Minutes of Meeting February 23 2015

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Dave R. calls meeting to order at 6:04. We have 68 members and guests attending.

Two members are introduced… Tom B (252) and Alan K (253).

Dave issues reminder for club’s March 7 stamp and coin show… dealer setup is from 8-10 am, the show runs from 10 am to 3 pm. All dealer tables are sold out for the 6th straight year.

Paul S. has suggested we have a “trading day”, where members can trade items with each other with no cash changing hands. This is being explored, possibly for mid-April.

Visitor Glen W. brought his two sons, introducing them as big baseball card collectors as well as coin collectors.

Visitor Joanne told club about website postcrossing.com. It allows anyone to send and receive postcards of all types (i.e. recipes) and from all nations. She has received cards from many countries. Users can specify preference of country of origin in order to collect the stamp.

Dave shows club an “imperfect” Ringling Bros. circus stamp… issued in first-day covers and in an expensive book, but NOT made available in singles or sheets.

Silvia and Dave told us about a letter of thanks from Cuba sent to them/us which took TWO MONTHS to arrive. Silvia said our friends there are happy about the reopening of relations with the US.

Dave asked everyone to donate a gift basket for the good of the club at our upcoming March 7 show.

Ed W. gave educational presentation of his medal collection, including a Harvard U. Hasty Pudding medal, an Umberto I from Italy, medals from Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines, and the Valley Forge medal awarded to Ed himself in 1964.

Bob K. wins the 50-50.

Door prize winners were George B. and Allan K.

Treasure chest went unclaimed.  #228 James C. would have won if present.

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Jody D.


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