Minutes of Meeting Sep 24 2012

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Flagler County Stamp and Coin Club, Inc.

Meeting minutes Sep 24 2012

Frankie D., Vice President, called the meeting to order at 6 p.m.   We had 50 members and five guests in attendance.   35 members/guests stayed for the auction.   Of the five guests, three joined as new members.

The club welcomes the three new members:   #209 Frank M.,  #210 Jane M.,  #211 Suzanne S.

Frankie D. gave the club many interesting facts on the U S Postal Service.   He also announced the club’s upcoming holiday dinner on Nov26 2012 at the Golden Corral and our annual stamp and coin show coming up in 2013.   News on these events can be found at the club’s web site http://www.stampandcoinclub.com

Francine F. was instrumental in handling the logging of the members that took tickets for the Belk’s charity drive.   Hats off for a job well done.

Everyone welcomed back Joe B.   Joe has been on active duty in Afghanistan.

Mike N. gave a short talk on mail as well as announcing the club’s 2013 calendars will be available at a later date.

CL W. gave us information on ride availability, extended to our club by the Daytona Beach Club, for the FUN SHOW held at the Orange County convention center in Orlando.   This event takes place the second week in Jan.   Pickup location, cost and date will be announced at a later club meeting or provided by email to all members.

Door prizes vouchers were won by #110 Danny R., and #199 Sue G.   Congratulations!!

50/50 was won by # 91 Clifford W.    Nice!!!

Our thanks to CL W. and Kraze for conducting the club’s auction.   We had some very active bidding on items.

#188 Harrison K. was drawn for the treasure chest.   The member was not present so this continues on to our next meeting.    To win the chest you must be present at the auction.

Our President, David R. and his wife Silvia, our hostess, are on vacation.   We hope they had a fantastic time!!!

The club thanks Frankie D. for taking the helm at this meeting.   An awesome performance!!!!

Adjournment was at 7:30 p.m.     Submitted by Bob K., Webmaster


Minutes of the Meeting August 27 2012

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Flagler County Stamp and Coin Club, Inc.

Meeting minutes for 8-27-12

Dave R. called the meeting to order at 6:02 PM. We had 55 members and guests attend.  33 members and guests stayed for the auction.

From 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm all the guests and members had a good time buying, selling, trading and looking over the auction lots. This is becoming one of the highlights of our monthly meetings. We encourage all of our members to participate. This is just one of the many benefits of membership.

Dave R. had the entire attendance stand up for a moment of silence in remembrance Danny R.’s brother and son who recently passed away. Our condolences go to out to Danny, Mindy and their family.

The paper work has been completed and our club is now incorporated. We have submitted to the IRS the proper forms and fees for our 501 (c) (3) non-profit status. This allows our club to accept tax deductable donations. This will open up many more avenues for us in the near future for donations nationwide. Thank you to C.L.W. for putting the club in touch with Mr. Bill Hancock, Attorney, who donated his time and effort filling out the paperwork. The club sent Mr. Hancock a framed certificate of appreciation signed by all the members that attended our meeting.

The club paid the VFW the meeting fees for 2013. Remember to support the VFW bar/food when attending our meetings. Thank you John R. for making this possible.

Our club welcomes three new members: #206 Henry U. #207 Elizabeth H. #208 Frank P.

In spite of the on and off  heavy rains we had a great turnout. Quite a few members stood up and shared many interesting things with us. And many came and added items to our growing treasure box. All who spoke and talked received an extra chance for the door prize vouchers.

Dave mentioned the Holiday Party to be held at the Golden Corral on Nov. 26th at 3:15 PM. More details will be sent to all. Mark your calendar for our annual stamp, coin and collectables show to be held at the Elk’s Lodge on Old Kings Road on March 2nd , 2013 and the annual home show to be held at Flagler Palm Coast High School on Jan. 26-27,2013. Our Annual Show Is A Sell Out. We thank everyone who is participating.

We especially thank Alva W. who at 92 years young still has tremendous stories to share with us all.

The club surprised Silvia R. with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and two gift cards for her birthday. Silvia thanked everyone. The entire club led by Ed W. sang Happy Birthday to Silvia.

The club had a very active auction. There were bargains for everyone. Dave R. did a reverse auction on 13 lots which is always a big hit with everyone.

Door prize vouchers were won by Paul S. and Paul N.  50/50 was won by Paul B. I guess it was great to be a Paul for this meeting!!

The member’s name that was pulled for the Treasure Box was Jim B. Jim and his wife Willa did not stay for the auction. Jim, you could have won tonight. Remember members, to win the Treasure Box you have to be present at the end of the auction.

Minutes submitted by:                                                                                                            Silvia R. Hostess




Minutes of Meeting July 23 2012

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July 23, 2012  


President Dave R. Called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM.

There were 84 members and visitors.

Our meeting was dedicated to Mr. Robert Parks a long time member and a gentleman who passed away July 11, 2012. The entire membership stood up for a  moment of silence for Mr. Parks, he will be missed.       Dave R. donated a C-5  16 cent never hinged original gum perfectly centered for the good of the club and sold $5.00 raffle tickets for this. The 2010 catalog price for this was $150.00. This was very successful for the club. In the near future Dave will try and do this again.

The winner of the stamp raffle was  Horace S.        Mr.Jodi D. Son of the late Seymour D., another long time member who passed away in 2008,   joined our club.  He is # 205. Everyone at our club welcomed him.       We welcome back Vera and  thank her for taking care of the club sign in table. Our club wishes Florian a quick recovery, we miss not seeing him .       Thank You Mike B. for helping with the sign in table.   Thank You Geri  F. for doing the 50/50.   Thank You Bob K. for all that You do for the club .   Thank You Frankie D., Geri F., Jean P.,  Kraze and David  for helping out with the auction.   Thank You Martha L.. Carol S., Helen and Cathy for your help .   Thank you to all that helped put the tables back and made sure we left the VFW clean and sparkly.       Mike N., Gunter A., Silvia and David R. for all the time spent working on our revised and updated By- Laws.

A motion made by Bob K. and seconded by Paul C. that our club adopt the revised By-Laws. After some discussion our new by laws were discussed and unanimously adopted.    Education programs were given by Hein D.,  David R., and Cliff W.   Erik E. taught us his technique for getting the glue off the stamps –

Goo Gone wash off with warm water let is dry and then he uses gasoline, they come out silky soft with   beautiful results.       The holiday party was discussed and also the spring picnic. More details will be made available as they approach.   It was voted unanimously that John D.  will be the cook at our picnic. John was not available for comment!   Many thanks to our youth group for their help in giving out all the special door prizes.   Emma, Max, Christopher, Taylor, Kaleb, Anthony and Cristina.   Phil K. presented each of the kids with a $1.00 bill. Emma donated here $1.00 into the treasure box.   and Steve H. also presented them with a coin.

Door prize Vouchers were won by Mr. Alva W. and Phil S.   Bob S. won the 50/50.   The treasure box winner was The late Mr. Robert Parks who we dedicated this meeting to.   We did pull another name and it was Joe M. but he wasn’t at the meeting.       Lights were turned off at 9 p.m.   It is an honor to be part of this great, great, club. Each and Every One Of You make our club  what it is today !   Thank You All.       Minutes submitted by:       Silvia Rosenthal   Hostess


Minutes of Meeting June 25 2012

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June 25,2012        

We want to thank everyone for coming out !   How it rained on us !   68 Members were present and Four New Members signed up !       We presented certificates To Suzanne, Paul, Bob and Geri  for their tremendous generosity towards our club.   Our education speaker was Sheriff Don Flemings who spoke about our sheriff’s department and what is currently taking place in Flagler County.   We presented a  Framed FDV commemorating the VFW  to the VFW Quarter Master Donnally and was accepted on his behalf  by John R.       Vouchers were won by Frank S. and Frank S.   50/50 By Dar       Robert S., Danny R., CL, and Anatoly were the lucky members who won Club Shirts.   Thank You once  again, so very much Suzanne for donating them.   If You want to get your club’s shirts contact her !   We are also selling beautiful canvas tote bags with our club logo for $20.00.

Our first annual silent auction was a great success !       Our annual holiday party will be held On Monday November 26 , 2012 at the Golden Corral in Palm Coast .   At 3:15 p.m. More details to follow

Our yearly show will be held on March 2, 2013 at the Elks in Palm Coast.   We have sold 35 tables so far.       Our annual picnic will be held in early spring of 2013   The club will provide the meat,  drinks and pizza ( we will be ordering pizza so that it will be hot )   All members are asked to bring a covered dish. More details to follow.

Please if you have any stamps for our youth programs, please bring them in at the next meeting.   Ask your friends, doctor’s offices, dentist, and businesses you do business with to save the stamps for our kids programs ..   We also need clean small glassine envelopes.   We thank dearly Frankie for managing the paper work of the silent auction .   It was a lot of work for him !       We thank Geri for doing the 50/50.   Michael B. and Bob K. for managing the signing of our members and visitors.           Submitted by:   Silvia Rosenthal, Hostess


Minutes of Meeting May 21 2012

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Meeting was started at 6:03 p.m.   67 members attended
What joy it was to of seen YOU ALL!!
Our Congratulations go out to Steve H. On His Retirement !
We wish him the best !!
What a spectacular educational program Paul S. and Bob S. gave  us.
Royce and Helen donated for the good of the club a beautiful  stamp album ! Thank You Both so very much!
We discussed the new club pin and design. A motion by Nancy L. and  second by Francine F. to purchase 200 pins. The motion was  amended by Phil and second by Francine to purchase 300 pins to get a reduced  cost per pin.
We discussed the new auction for June
The club discussed  the new registration of our club as a 501 (3) (c)  organization. John D. will handle the paper work. Thanks C.L. for your  input on this. This will cost the club between 300.00 and 400.00. A motion was  made by Nancy L. and seconded by Francine F. and several others to follow  through with the 501 3 c application process.
Our 200th member Dean came with his wife, sister and brother in law
All of the attending youth members were giving blue name tags to  identify themselves at our meetings.
Old members coming back after years Ray L.,  Thania and Frank  M.
It is good to see You All back !!
Vouchers were won by Jose L. and Max W.
The 50/50 was won by Kraze.
Suzanne and Frank’s generosity was great they embroided  three shirts   and a beautifull hand bag (which was won by Helen  )
The pullovers were won by Jose L., Phil S.,  and  Max  W.
Thank You Paul S., Bob S.,  Emma , Jose , Geri ,  Cathy , Carol , Suzanne ,John , Hein ,Kraze ,Mike N.
Bob K. for all your help  last night. Thank you Hein D. for  setting up the tables. Thank you Hank D. for watching over Hein.
It is very much appreciated by all.
Our club had a small but active auction.
The winning name for the treasure box was Frank S. who unfortunately left  early. Remember, to win the treasure box at the end of the auction you have to  be present.
Remember that we will have our first silent auction at our June 25th. If  you need forms for your lots contact Dave R. and he will email them to you. No  limit on number of lots. Please remember to price your lots to attract bids.
Meeting ended at 8:45
Submitted by:
Silvia R. Hostess

Minutes of Meeting April 23 2012

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Our President opened the meeting at 6:02 PM. 74 members and guests were  present.
It was great to see so many of you ..We were all busy looking at  everyone’s treasures !!
So much to see !!  So much to buy !! So much to share with each  other!!
We thank everyone for coming out !  This was “Wacky Monday”,   This month had 5 Mondays and of course we meet on the 4th Monday.
When  I joined the club in 2005 there were 69 members ahead of me ..  and at the first meeting I attended there were only 12 members present.
Our club has come a long way. This VFW is the third location for our  meetings since I joined. The other two were the old People’s Bank at the Publix  shopping center and Flagler Library where we quickly out grew the space given to  us.
We are now going to have our third location as well for our annual show  which will be at the Elk’s Lodge next March. The other two were at St.  Mark’s Church and then St. Thomas Church.
Our growth could not have happened without all the great members we have  and all of your help.
The Flagler County  Stamp and Coin Club welcomes back long time member # 52  Thania M.
Dave spoke about having a silent auction in the near future and  explained how this worked. A unanimous vote sealed the deal. This is tentatively  planned for June and will be advertised to the general public to attend. Only  members in good standing can place items in the auction. All the details and  forms will be available at our May meeting.
Two more tables were purchased for our show. There are still a few tables  left. Remember this is a Coin, Stamp and Collectable’s show so let’s get a table  and have a lot of fun.
I thank everyone for continuing to put items into our treasure box.  The “box” is getting bigger and bigger. Remember that one name will be picked  out of the box at the end of the auction and the winning name must be present in  order to win.
Helen and Nancy won the vouchers !
The 50/50 was won by our 200th member Dean G. who graciously donated his  winnings back to the club.
Thank you Dean and welcome to our club.
The treasure box would of been won by #198!
We thank Paul and Robert S.  for their donation of a stamp album for  our raffle at our next show.
We thank very much Phil K.for given us the three rolls of old nickels for  all the kids !!!
We thank ,Kraze , Jean , Frankie , Geri, Paul N. ,and David for doing the  auction !!
We thank Emma and Caleb for helping with the “racing doggies” giveaway’s  during the auction.
Ed W. gave a fantastic talk on medals. We encourage all members that have  an interesting topic (does not have to be just coins or stamps) to stand up and  give us a one or two minute talk. We all have other interests as well.
In order to get more youth into coin collecting the club is putting  together starter kits. We have the coins we need but we have to get the  cardboard 2X2’s for pennies, nickels, and quarters as well as the plastic 81/2  by 11 pages that the coin holders slip into. Please, all of our coin  members, help us out with this.
Submitted by:
Silvia (the boss) R.
Dave (yes dear) R.

Minutes of Meeting March 26 2012

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74 were in attendance



President Dave R. opened the meeting at 6:00 PM. There were 74 members and guests present.


Dave R. welcomed everyone and introduced our four newest members: 196 Mark W and his grandson, 197 Duane M, 198 Joan B, and 199 Sue G. Our club welcomes all of you to our club.


Dave gave a report on security for our show to be held on March 2nd, 2013 at the Elk’s Lodge located at53 Old Kings Road,Palm Coast,FL32164. Dave reminded all members that the contract for the show states that the member/dealer who rents a table is responsible for their items at the show and if and if a problem occurs that the member/seller should call 911/police for assistance. The FCS&CC is not responsible for any items brought into the show by members/dealers. Dave suggested that the member/dealers bring enough help to watch their tables and keep all items secured.


Dave announced that our club has already received contracts for 27 tables. Our next show is sure to be a sellout.


Three members had a quick talk for our show and tell and each received a special gold plated tin pin for their participation. Thank you to Ed W, Dar F and Mark W.


Dave took a vote for the time for our Holiday Lunch for November 26, 2012 to be held at the Golden Coral Restaurant will be at 3:15. The rate changes at 3:30 so all members have to be there by 3:15 p.m. Of course, all will be reminded in October.


There were a tremendous amount of lots for our stamp, coin and collectables club auction. This was a lot of fun.


The door prize vouchers were won by new member 199 Sue G, and Kraze (what….again)

The 50/50 was won by Dar. Congrats to all.


Thank youNancyfor helping with the 50/50.

Thank you John D, Dave R., Geri F, Bena & Jack, and Jack G for your help with our auction.

Thank you Bena, Cathy and Bob for manning the sign in table.

Thank you Phil N, Dan & Edith F, Frank S for your contributions to the “Good of the Club” Auction.

And thank you to the 44 members that stayed for our auction.


Submitted By,

Dave R. President


Minutes of Meeting February 27 2012

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Feb. 27, 2012
Today’s meeting was a great success. It was like having a mini stamp and  coin show.
A lot of our members brought items in for all of us to buy and sell.
Everyone had a lot of interesting things.
We had 74 members and guests come through our doors to have a great  time.
Our club signed up member # 195. We welcome Mr. Stan and a very Happy  Birthday to you.
Long time members whom we have not seen for a long time, Shirley S. Paul  N. and the Keating family.
Welcome back, it was very good to see all of you at our meeting.
David R. had a lot of fun walking around with our new mobile microphone.  Thanks Bob K. for making this possible.
Dave R. put on a short DVD presentation on old postal Valentine Cards. Dave  finally figured out how to set up and operate the Projector and Lap top. Way to  go Dave. Next meeting Dave hopes to learn how to turn on a cell  phone!
Mr. Jim Davis, Postmaster of Palm Coast, was our headline speaker. Jim gave  a very informative talk on what is going on at the post office and why the post  office is experiencing financial difficulties. Jim was presented a certificate  of appreciation along with our club pin and mug for his efforts in helping  our club with materials for our annual show.
Our 9th Annual Stamp and Coin Club is moving to the first Saturday in  March. This will be on March 2, 2013 and will now be held at the Elks Lodge, 53  Old Kings Road, Palm Coast, Fl 32137. The time of the show will be extended by  one hour. Set up is from 8:00 AM till 10:00 AM and the doors will open at 10:00  AM and will run till 4:00 PM. This move will provide additional space for  members and dealers for our growing show.
The Elks Lodge will provide lunch for all that are attending. Prices and  the menu will be provided at a later date. (We still have a year to  go!)
Our club has already sold 15 tables and the Post Office has already  reserved a table.
The 50/50 was won by Phil S.
The door prizes was won by Harrison K. and Kraze.
Thank you Vera and Florian for taking care of the sign-in table.
Thank you David R., C.L., and Frankie D for taking care of the  auction.
Thank you Hein, Paul, Bob, and Anotoly for helping with the tables
Thank you Carol S. for helping with the 50/50.
Back by popular demand is our 2nd semi-annual Collectable’s Auction at our  March Meeting. Along with our regular auction of stamps and coins all of our  members can bring in any collectable item for this auction.
Let’s have a lot of fun with this. Our first Collectable’s Auction was a  great success. Let’s make this one even better.
We thank everyone for making this club a great success.
Dave and Silvia R.

Minutes of the Meetings January 23 2012

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The meeting started at 6:00 PM
There were 74 members and visitors present.
Our President opened the meeting by having everyone stand for a moment of  silence for Lewis Abela, Dean Robinson, and Barbara Swanson (wife of past  secretary John Swanson).
This meeting was our annual good for the club auction. Thanks to the  donation of stamp albums from Lewis Abela the auction was a tremendous success.
What a spectacular auction it was. The auction for the good of the  club was beyond belief !
Thank You All Who participated by donating and purchasing all of the  items.
Our Postmaster did not show for our meeting but he told me that he will be  at the Feb. 27th meeting.
Due to the large auction the Valentine’s Day card program will be seen at  the Feb Meeting.
The VFW has  informed the club that they will not be serving food at  our future meetings. So have a snack before you come.
Thank you Bill B. for your assistance with the postage sales for  the for the club.
Thank you Paul S. for cataloging the stamp albums for us prior to the  meeting.
We now have #191 members !!!!!!!!!!!
50/50 was won by Jay F who was visiting our club.
Paul Cole  Won ! Yes He Did !!   AND
Jim  Burns were the winners of the vouchers
Meeting Ended at 9:30 or was it 10:00 p.m.

Minutes of Meeting October 24 2011

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Meeting was called to
order at 6 p.m.

74 In attendance

President David thanked
and welcomed everyone for coming out and introduced all the first time

We want to thank everyone
that came out to our meeting with stamp donations !!!!!!!!!!

It was because of that
great article written by Mark Estes and published by the News-Journal..

President David asked
the membership and the dealers if they wish to donate an item for the Chinese
Auction that we will hold at our Feb. 4, 2012 Show.

Bob K. spoke about the
new location of Stitch Art were we get our club shirts.

Thank you Paul B.for
doing the 50/50 !

It went down in history
as the biggest 50/50 we have ever had!!!

It was won by our
beloved Phil K.

Once again we will
participate at our local library for the Festival of Trees. Having our stamp
and coin tree among all the others in our community is a great way to let our
community know that we exist.

November 29, 2011 at
11:30 if you wish to come and help to decorate the tree.

We will also be
participating at the Home Show Jan. 28 and 29, 2012.

Mark your calendars: Our
annual show is Feb. 4, 2012. Tell your friends. Flyers are available.

The Show and Tell was a
huge success, thank you to all that participated.

Dave R. Jean P.

Al S.

Ed W.

Max W.

Keith M.

Bob C.

All gave excellent and
very interesting talks

Sister Vera B. and
Brother Michael B. both won the door prize vouchers.

At our January meeting
we will be having a Very Special Valentine’s Program…

Spread the word about
our upcoming show Feb 4, 2102

We want to thank Keith
M. and Paul S. for their generous donations for the good of the club…

We wish to thank Paul S.
for his tremendous wisdom in helping our club be even better!

42 Members stayed for
the auction.

The treasure box was won
by David R.


What a great, great, attendance
we had at our youth program at the Flagler County Public Library on Tuesday
Oct. 25, 2011. Final count was 57 guests and members. All the tables were full.
Quite a few came in late but did not leave empty handed.

The kids were very cute
in the way they expressed themselves!

Ed W., Max W., Mike N.,
Al S. and Dave R. all gave very interesting talks to the kids and their

A big thank you to
everyone that made this a huge success:

Paul B., Ed W., Jannette
W., Max W., Phil S. Frankie D. ,  Al S. ,
Mike N.and Bob K.

Our full page write up
in the News Tribune on Sat. brought us several new youth visitors and their
parents for this program.


We have paid for our
club to have a table at the Home Show January 28 and 29 2112

Later we will give
exactly our location.

Hope to see everyone at
our Holiday Party! Invitations will go out shortly!

Submitted by Silvia

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