Minutes of Meeting May 23 2011

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74 members and guests in attendance

President David Rosenthal started the meeting at 6:00 PM and welcomed everyone, and thanked them for coming out.
There were 74 members and visitors that came through the doors. Quite a few people came in to sell their stamp collections and coins. Everyone was quite pleased and thanked all of us.
It was great to see you all, you are all loved soooooooooo much!
Our show and tell was magnificent very educational, we have so much to learn from our fellow philatelic and numismatic friends.
Jean P.,Dar, Paul S. and C.W.
A million thanks To our beloved Joe B. for the speakers and now we can run the projector with sound. 
Certificates of appreciation were given out to Helen ,Gerie ,and Paul S.
Special vouchers were won by Cliff and Kraze.
Monthly vouchers were won by Doris and Cathy
Loui won the 50/50.
Our guest speaker was Sister Bernard Joseph, Vice President of the St. Augustine Stamp Club.
She talked about her Vatican collection how it came to be in the possession of the Convent..
We presented her with a certificate of appreciation, our club’s pin for the St. Joseph  Convent  and for the Sisters, four Beautiful tailored to the teeth ceramic Nuns outfitted the old fashion way, with their black habits ..
We asked that in the future when all of her collection will be sent to the Vatican for our certificate of appreciation to be also sent !!
What a great honor that would be for all of us!
It was great to see Ginny and Gunter, Joseph L., Royce and Helen, and Mark W. They had not attended in a long time!
Our new shirts look so good on everyone!! The colors are great!!!! If interested in ordering the new style shirt please contact Jennifer or Ann at Stitch Art at to make arrangements. Their phone # is 386-437-4984.
We want to Thank Phil K. for his continuous generosity towards our club.
We want to Thank Mark W. for his generous contribution of coins for our programs. 
Paul S. introduced a new form for the members to fill out if they are interested in trading, selling, ect their coins and stamps. No personal information will be on this form except our members interests. This way all of our members will know who to go and see to trade, sell ect. their duplicate stamps and coins. 
The food provided by the VFW was once again great! Thank you John and Dianne, for given your time to us. Dianne is John’s his wife!
The last of the Money Monkeys were given out during the auction.
Royce your number was picked out of the Treasure box, but you and Helen were gone.
We Thank Frankie, Jack, David and CL for doing the auction.
David, our beloved President, wants to thank all of our members who pitch in and help with the tables, auction, candy, lights, sound, fans, food, clean up, sign in table, 50/50 collection, and end of meeting table put away help. This is our club and it great to see everyone helping.
As a final thought, David and I stopped by Dan and Edith’s store at the European Village to say hi. Dan and Edith both wanted us to say hi to everyone. They have not forgotten us. Their store closes at 6:00 pm and by the time everything is secured it is usually to late for them to get to the meeting. The store is beautiful. Every member should take a moment the next time you are near their location to stop by and say hi.
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Silvia Rosenthal, Hostess


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