Minutes of Meeting 08-23-2010

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At six p.m. meeting was called to order but not before Francine lost one of her stones that came loose from her ring. Thanks to a lot of our members whom went looking for it …It was Jim Hrnciar who found the stone all the way on the other side of the VFW hall…Francine was very, very, thankful and a big thank you to all who helped in trying to find it …We have a great bunch of philatelists and numismatists.

71 Members and guests were present with some that came and went, it was hard to keep up with the exact count.

Quite a few visitors brought in Stamp Collections, which included the Russian Stamps, Zeppelins, White Plains S.S. and the Pan American issues. What a sight it was for all to be able to see that and the coins that were brought in for appraising. The community is becoming more aware of us.
What a spectacular and fun meeting we had . Thank you all for coming out.

We introduced seven kids to the hobby of collecting stamps at our recent introductory class held at Belk’s Dept Store on Saturday August 7.

Ed Wolf and Maurreen were there to assist.

The position of Secretary will be open for the coming year; Vera,Florian, and Mike Belanich will be our greeters .We thank them very much!

When you come to sign in, you will see them. Please it is very important that everyone sign in.

Bob Kegley will handle the membership.

Silvia Rosenthal will handle the mailings.

Francine Fatuzzo will take care of the vouchers, so if you win one of the door prizes go see her.

Our President and members all contributed great ideas on how to soak your stamps . Salt water to help get the stamps loose and wax paper to dry them on. One idea was to use the phone book to dry them between the pages which would keep the stamps from curling up.

The 50 /50 was won by Bob Kegley

The vouchers were won by #121 Kraze and #85 Dar.

Treasure report was given by the treasurer.

Our Sargent of Arms, Mike Nishti, gave us his famous speech on the club’s t-shirt,  we only have eight left 1 Small,  2 Medium’s, 2 large, & 3 Xtra Large. He also mentioned the club calendars for 2011 will be given out at the party in November.

Our Christmas party to be held on November 23 at the Ocean Marina Clubhouse and  will be catered in by Joe’s New York Style Pizza.

Our menu will be Manicotti,  Ziti, Eggplant, Garlic Rolls, and Meatballs with the members bringing a side dish or desert for each person attending.

The members all voted on this and was seconded By Francine. Each member can bring one guest.

If you want to participate in the exchange gift you must bring a gift with a value not to exceed $10.00. Item was brought up by John De Foe and seconded by Joe.

Belk’s Dept. Store will be donating a beautiful basket to be given away at the party for those who attend.

The contracts for the tables for our stamp and coin show to be held on Feb. 5th 2010 were distributed at this meeting.   We already have six tables sold. If anyone is interested contact our president at 386-437-0368.

Diana Christen was at our meeting representing Family Life Center, which is also known as safe house for battered women and children in Bunnell. She was so thankful and overwhelmed by our First Charity Auction. Our club handed her $ $271.00. This would not have been possible without the support of all our members who brought in items to sell and of course our members who bid on these items.

39 of us stayed for the auction. Our tables were full of stamps, coins, and great artifacts brought in by Jean Pontorno.

Mike Belanich, Mike Nishti, Maria Tovar, Mike Rilley, and Janice for their tremendous generosity towards our First Charity Auction.

Our thanks to our two runners, Max and Alex, they did a great job, taking the items to the winning bidders and collecting the money for these items.

The auction ran great. It was a great success and we will do it every year from now on .Each year

Our thanks to Frankie, David and Bob Kegley for helping out with the auction.

Thank you C.L. Wyatt for the new web sites you brought to the clubs attention.

Thank you Ed Wolf for sharing that rare book with the club.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

New Members:

#164 Michael Riley


#165 Paul Sarkisian


#166 Alex Ascencion-Tovar

Stamps and Coins

Silvia Rosenthal


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