MINUTES of The Meeting April 25 2022


There were 59 visitors and guests present. It was so nice to see  everyone, we are still missing a few of our members, but we understand.
Everyone enjoyed a catered meal from the VFW.  Thank you to those who brought in desserts.
The meeting started at 6:02 pm.
 This meeting was dedicated in memory of our beloved Bernard Baumann, and all of our members stood up for a moment of silence for Bernard Baumann #268. His happy smile will be missed by everyone.
Phil K.  was presented a special personal carrot cake for all that he does for our club.
Jacob S. #221 started coming to our meetings when he was 8 years old.   He has invited all of the members, present and not present, FOR HIS EAGLE SCOUT PRESENTATION On May 22, 2022 at The First Baptist Church of Palm Coast from 12:30 To 3:30 p.m.
We were all happy to see Mike P. and Frank F. who have been absent from our meetings for a very long time.
David R. went over the action rules for all of our visitors and members.
Bob K. gave our financial report.
Thank you to all the members who brought in their extra stamps and supplies for the special door prizes
Keri S. gave a very interesting presentation on quilt making and showed many examples of her work. It takes at least a year to complete each quilt. Dave R. tried to auction off the quilts starting at $1.00 but no takers. 😋🤡
The club had a great live auction with a lot of stamp and coin lots changing hands. Thank you to Alex A., Maureen W., Mike P., Frankie D., Bob K., and of course our unofficial live auctioneer David R. for all the hard work making our actions the success that it is.
Thank you to:
Maureen W. for handling the 50/50.
Linda C. called out the winning special door prize tickets.
Bob K. for handling the door prize cards.
Cleo B. for handing out the special door prize tickets.
Eric L. for taking pictures.
Three new members joined our family:
Isay B # 327
Stanley G. # 328
Joseph M. # 329
We welcome all new members. Please take a moment to say hello to them personally.
50/50 winners: Silvia R and Bob K.
Door prize winners: # 301 Ed C., #253 Allen K. and # 317 Bryan D.
Nakita, who is the grandson of # 327 Isay, just arrived from Ukraine three days ago and has an interest in coin and stamp collecting. Several members went to Nakita and gave him all kinds of coins and stamps to get him started.
Thank you to Alex A. for his help in setting up the tables and to all the members who helped take down the tables. Doing this helps to keep our rental costs down.




Our meeting was called to order by the sound of the bell at 6:07 PM, There were 58 members and visitors present. Quite a few visitors
 came some left, others stayed ..
Everyone enjoyed the pizza and garlic rolls from Bruno’s pizza supplied by our club.
What a great surprise for all of us to see Frankie D., our esteemed vice-president, in attendance. How we all clapped in joy !!

 We also welcomed back Barbara C.  with cheers and joy whom we had not seen for over two years !

We welcome Joe B. # 326 to our club. Joe is another retired postal employee, that makes us the majority!!!!
June D. brought in home made honey from her bee hives for sale. For those who did not have a chance to purchase this delicacy June will have this again at our April meeting. Do not miss out on this treat.


Bob K. gave the treasure’s report.
Dave R. Told everyone that Linn’s Stamp News March 7th edition had a great article about our  club in the letters to the editor. As a result we received several boxes of donations that were made available to our members.
Mayor David Alfin and Brittany came to talk to all who attended the meeting . This was very informative and the Mayor spoke about the growth of Palm Coast and future plans for expanding the city. After a question and answer period everyone was given a goody bag from the city.
The live auction was a lot of fun and we are all very  happy that Frankie D. was back at the table helping with the auction.
Thank you to Allen A. for helping David R. with bringing in all of the tables .
Thank you To Bob H.,
                      Frankie D.
                      Joe  S.
                      Stevie S.
                      Allen A.
                      Michael P.
For bringing in much needed philatelic and numismatic material for the special door prize tables .
Nothing was left ,many happy members whose numbers were called loved the material that you all brought in !
Thank you Cleo for handing out the tickets for the special door prizes and to Barbara C. for doing the 50/50.
The 50/50 was won by Silvia R. and Stevie S. of which Stevie gave it back for the club .
The gift cards were won by Brian R. and Tom H.
Thank you Kent S. and Brian R. for taking down the tables .
Thank you Linda Lou for all that you always do behind the scene
Thank you Nicki for always bringing in the bags of chips !
Our educational program for the April meeting will be giving by Keri S. You won’t want to miss Keri’s presentation !
Our next meeting to be held on April 24th will have another huge silver coin auction for the club. The coin list for this special auction has been sent out to everyone.
Minutes submitted by our hostess,
Kind regards to all.
Links that may be of interest to members:
City of Palm Coast  https://www.palmcoastgov.com/
Florida Agricultural Museum   https://northeastfloridarailroad.com




Minutes of Meeting Feb 28 2022

There were 64 members and visitors present at this meeting. This is the highest since covid started. Our members and guests filled the room.

All attending this meeting enjoyed a catered meal from Salsas Mexican Restaurant. The food was hot and delicious. Nothing was left over. Thank you to Keith M. for picking up this meal for us.

Dave R. started the meeting at 6:02 pm with the ringing of a new 100 year old sheep bell. Thank you ed W. for this new toy.

All members stood for a moment of silence for our beloved Paul Noll who recently passed away to the great puzzle in the sky.

Dave R. spoke about next years Home Show that will take place a week later than in past years. 2023’s dates for the Home Show are February 4th and 5th Saturday and Sunday. Mark your calendars.

Dave R. let everyone know that items on the viewing table with the # 70 that is $10.00 or higher will be part of a reverse auction.

Our illustrious Ed W. gave a fantastic presentation on medals and special covers. It is always fascinating to listen to Ed. and to see his items.

Bob K. gave the financial report.

It was brought up to the clubs attention that the FUN Show will give at no charge a free table to promote our club in Orlando. The table must be attended at all times by a club member that is also a FUN member. If anyone is interested in doing this please let Dave R. know. There will be packets of coins ad stamps provided to give out to Fun Show atendees.

Keith M. told the club that on April 2nd at the agricultural center on US 1 that a grand opening will take place for the g scale outdoor train and a miniature train that can be ridden on. This is located towards the back fo the ag center.

Our club welcomed new member #325 Don G. to our family. There was another new member that joined after the meeting and will be recognized at our March 28 meeting.

David confirmed that our Palm Coast Mayor David Alfin will be our guest speaker at our March 28th meeting. Let’s have a great turnout for this event. Bring friends and family for this special guest. If you have any special items you wish to discuss or question Mayor Alfin just send me an e-mail and I will forward your questions.

Thank you John B. for running the 50/50.
Thank you Bernd for handing out the special door prize tickets.
Thank you Nicki for always bringing in a bag of snacks.
Thank you Tom H. for the yummy goodies that was enjoyed by everyone.
Thank you Allan A., Bob K. Francine F., John B. and Dave R. for running the live auction.
Thank you to everyone who helped set up and tear down the tables.
Thank you Michael P. and Joe for bringing in bags and boxes of stamps for our programs.
Thank you Stephen S. for bringing in a large bag of stamp packets.
Billy Bob brought in a set of new ink cartridges # 564. If your computer can use these let Dave R. know. First to respond gets them.

One of our members left a brown jacket. If this is yours, please let Bob K. know. He has it.

The 50/50 had two winners:
John Z. (for the 23rd time) and Eric L. who donated his winnings back for the good of the club. Thank you Eric.

Door prizes were won by:
Francine F. and Stephen S.

Minutes taken and submitted by our hostess Silvia R.

Hope to see everyone at our March 28th meeting.

Minutes of the Meeting Jan 24, 2022

There were 55 members and 6 families that came from the home show.  Total of 63.

After a very great meal catered by Panda Express, we started the meeting at 6:02 PM.

The Home Show was a great success in promoting our club, over 250 stamp packs were giving out as well as dozens of coin packs.  We were given a commercial booth space at the front of the show.

The club gave a small class on Sunday Morning on how to start stamp collecting that was well attended.

Spoke to a lot of people about our club our mission which is to promote how to collect stamps and coins and the lifetime fun and enjoyment it brings.

We could have not done it without the help from Keith, David, Bob, Eric, Kathy, Cleo, Stevie, Paul and Silvia.

Our beloved Keith M. was so dedicated, kind, funny, witty and awesome in the way he talked to people at the home show both days ..

Thank you to Phil K. for the coin donations.

Dave R. held up a 7-foot receipt showing 45 donors of stamps that were sent a club bag and pen to thank them for their large donations.

We had a great stamp, silver and gold coin auction. This was the 3rd gold and silver coin special auction with the proceeds going to support our youth activities.

Thank you, John B., for coming up with the idea of having paddles for the auction and for providing them to the members.

Thank you to everyone for putting up the tables and taking them down, it is very much appreciated ..

Some of the special door prizes were donated by Michael P.,   an Excavating company from Washington State, Jeff and Darlene of Georgia , Jason and Pam F.,  and Allen A.

Rules for the auction were announced by Dave R. so that the new members will know how our auction works.

Bob K. gave our financial report.

New members were #322 Maureen W. #323 Tim R. and #324 Judith W.

Thank you, Bob, for handling all the money in being the treasurer and webmaster!

Thank you, Keith, for doing the special door prizes.

Thank you, Paul S., for doing the 50/50

Thank you Lindi Lou for the fun, the hollering in calling out the ticket numbers.

Thank you, Keith, David, Bob, Kathy and Francine, for handling the auction.

Thank you, Cleo and Nicki, Maureen and Silvia for handling the table with the food.

Door prizes were won by Bernie, and Linda Lou

The 50/50 was won by Kathy and Keith.  It was Kathy’s first time in seven years to win!

It was good to of seen everyone, to share the laughter, fun, the friendship, and the the great fellowship.  And to those members whom we have not seen in a year we all miss you



Kind regards always,

David and Silvia



CORRECTED COPY  – Destroy all others

This corrected copy is to clarify the holiday meal at Outback Steak House.

The date is Nov 22, to be at the restaurant at 1 pm.  We have to be out of the restaurant by 4 pm.  The menu that was included with the original email is the choices available.  The club will PAY for a member plus a guest.  The meal will include coffee, tea, or lemonade.     Any alcoholic beverage must be paid for by the individual.
The address is  45 Plaza Drive Palm Coast.  The restaurant is on your left, at the traffic signal when you turn to go to Home Depot.

The special door prizes at the meeting were donated by Michael Perry.   Club apologizes for the error.  

The meeting was called to order at 6:02 p.m.  There were 44 members and visitors present.  Oct 25 2021.
In Memory Of Our Beloved Larry E. His wife Melanie gave quite a few boxes of stamp books, covers, and stamps. As her wish it all went for the good of the club.
This was our last regular meeting for 2021 .
We all enjoyed those delicious sub sandwiches and all the fixings ..Thank you to all who brought goodies! Nothing was left.
We welcomed new member # 321 Mr. David F.
Robert K. gave the financial report.
Dave R. spoke about our participation at the home show this year. This will take place on January 22nd and 23rd. Sat. show starts at 9:00 AM and ends at 4:00 PM.  Sunday hours are 10:00 AM till 4:00 PM. We need help manning our booth for both days. We also need interesting items for the table, both coin, and stamp related, to show visitors. There will be activities for the young and young at heart this year. Those manning the booth will be provided sandwiches, chips, and drinks. (water).
We all voted to go to Outback for our Holiday Party to be held at 1:00 PM. After some feedback from some of our members, we are having a gift exchange. Bring in a wrapped gift item with a $10.00 value. This can be any new item or a gift card of your choice.
Everyone is encouraged to decorate their table. Special prize for all at the best table.
We will play bingo while waiting for our meals. Cards are $1.00 each so bring a buck and let’s have a great time.
Wear Holiday attire.   SEE attachments.
Welcome back Mr. Bob C. It was very good having you back!
Pens were given out with the club’s info. Please remember to take off the tiny little ball that is at the end of the pen before you start to use it.
This evening the special door prizes were donated by Michael P.  …Glassine envelopes full of stamps. How everyone enjoyed receiving them.
Thank you, Cleo and Nicky, for helping with the food. Thank you, Trish, for doing the 50/50    Winners of the 50/50 were Capt. Rob and Bob H.
Gift cards winners were ———- and Bob H. (Sorry, did not write down the other winner).
Thank you, Linda Lou for manning the front table.
A Million Thanks to all who helped with putting up and taking down the tables !!
Thank you, Bob H., and Bob K., Paul S., and David R.  for helping with the auction. Once again it was a great auction, great buys for all!
Hope to see everyone at the Holiday Party ..
Kind regards to all,
Attachments:   Lunch menu
                           Outback Restaurant address
                            Directions (click on “directions” in the address)

Outback Steakhouse


Minutes of Meeting Sep 27 2021

Our President called the meeting to open at 6:04 PM. There were 44 members and visitors present.

The meeting was dedicated to Larry E. Everyone stood up in his honor for a moment of silence.

What a great meal we all enjoyed that was catered by Panda Express. Everyone attending this meeting enjoyed great fellowship and stamps and coins.

Elections were held for officers for 2022. The current officers all stated that they will run again. Due to the fact that there were no other nominations the current officers were elected by acclimation to serve for the year 2022 as follows: President, David R., Vice President Frank D., Treasurer/secretary Robert K.
Eric L. Captain At Arms Congratulations to the new officers for 2022

Bob K. gave us the financial report.

A Big Welcome to John and Trish S. we had not seen them in over a year. Also, A Big Welcome to June D. for we had not seen her in two years .
Our movie star Keith M. flew in from Minnesota where he resides to have Chinese food with all of us. What a delight it was for all of us to see him.

Invitations will be going out for our Holiday Party on November 22, 2021 by the end of this week, you should be receiving them.

John C. talked about his trip to Portugal and seeing friends he had not seen in 60 years.

Paul S. gave us a fantastic talk and DVD presentation about his experience volunteering with the Red Cross working on September 11.

The 50/50 was split up into two winning numbers due to the large participation at this meeting. For the first time since the clubs beginning one member, John Z. won both pulls.

The 2 $10 gift cards were won by Billy Bob and Brian R.

The auction was one of the largest our club had in many years. A lively auction was enjoyed for the 29 silver coins that had been donated to the club. Several members also had coins to in the auction that were auctioned off along with dozens of stamp items. This auction was a little longer than usual but everyone stayed and enjoyed the action. There were many bargains that changed hands. The items brought much joy to the winners!

A Million Thanks To Bob K., Maureen , Francine, David, Paul , and Bob H. for helping with the auction ..

A Million Thanks to Tom H. Keith M. and Vince G. for putting back all of the tables.

It was very good seeing everyone and we miss the rest of you all, but we understand.

Kind regards always,
Silvia and David
Meeting was adjourned at 10:15

Minutes of The Meeting August 23 2021

Hello Fellow Flagler County Stamp and Coin Members,

Meeting was called to order at 6:02 p.m. 42 were in attendance. We all enjoyed a great meal prepared by Kathy G, Keri’s salad, Maureen ‘s deviled eggs, Jean, Silvia’s, Cleo and Billy Bob ‘s great desserts were all enjoyed tremendously by all .

The yearly bills were discussed and voted on by the membership in attendance.

Due to the pandemic of the Delta Virus, the membership has decided not to participate in this year’s Holiday Tree Celebration at the librar

It was announced by Silvia that over 340 large packets of stamps have been given out this month to schools, church groups, and civic groups.

September the club membership will vote for the new officers for 2022. Any member interested in running for office please notify the club at the club’s email – stampandcoin@hotmail.com

Holiday Party is confirmed for Monday November 22, 2021 at Golden Corral. Everyone attending must be at their seats no later than 3:30 pm for the head count. As in the past each member will be allowed one guest. If you are going to arrive after 3:30 pm, you must inform David R. so you can be added to the head count.

We welcome new member #320 Crissy C. Let’s make sure that all the members make the new members feel at home.

Phil K. won the 50/50.

Ten dollars gift cards were won by Jean P. and Jacob S. Congratulations to them!

The very special door prizes were a great success once again!

September’s meeting auction will once again feature donated silver coins. The list of these coins will be sent out to each member.

A cash donation was made from Belk’s for participating in their charity event of two years ago .

We now have available to the membership flash drives for the world wide pages, stamp glossary, and blank topical pages. These are the same items that were given out to members in CD format. The club was informed that there are some members that do not have a CD drive on their computers/laptops so this will make it possible for all to enjoy this added benefit to club members. If you need this flash drive, please let David know.

Our educational program will be put on by Paul S. on the 911 attack. Paul was present at the Twin Towers after the attack.

Thank you all for helping out with the auction , the 50/50 , calling of the very special door prizes, the bringing in of the tables and putting them back . It is greatly appreciated by all ..

Kind regards always,

David and Silvia

Minutes of Meeting June 28 2021

Meeting started at 6:04 PM. 49 visitors and members attended.

What a great meal we all had Thanks To Eric and Grace ! We cannot thank them enough ! Thanks To Cleo , Frankie ,Jane and Frank , Francine , Kathy all who helped with the serving and the clean up.

We had a moment of silence for Rodney F. and for the lives lost at the Surfside, FL condo collapse.

It was so nice to of seen Dar and Frankie D. since the pandemic we had not seen them .

What an interesting education talk by Eric L.

The Holiday meal will go on this year ,Bob K. is doing the foot work and then it will be brought up for the membership to vote on.

Thanks to Jean P. for doing the tickets for the special door prices and Linda Lou for doing the 50/50.

John B. and Kent S. were the recipients of the ten-dollar gift cards that is provided by the club each month.

The 50/50 was won by Paul N. and Kathy .

Welcome new member #317 Bryan D. to the club.

Francine F. presented our hostess Silvia a Happy Birthday card and a gift card from the club.

The auction was again spectacular thanks once again to Irv F. making it possible to be spectacular .Thanks to Paul S. ,David , Bob H. Bob K. Kathy and Francine for all of their help.

We can never thank enough Tom H. for always ,always helping with the tables .

For the July auction we will have an Anything Goes Live Auction. Bring in your new household items ,it is a good time to start shopping for the holidays.

The club will be sponsoring the July meal it will be a surprise !

A special thank you to Bob K. for everything he does for our club.

Like always the fellowship was great !

Have a great month !

Kind regards always ,

David , Silvia , Frankie D. Eric L. and Bob K.

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