Minutes of Meeting 09-27-2010

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Flagler County Stamp and Coin Club

September 27,2010

Our President David Rosenthal called the meeting a little after 6 p.m.

83 members and guests attended our meeting, five of these guests joined our club and are listed below.  

Our President had everyone stand and introduce themselves.

Nominations for the officers took place. Everyone that was nominated accepted the positions, all except our beloved treasurer, John DeFoe who was not there, all the members voted him in.  Thank you everyone

Raymond,Isabella ,Francine  and  Joe who seconded all the nominations.

The arrangements have been made by Francine for the catering for our Holiday Party on November 22 , 2010. Don’t miss the grand event. There will be a gift exchange with the value of the item to be $10.00.

The location is the same as last year and will be held at the Ocean Marina Clubhouse. Just turn off A1A where the Beverly Beach sign is located. If heading North on A1A turn left at the Beverly Beach sign. If heading south turn right into the Ocean Marina complex. (Not sure if the sign is visable from south bound traffic. Make sure that everyone uses guest parking only.

Thank you Dar for making the arrangements for the use of the clubhouse for our club.

 The unveiling of our new club banner was revealed to all the members by Mike Nishti and David Rosenthal, Everyone applauded and commented on the great job Mike Nishti did in obtaining the banner.  What a great sight it was to see. Our club has come a long way thanks to all of the members hard work.

 We will be at our local library on October 26 at 11 a.m. to put on a class to introduce stamp and coin collecting for the youth of our area. The library has put it in the News Journal, the Penny Saver has put it in also and it is on Flagler On line.The Postmaster will also be in attendance.

 On October 2, 2010 we put in the application to have our club’s Christmas Tree and Menorah displayed at the Flagler County Pubic Library’s Festival of Trees.

 January 29 and 30 of 2011 we will be participating for the first time at the Home Show  being held at the Flagler Palm Coast High School.  Our Thanks go to all whom have signed up for a few hours at the Home Show to promote our club and let the community know about us. even if you did not sign up please visit our booth and spend a few minutes there. Mike Belanich, Nita and Charlie Cohen , Nancy and Robert Linehan, Francine Fatuzzo , Jack Gibb, Joe Olkewicz, Phil and Carol Schwartz, David and Silvia Rosenthal Have signed up. If interested and you can halp please call David or Silvia at 437-0368.

 21 Tables have been sold for our February 5, 2011 Stamp and Coin Show ! 

 The new acting Postmaster Bill was present at this meeting and talked for a few minutes.

 Larry from Net Pro was also present  and talked for a few minutes about using computers to make an inventory list using excel on your computers.

 Certificates of Appreciation were given to the Postmaster, Larry of Net Pro FX  ,and our to Beloved Frankie who is now our Postal Liasion.

 Quite a few door prizes were given out, stamp packets and coin puzzles.

 Vouchers were won by #121 and #146

  50 /50 was won by Our Beloved Jack Gibb. 

  David gave the treasurer report in the absence of John DeFoe

 Bob Kegley made every member a new name tag, if you have not received yours see him.

 Our beloved Sergeant of Arms Mike Nishti brought in the  2011 calendars. Jean McGeehan gave them out.  Thank You Jean!!!!

 It was very nice to see Doris and Fredrick Sober  attend our meeting after a very long  time recovering.  Welcome back.

 42 members stayed for the auction

Our thanks to Frankie, C.L, Jack Gibb and David for the fun, laughter and handling of the auction. If you did not stay for the auction you missed a great time.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

Our Club welcomes the following new members. Make sure you go and introduce yourselves to them.

 #167  Helen Esposito                        Stamps  

 #168  Geri Fiore                                Stamps

#169   Catherine Carannante               Stamps

#170   Tom Hart                                 Coins

#171   Steven Hilton                           Coins

Silvia Rosenthal took the minutes


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