Minutes of Meeting Sep 23 2013

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56 members and guests attended.

President Dave R. opened the meeting at 6:01 PM.

Dave R. thanked the VFW for providing food for all our hungry members.

Dave R. reported that our webmaster Bob K. is slowly recovering from his surgery.

Nominations were taken for the upcoming 2014 year. Dave R. was nominated for President, Frankie D. and Danny R. were nominated for Vice-President, Bob K. was nominated for Treasurer. President and Treasurer were won by acclimation. The office of Vice-President will be voted on by secret ballot at our October Meeting. Dave R. told the membership that the appointed officers are: Sergeant-At-Arms Mike N.; Chaplin Dar A.; Education Director Ed W.; Minutes Secretary Jody D.; Welcome Table Vera B.; Paul and Bob S. trade lists’ Hostess Silvia R.; Vouchers and Correspondence Francine F.; Webmaster Bob K.; Youth Coordinator Max W.; Auctioneer Frankie D.; Auction Help Dave R., Bob S. Bob K., Kraze K., Francine F. and CL W.

John D.F. was called to the front and given a standing ovation for all his hard work as Treasurer.

Dave R. shared with the club several items shipped by the USPS that were damaged and destroyed and informed everyone that he will update this situation.

Dave R. spoke about the new upside down Jenny souvenir sheet that was issued on 9-23-2013. These sheets are in very limited supply at the post office and can not be reordered. This could be a good item to pick up. Face value on this sheet is $12.00 consisting of 6 $2.00 stamps on each sheet. Dave had several that were sold for the good of the club at $15.00 per sheet to cover cost of obtaining these sheets. Dave will have a few more at the October meeting.

Dave R. reminded everyone that the Holiday Party will take place at the Golden Corral Restaurant in PalmCoast. Everyone attending must be at the Golden Corral 2:45 PM, at the latest, so the club can take advantage of the senior lunch prices which ends at 3:00 PM. GOOD NEWS, the dinner menu starts at 4:00 PM at no additional charge and there will be a surprise activity that will start at 3:00 PM that everyone will enjoy.

A motion was made Francine F. and seconded by Paul S. that Dave R. be reimbursed for expenses for the lap top computer that is used for the club. Motion Passed. Another motion by Helen E. and seconded by Geri F. was made to spend $50.00 to place our Annual show at FloridaStampShows.com. This site averages 3000 hits per week from all over the country and is a year long listing.

Our first Annual Holiday Chinese Auction will take place October 28 at our regular meeting. Auction tickets will available from 4:30 PM till 6:30 PM when the winning names will be pulled. Ticket prices are one ticket for $1.00, 8 tickets for $5.00 and 20 Tickets for $10.00. Proceeds are for the good of the club and all items are donated. Please bring in your items to help the club. This can be stamp, coin, or Holiday related items. Do not forget to let your neighbors know about this and bring your wives, husbands, friends, relatives for this special event. There will be advertising in all the local area newspapers for this. Visitors do not have to stay for the entire meeting once the Chinese Auction is over.

We need as many members as possible to help with the Chinese Auction to be at the VFW by 4:15 PM.

We will have our regular live auction as well with one exception. All items on the viewing table must have a starting bid of $5.00 for this auction.

Mike N. told the club about the new Club Baseball Type hats with our logo in Navy Blue that will be here for our Holliday party and the 2014 club calendars also. Thanks Mike for your hard work in arranging this for the club.

Many of our members and guests won special door prizes using the “pink tickets”.

There will be some special “pink ticket” door prizes also at our October Meeting along with the door prize vouchers and the 50/50. Make sure you get your pink ticket when you enter the VFW.

Remember to feed our “Treasure Box” which is always hungry for new items.

Thank you John D.F. for your help with the tables.

This month’s door prize vouchers were won by Mike N. and Chris D.P.

The 50/50 was won by Phil N.

And we had our 4th Treasure Box winner. Congratulations to Mike Z. Remember to win the Treasure Box you have to stay to the end of the live auction.

Our club had three new members join tonight.     We welcome them and look forward to their participation in our club events.  The new members are:

224 Clyde S.

225 John S.

226  Kendra E.


Minutes submitted by,

Silvia R., Hostess



Minutes of Meeting August 26 2013

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President opened the meeting at 6:00 PM.  There were 63 members and guests present.

Dave told everyone that the food that was supposed to be served by the VFW fell through for the evening. The VFW apologized and told us there will be food available for our September meeting. The kitchen will serve from 4:30 PM till 6:00 PM. We do thank all the members that showed up early for the food.

Dave welcomed everyone to the meeting and welcomed back Vera B., Sue G., Cliff W., Robert C., Mark W., Paul N., and Keith M., long time no sees!

Dave told every one that our web master Bob K. was having neck spine surgery today at the same time our meeting was taking place. We all wish Bob a very speedy recovery.

This was Show and Tell night and several members brought in items of interest to share with the club. As a reminder to all members, anytime we have Show and Tell night you can bring in any item of interest you have. This does not have to be coin or stamp related. A lot of our members have other hobbies and interests and we would love to hear about them. Thank you Ed W., Jean P., Anatoly G., Paul S., John D.F. and   Dave R. for participating.

Dave told everyone that we are going to have a table at the Flagler County Home Show on Jan. 25-26, 2014.  Our 10th Annual Stamp and Coin show will take place on March 1st, 2014 at the Elks Lodge and that there are just a few tables left. Any member that needs or would like to get a table please contact Dave R. at:                  386-437-0368.

Our Holiday Party will take place on November 25th, 2013 and will be held at Golden Corral. Everyone must be there no later than 2:45 PM so the club can have some fun and eat dinner which is served starting at 4:00 PM. There will be a gift exchange. Please no gag gifts. Wrapped gifts should be $10.00 value.

At our regular meeting on October 28th we will have our First Annual Holiday Chinese Auction. This is open to members, guests, family, boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, and husbands.  If you have an item to donate that is stamp, coin or holiday related please bring this with you. This auction is for the “Good Of The Club”. Let’s have a lot of fun with this and participate to make this a great success. Tickets will be available starting at 4:30 PM. We will have our regular auction also.

Our elections for the year 2014 will take place in October.

Thank you Carmela F. for you help during this meeting.

Thank you Henry I. for helping with the 50/50.

Thank you Jean P. for handing out the flyers with our 2014 schedule.

Thank you Joe H. for handing out the door prize tickets.

Thank you Geri F. for handing out the door prize vouchers.

Thank you to Dave G. and Anatoly G. for policing the free stamp area.

Thank you Horst S. for putting up the tables at end of meeting.

Thank you Mike N. for your help unloading car and setting up tables.

Thank you Frankie D., Mike Z., Bob S., David R., Kraze K., C.L. W., for your help with the live auction.


36 members stayed for our auction.

The winning # for the Treasure Box was # 211 Suzanne S.  You could have won if you were there!!

The vouchers were won by #172 Mike Z. and # 61 Phil A.

The 50/50 was won by #27 Ed W.

Minutes Submitted by:

Silvia R.



Minutes of Meeting July 22 2013

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49 members and guests attended.


Our president, Dave R., opened the meeting at 6:00 PM.

After welcoming everyone that came, Dave mentioned that this was the fourth Monday of a five Monday month. The weather was wet and attendance was a little down due to the summer months.


Dave spoke about the need to upgrade our PowerPoint projector and the need to purchase glassine envelopes for stuffing stamps and coins for our educational programs. The glassine envelopes that the post office has always donated to us are no longer available. Dave mentioned that our club does have the funds for these purchases. Francine F. made a motion and it was seconded by Phil K. to look into getting a projector for the club. Approved by majority vote. Bob K. will look into repairing the projector we have and the price of a new one.  Francine F. made a second motion and it was seconded by Jody D. to purchase glassine envelopes. Approved by a majority vote. Dave R. will order the glassine envelopes.


A lot of lively discussions were given and heard by a lot of our members. Some of the subjects included the availability of silver and gold to purchase in bulk, post office shipping problems that one of our members had, and fraudulent schemes both present and past that our members have encountered. This was a lot of fun and gave a lot of good advice to our members.


Special hand made bags were given out to 29 lucky members who attended our meeting. This was a lot of fun. Dave had all the winners line up and then took turns picking through all the different designs.


We thank Dan and Edith F., Jean P., and Joe H. for donating items for the good of the club it is very much appreciated. We thank all of our members who consistently donate items for the good of the club. This helps to cover our expenses at every meeting and our members love bidding on these items.


BIG NEWS: Shortly before the meeting started the British Royals announced the birth of a new son. Third in line to the Throne of England.


EVEN BIGGER NEWS:  THE TREASURE BOX WAS WON …After 9 months!! C. L. W.’s name was picked. This Treasure box was full of goodies. We all know what this means. Starting with the August meeting we all need to start filling up the box for our next winner.

Past winners are Dave R. June 2012, Paul S. October 2012, and now CL W, July 2013.

Remember to win the Treasure Box you have to stay to the end of the auction.



50/50 was won by our Jack G.

Vouchers were won by Phil K. and Mike B.


Minutes submitted by,

Silvia R.



Minutes of Meeting June 24 2013

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58 members and guests were present.

President Dave R. called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM.

After getting all the members and guests attention, Dave had everyone stand for a moment of silence for our dear departed Florian B. Florian was always at the sign in table with his wife, Vera. Florian will be greatly missed by all.

Dave R. asked everyone to keep Francine’s mother in their prayers for a speedy recovery.

Before the meeting started there was tremendous activity shared by everyone. Trading, buying and selling both stamps and coins have now become a landmark for our club. Let’s all bring in our items of interest in to share with our members and guests.

Dave R. and Silvia R. showed pictures of their Alaska cruise on the newly donated movie screen (thanks Bob K.) before the meeting started.

Dave R. spoke about their trip and had a very special coin and a keepsake for all that attended from Skagway, Alaska. Given to each was a very rare “gold” coin commemorating the United States vice-presidential run by Sarah Palin!! Also, a good luck Horseshoe Penny from Skagway commemorating its 100th anniversary in the year 2000.

Dave R. gave everyone an opportunity to guess the difference between a caribou and a reindeer. After several members expressed their opinion on this important matter, Dave finally told everyone that the only difference is that reindeer FLY!!

As a reminder, there are five Mondays in July and we will have our regular monthly meeting on the fourth Monday, July 22, 2013.

Dave R. told everyone the contracts were signed on Friday the 6-21-13 with the Elk’s Lodge for our 10th Annual Stamp and Coin Show. Applications for tables were sent out to all participants and the waiting list for the show. This show will be a sellout again.

Ed W. gave a short talk on his trip out west. Thank you Ed for taking the time to share this with the club.

C.L. W. gave a quick report on the beginning state of setting up a youth voucher program that will compensate all the youth that help at the club “Club Bucks” that can be used as cash for the auction or purchase items from members to enhance their collections. The club will reimburse the members for all “Club Bucks”.

Our beloved John D. gave our treasury report.

Silvia R. our hostess was presented a gift card for Red Lobster for her #@!&* year birthday. Happy Birthday Silvia R.

A special thank you to Frank and Jane M. for their donation of the Blackberry “I-Pad” and to Paul and Bob S. for their donation of four US mint commemorative stamp panel albums and to Frank S. for his donation for British stamps and to Jean P. for his donation of Scott catalogs and Ed Wolf for his book donation, all for the “Good Of The Club”.

Thank you Bob K. for helping with the projector and manning the sign in table.

Thank you Paul B. for taking care of the 50/50.

Thank you C.L. W., Francine F., Kraze K., Frank D. and Dave R. for taking care of this months Auction.

Thank you John D. for handling all the business associated with the auction.

The door prize vouchers for the auction were won by C.L.W. and Bob C.

The 50/50 winner was picked by Jane M. and won by Dave R.  Thank you Jane!!

36 members and guests stayed for a great auction.

The Treasure Box would have been won by Jim B. if he was at our meeting.

Submitted by:

Silvia R., Hostess





Minutes of Meeting May 20 2013

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President Dave R. opened the meeting at 6:00 PM.

There were 46 members and guests present.


Prior to the meeting there were many members that brought in items for trade, sale and buy. This is growing every month and has become an important part of our meetings.

Dave R. welcomed everyone and had every member and guests introduce themselves.

The meeting was held on the third Monday this month due to the VFW using the facility for the Memorial Day activities taking place on the fourth Monday. This will be a permanent date for our May meetings each year from now on.

Dave welcomed long time no sees Pat and Chris D., Phil A., Linda S. Henry I. I made a boo boo.. I forgot to welcome back Brian K. SO WELCOME BACK BRIAN K.. Silvia R. presented Brian K. with his long lost table cloth that he used at our show last March. No storage fee this time Brian!

Thanks! To All who donated for the good of the club …

Mr. Frank S. and Ms. Jean Pierre F. for their tremendous generosity towards the good of the club ..

Our beloved webmaster, Bob. K. presented to the VFW a 5X5 projection screen for everyone’s use. Thank you Bob, for your kind donation of this much needed item.

Dave R. told the members that the cost to do our annual show was increased and our paid advertising has also risen. As a result a vote was taken and passed to raise the member tables to $30.00 to help offset these higher costs. Non members who wish to have a table will remain at $65.00. To qualify for the $30.00 member table all dealers must be a member in good standing for one year.

Our next show will be our 10th Annual Stamp and Coin Show to be held on the first Saturday in March 2014. Contracts will be available at our next meeting. Our last show was a sell out and we have a waiting list for 2014.

The date of the show is March 1, 2014.

After a discussion on the youth area and free stamp table it was voted to continue this youth area with no fees to anyone who wishes to go through donated stamps. The majority felt that this is a great draw to bring in new collectors to our hobby and in time will enrich our participating dealers when the new collectors need better material.

Our members also voted not to have coffee and Danish in the morning to avoid spills at the tables. Dave R. will ask the Elks if they will provide coffee in the dinning room for those that wish to purchase their AM coffee.

Dave R.  informed the membership that on July 18 2013, on a Tuesday, at the Library at 2:00 PM an adult class on stamp and coin collecting will be presented by our club. This is the first time our club will be doing an adult version of our program.

Mark your calendars.. For our October meeting we will have our first Holiday Chinese Auction fund raiser. There will be a lot of surprises for our last meeting of the year. (November meeting is our Holiday Meal).

Our guest speaker for the evening was our Vice-President Frankie D. who gave an update on the post office.   A lot of questions were asked by our members and answered. This was a fun and learning educational program that was enjoyed by all.

Our members returned the decorated mailing tubes handed out at our last meeting. Our members voted on the best ones and the Grand Prize went to Ed Wolf and 2nd prize went to Max Wolf. Every one who participated received an award.

Dave held up 14 different collectable limited edition lighthouses for the members to identify. All but two were handed out to winners and the last 2 were given out as door prizes.

We had a very active auction and a lot of surprises. Jacob S. was the highlight of the bidding wars. Great job Jacob.

Thank you Bob K., for manning the welcome table.

Thank you Ruth K., for taking care of the 50/50.

Thank you Frankie D., Kraze K, Francine F. Dave R., Jacob K., C.L., and Kendra, for your help with the auction.

Thank you Jane M., for helping pass out door prize tickets.

And thank you Paul S., Dave R., Mike N., Jane M., C.L., Max W., and Jacob K. for helping with the tables.

At our next meeting we will discuss some new ideas for our youth for helping at the club.

Our door prize voucher winners :

Geri F. and Dave G.

Our 50/50 winner was:

Paul S.

The Treasure Box would have been won by Mark Wells if Mark was present at the end of the club auction.


Submitted by:


Silvia Rosenthal



Minutes of Meeting April 22 2013

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Our club had 56 members and guests present.


President Dave R. opened the meeting at 6:05 PM and welcomed everyone to our meeting.

Dave R. mentioned the bad weather and thanked everyone for attending.

Before the meeting started several guests brought collections in to be appraised. One group that I found interesting was a group of three young ladies that brought in a collection of United   States stamps that were found in a storage locker they had purchased at auction. This reminded me of one of my favorite shows

“Storage Wars”. After showing these stamps to several members they sold them.

Our members are bringing more items to sell and trade before the meeting starts. This, I hope, will become a tradition for our club and will lead to new members joining our club.

It is always fun to see where all of our guests hear about us. Tonight all of the guests either attended our show or read about it in the newspaper. One guest, a young girl named Kendra and her Grandfather found us on our web site.

Dave R. spoke about our spring picnic. Alas, the weather was cool and the wind was brisk but everyone that attended had a great time.

Dave R. announced that our May meeting will take place on the third Monday in May which is May 20th, 2013 due to the VFW needing the room for Memorial Day activities.  So mark your calendars.


Jacob and Kendra passed out the mailing tubes to be decorated in coin and stamp themes and brought back to our May meeting. The best ones will receive a great prize.

Dave R. shared an envelope that showed prison art on it and also showed an old stamp hinge dispenser from times gone by that was featured in a recent edition of the American Philatelist. At every meeting our club encourages our members to bring in items of interest and share them with us.

Dave R. spoke briefly about some changes that may take place at our next show for our youth table. This will be brought up again at a later date when more members show up at our meeting.

Mike N. spoke for a moment about the coin denominations that could help reduce the cost of minting new coins and paper money. Mike N. also told our club that the calendars for 2014 have been ordered and will be delivered in time for our November Holliday Party which will take place on November 25, 2013 and will take place at 2:45 PM at the Golden Corral Restaurant. Of course details will be sent out at a later date.

This is the first time our Holliday Party will take place before Thanksgiving.

Dave spoke about obtaining a projector screen and donating it to the VFW. Bob K. later offered to donate a screen to our club to present to the VFW.  Thank you Bob K. for this generous offer.

Get well wishes for Florian B., Helen E., Geri F, Cathy C, Lily C., Mike B., Kathy R. and her husband, Pat D., all of which are having some health problems. We look forward to seeing all of you back at our meetings real soon.

Cliff W. let the membership know about the Jacksonville Coin Show. He stated that 120 tables have been sold for this show. Bob K. will be posting this to our web site.

Our club welcomes our newest member, Jacob S. #221 as our newest and youngest member.

Jacob even helped with one of our auction lots. Jacob is a very bright and energetic youngster and will be a great asset to our club.

Thank you Phil K. for the donation of the Columbus/St. Augustine medallions to be handed out at our youth programs.

Thank you Frankie D., Francine F., Kraze K., C.L. W., Dave R., Jacob S., and Kendra for helping with the auction.

Thank you Steve H., Frank M., Paul and Bob S. for helping set up and take down the auction tables.

Thank you Francine for taking care of the 50/50.

A great big thank you to Vera B. for taking care of the sign in table. We could not do it with out you.

Thank you Bob K. for all that you do for our club.

Thank you John D. for leaving us with a few dollars in our treasury.

Thank you Jack G., Danny R. and Robert K. for handing out prize tickets.

Thank you Jean P F for your donation of albums the good of the club.

Thank you Jean P for you donation for the good of the club.

Thank you John D. for you donation of coins for the treasure box.


32 members stayed for the auction. Special “Money Cans” were given out as prizes for those that had winning tickets during the auction.

 The  50/50 was won by Phil Kniceley. Congratulations Phil.

The door prize vouchers were won by Francine F. and Frankie D. both sitting at the same table.


The name pulled for the Treasure Box was # 214 Frank W. Next month we will try again.


Submitted by,

Silvia Rosenthal, Hostess


Minutes of Meeting March 25 2013

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There were 82 members and visitors present.


Prior to starting the meeting, there was a lot of activity taking place with trading, buying, selling, and free appraisals.  We encourage all members to bring in their duplicate stamps, extra coins, paper money, etc., for sharing with our membership.


President Dave R. started the meeting at 6:00 PM and it took almost five minutes for the large crowd to take their seats.


Dave R. welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced all of the first time guests.


The report for our 9th annual Stamp, Coin and Collectable’s show was given by Dave R. Our club had another very successful show and we look forward to another show next year on Saturday March 1, 2014, at the Elk’s Lodge on Old Kings Road North.  Dave is planning some great surprises for our 10th show.

Thank you to all the members for the help that was given to make our 9th show a great success.


Dave R. reminded everyone that our 1st Annual picnic will be held on Sat. April 6th, 2013 at Herschel King Park Sr., 1000 GRADY PATHER JR Cove, off Colbert Lane in Palm Coast. The eating and cooking starts at 11:00 AM and is a covered dish event. Our club will provide hot dogs, burgers, cheeseburgers, drinks and all the fixings that go with it.  Pizza will be delivered at noon time. Bring folding chairs so you can sit where you want. There will be special activities, grand prizes, and crafts for the young and games for the young at heart. Bring a fishing pole and try your luck. Or just watch the boats go down the intercoastal. Members can bring their family and guests to this event. Free Parking for all.


Our show and tell had the best participation ever. Thank you Jean P., Billy “Bob” B., Dar A., Mike N. Bob C. Dave R., Robert C., C.L. W., Max W., and Ed W  and others (my thirty second memory again) for sharing.


The highlight of the show and tell was a great presentation by Ed. W. on pilot’s wings from WW1 and WW ll. and the half wing for the hot air balloonists.


We want to welcome into our club Lewis and Linda S. We also welcome new member Dave G.


What a great surprise visit we all had, Rod and Carmela from Canada visited our club for the first time. They found us through our website on the internet. Thanks to Bob K. for the great job he is doing as our web master.


The door prize vouchers were won by Gunter A. and John R.


50/50 was won by Lewis S.



What a terrific auction as the tables keep getting longer and longer for our viewing materials.


We thank Frankie D., our log master, for without him this could not happen. He has to write down everything on paper and keep up with the fast pace of the auction.


And thank you Francine for being his auction helper.


We thank Jacob and Max for being the runners


David, Cl, and Kraze, for being the auctioneers.


And To all 44 members who participated in the auction

We thank Bob C., Frank S. and Paul N. for donating for the good of the club. These donations help the club cover our costs of running our monthly meeting.



The Treasure Box could have gone home with Henry K…. If Henry was in attendance!

                           Minutes submitted by Silvia R. Hostess.


Minutes of Meeting February 25 2013

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Minutes  2-25-2013


President Dave opened the meeting at 6:02 PM.

There were 78 members and guests present.

Before the meeting was called to order there was a lot of activity at the member tables.  Members brought in stamps and coins to buy and sell and the auction view table was full of great items to look over for our live auction.

There were a lot of visitors that brought in items for free appraisals, most of whom (or is it who) met our members at our table at the Flagler County Home Show.

Dave discussed the upcoming 9th Annual Stamp, Coin, and Collectables show to be held at the Elk’s Lodge. Members were asked to wear their club shirts to be recognized as a club member. Volunteers were asked to meet at 9:30PM March 1st to help set up tables.

Dave R. gave a report on the Library program held on Feb. 19th. Over 50 people attended this event. Jim D. gave a great talk on Abe Lincoln followed by Ed W. who always entertains us with his wit and humor. The News Tribune gave the club a great front page write up with photos of this event. Thank you Silvia R., Dave R., Jody D., Bill B., Joyce D., Phil S., Mike N., Francine F. and Bob K. for your help.

Thank you Helen E., Geri F., and Cathy C., for cutting out hundreds of stamps for our Library program and the Home Show and a special thank you to these wonderful ladies for all their behind the scenes help and support.

Our First Annual Fun Day Picnic will be held at Hershel King Sr. Park off Colbert Lane on the first Sat. in April. This will be April 6th, 2013.  Cooking will start at 11:00 AM. Members can start arriving at 10:00 AM. We have reserved the shelter for the entire day. The club will supply hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers and drinks and at 12:00 noon Pizza will be delivered. Members and guests that are attending need to bring a covered dish.

There will be a great youth area with special crafts, oldies music and board games for all adults to enjoy. Bring a lawn chair or two to enjoy the grounds. This park is on the intercostal waterway where you can watch the yachts float by. Bring a fishing pole and try your luck.

With a show of hands at the meeting we expect at least 100 members and guests.

Dave introduced all of our first time visitors and some long time no sees: Joe H., Chris and Pat DeP. Welcome back.

Ray H. was introduced and presented a slide show of the first Federal Mints in Philadelphia. We have had many presentations by Ray in the past and this one is one of his best. Ray comes from Jacksonville, FL and it is always a real treat to have him visit our club

A motion was made and seconded that Ray H. become our club’s first Honorary Member.

By a show of hands and applause this motion was unanimously approved. Ray will be given the H1 designation on his membership card.

There was a great auction and Dave had some fun with his reverse auction.

Thank you Keith M. Gunter and Ginny A. for your great and thoughtful donations for the good of the club

A special thank you to our auction team for all their hard work: Frankie D., Kraze K., Paul C., C.L.W., and Dave R. You guys are the greatest.

Thank you Silvia R. for keeping David moving along.

Keith M. won the club tote bag raffle. We have two more totes left to be raffled off for the good of the club.

Thank you Bob K. and Mike B. for manning the front sign in table.

Thank you Brian S. for your help setting up the auction tables.

Thank you Suzanne S. for the great embroidered club shirts that you donated for the good of the club.

Thank you Bob and Paul S. for your great donation to our Treasure Box.

Thank you Phil K. for your idea for the Treasure Box and the items you donated for our kids programs.

We welcome new member #219 Cathy R. We hope to see you at every meeting.

Door Prize Vouchers were won by Kraze K. and Jack G. Congratulations.

Our 50/50 was won by Joe H. Luck was with him tonight.

Thank you VFW for allowing us the use of your facility. Please support the VFW by enjoying their special dinners every Friday night.

The Treasure Box was not won so you could be the next big winner. Remember you have to stay to the end of the auction and be and be present to win the Treasure Box.

                                                                  NEWS FLASH:

Our club just held our 9th Annual Stamp, Coin, and Collectables show on March 2nd.  This was a great success. Details at our next meeting on March 25th.  Don’t miss this meeting.

Minutes submitted by:

Silvia R. Hostess

Typpped error free by:

Dave R.




Minutes of Meeting January 28 2013

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President Dave R. opened the meeting at 6:03 PM.

Prior to the meeting our members gave free appraisals for stamps, coins, silver, and gold. A tremendous variety of items were looked at by our members.

Most of the visitors came as a result of the Flagler County Home Show held Sat. and Sunday and the tables our club manned. I thank every one who came out to help.

Our club set two new records for our 1-28-2013 meeting. We had 107 members and visitors in attendance and we had 7 new members join.

None of this would be possible without the help of all our members. When you see a new member please go up to them, introduce yourself, make them all feel at home, and ask what you can do to help them.

Our guest speaker Marion Poole from the Easter Seal Foundation gave a talk on free phones for the hearing impaired. Several members took advantage of this free service.

Dave R. spoke about our upcoming show on March 2nd. A tremendous amount of advertising has been sent out. We have ads in Coin World, Linn’s Stamp news 8 different newspapers, television and radio spots. We expect a large turn out for our show at our new location at the Elk’s Lodge 53 Old Kings Road North, PalmCoast. FL. Our show runs from 10:00 AM till 4:00 PM.

The Elk’s lodge will provide a great lunch menu for all to enjoy.

We ask all members to wear your club shirts and visit our show. We still need members to walk around and help our dealers/members bring in their items between 8:00AM and 10:00 AM. There will be free Danish and coffee for all members and dealers (while supply lasts) in the morning. We also need some members in the afternoon to help our dealers/members pack up at 4:00 PM.

We thank everyone who brought items in for our Treasure Box.

Thanks to all of our members who brought great items for our annual “Good For The Club” auction. This was a great success. Remember, items for the good of the club can be brought in at any meeting for our auction.

We also had a very active regular auction.

Danny and Paul C. won the club embroidered bags on our raffle. Thank you to everyone for participating. We have 4 bags left.

Ed W. and Mile Z. won the door prize vouchers.

Our Hostess Silvia R. won the 50/50.

Stan C. was the name pulled for the Treasure Box. Stan was not present, at the auction, so we will pick another name at our Feb. 25th meeting.

Thank you Paul C., Paul S., John DeF., Dar A., Frank S for helping to put all the tables away at the end of the meeting.

Thank you Frankie D., C.L. W., Paul C, Kraze K., and Dave R. For doing a great job keeping up with all the auction lots

Our New Members are:

212 George B.

213 Jean F.

214 Frank W.

215 Brian K.

216 Palmer M.

217 Linda S.

218 Lewis S.

For all of our new members that did not receive the rare collectable pin and mug, these items will be available at our Feb. meeting.

Submitted by Silvia R.


Typed by David R.

The Pres.


Minutes of Meeting Oct 22 2012

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Flagler County Stamp and Coin Club, Inc.

Minutes for 10-22-2012


President Dave R. opened the meeting at 6:01 PM. There were 69 members and guests present.


Dave welcomed everyone to our last meeting of the year and thanked Frankie D.,

our Vice-President, for running our September meeting. You did a great job Frankie.


Dave spoke about a stamp store and a coin store that Silvia and Dave visited inBarcelona,Spainand was told by both owners that the stamp and coin business is doing well inSpain. Both stores are very busy and have been in business for over 30 years each and in the same location.


From the estate of Lou Kiss and Ralph Cooper, and from members Phil N. and Eric E.,  60 cub scouts received stamps, albums, coins and supplies.


We welcome back Florian to our meetings. You were missed by all.


Dave made several announcements about upcoming events and dates.


CL W. told the members that he has a bus available for the FUN coin show inOrlandowith round trip seats available for only $10.00. The trip will take place on Jan 12, 2013.  This is a great price considering gas costs today. Contact C.L. if you are interested in taking the bus for more information.


John H. spoke about the courtesy that should be given to dealers that travel to give appraisals on collections.


Thank you Francine F. for selling tickets for the Belk’s charity day sale. You efforts were outstanding.


Thank you Geri F. for handling the 50/50.


Thank you Carol S., Phil S., and Mindy R. for handing out the puzzle sheets and treats on the tables.


Thank you Dan and Edith F. for you donation of coins for the club programs.


Thank you Joan for your donations of used stamps for our programs.


Due to the change of location for our annual Stamp, Coin, and Collectable Show our club no longer needed the pop-corn machine which was auctioned off for the good of the club.


Nominations were held for officers for the year 2013.

All nominated candidates said they would serve if elected.

All nominated  positions were won by acclimation.


33 members and guests stayed for the auction.


Our Officers For The Year 2013 Are:


David R. – President

Frank D. – Vice-President

John D. – Treasure


All appointed positions are to remain the same:

Bob Kegley – Webmaster

Mike N. –  Sergeant-at Arms

Francine F.-  Correspondence and fund raising

Alva W. – Historian

Max W.- Youth Advisor

Ed W.  – Educational Director

Vera and Florian B.- Greeters

Frankie D. and Kraze –  Auctioneers

Dar A. – Chaplin

Silvia R. –  Hostess


Kraze won the 50/50

Door Prizes went to Phil A., Carol S.

Special Door Prizes were given out to the “guys” who had the right numbered ticket. These were miniature and very collectable John Deere lunch boxes.

Joan and Robert won the special hats.


For only the second time we had a winner for our TREASURE BOX. Yes sadly but true the Treasure box is now empty except for one item.


Congratulations to Paul S. for winning the Treasure Box. Paul went through the box like a kid going through the bulk candy barrels of time gone by.


Submitted by:

Silvia R.,  Hostess