D.


Minutes of Meeting Oct 28 2013

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At least 110 members/guests present (they kept walking in late!)

President Dave R. called meeting to order at 6:02 pm. He announced longtime member Hank de Boer died in his sleep a few days ago. A moment of silence was held to honor Hank.

Elections for Vice President were held between Frankie D. and Danny R.  Frankie announced as winner.

Dave announced new member–Felix C. #227

Dave announced post office has come out with upside-down Jenny stamps, announced he was selling limited number at a slight premium for the good of the club. All sold out within seconds.

Dave and everyone welcomed back Bob K. as he continues recuperation from surg

Reminder: Next month’s meeting is the annual dinner at Golden Corral in PC. Everyone needs to be there by 2:45 pm and Dave asked all to bring a $1 bill for something fun.

The VFW is raising the rate for the hall. Dave announced a shoebox auction in January to help offset the additional cost.

Reminder: If you have friends or family who are looking to sell stamps or coins, tell them to come to a meeting for a free appraisal. DON’T go to one of those buying programs set up in hotels.

Treasurer John D. announced September club’s finances.

Dave welcomed secretary of the Jacksonville Stamp Club, who complimented our club on having a big, dynamic group.

Buffalo nickels were handed out to members of our youth group.

C.L. said a few slots remain for the $10 roundtrip bus ride to the FUN Show in Orlando in January.

Door prizes won by Paul N. and John H.

50/50 was so big, two winners were chosen– Jose L. and Jean-Pierre F.

Huge Chinese auction was held.

Dave announced the club will put up a club Christmas Tree at the public library on Nov. 19 and invited all to attend.

Regular auction held.

Treasure box would have been won by Royce H., who left the meeting a short time earlier.

Meeting adjourns at 9:18


Submitted by

Jody D.

Recording Secretary