Minutes of Meeting March 28, 2011

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53 were in attendance

President David Rosenthal opened the meeting at 6:00 PM

There were 53 members and guests present.

After welcoming everyone for coming out on a rainy night Dave had everyone stand for a moment of silence for long time member Lou Kiss who passed away on Sunday March 20, 2011.

This meeting was dedicated to the memory of Lou Kiss who was #9 on our membership list.

Our webmaster Bob K. has agreed to take over as Vice President until elections take place in October. Thank you Bob for stepping in during our clubs time of need.

A big thank you again to the VFW and to John Roberts and his wife Dianne and his team for cooking hot dogs, cheeseburgers and meatball subs for our members. The food was great.

Two new members joined our club so a big welcome to #178 June and #179 Robert.

Dave showed the club the DVD projector that was purchased by the club for future use in our educational programs. A big thank you to our new Vice President for driving all the way to Orlando to pick up the projector.   A motion made by Francine F. and seconded by Lou A. and approved by hand vote to purchase DVD’s from the APS for educational programs. Instead of renting these programs and the returning them to the APS for around $9.00 each our club can purchase these and keep them for $12.00 each and use them as often as needed.

CL spoke about his DVD’s on flash drive that will work with this projector and also offered these to anyone who needs copies of the programs.  Contact CL for details.

Anatoly shared part of his Russian collection of holiday cards and stamp products from Russia. Thank you Anatoly for showing this to the club.

Mike N. talked briefly on new shirts for the club with more information to be given out at our next meeting.

Ed W. had a few kind words about Lou Kiss and suggested that when we open the meeting with Lou’s famous bell that we remember him in our thoughts.

Francine F. has tickets for the upcoming Belk’s charity drive. Belk’s donates the $5.00 fee for the ticket back to the club and gives everyone attending the event on April 16, 2011 a gift card worth $5.00 and up to $1000.00.  This takes place 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM. Please contact Francine for these tickets.

A special thank you goes out to Paul S. who has made table signs for our club. This will help new and current members who want buy, sell, and trade their coins and stamps before and after the meeting.

The club thanks Anatoly, Hein D., Robert S, CL, and Kraze for helping with donations for the good of the club.

Thanks again to our Auction Team, Frankie D., Al S.,  CL, and of course David R. There were 33 members and guests that stayed for the auction. The Money Monkeys were won by #’s 110, 155, and 158.

The door prize vouchers were won by John H. and Bob K.

The 50/50 was won by Jean P.

The very first Treasure Box was won by Paul B.  Congratulations Paul. The winning name for the Treasure box is pulled at the end of the auction. The winner gets the entire contents of the Treasure Box but must leave at least one item. The club asks all of our members to bring in an item or two each month for the Treasure Box. This can be a fun item but must be stamp or coin related. You must be present to win the Treasure Box. Good luck.

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