Minutes of Meeting April 23 2012

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Our President opened the meeting at 6:02 PM. 74 members and guests were  present.
It was great to see so many of you ..We were all busy looking at  everyone’s treasures !!
So much to see !!  So much to buy !! So much to share with each  other!!
We thank everyone for coming out !  This was “Wacky Monday”,   This month had 5 Mondays and of course we meet on the 4th Monday.
When  I joined the club in 2005 there were 69 members ahead of me ..  and at the first meeting I attended there were only 12 members present.
Our club has come a long way. This VFW is the third location for our  meetings since I joined. The other two were the old People’s Bank at the Publix  shopping center and Flagler Library where we quickly out grew the space given to  us.
We are now going to have our third location as well for our annual show  which will be at the Elk’s Lodge next March. The other two were at St.  Mark’s Church and then St. Thomas Church.
Our growth could not have happened without all the great members we have  and all of your help.
The Flagler County  Stamp and Coin Club welcomes back long time member # 52  Thania M.
Dave spoke about having a silent auction in the near future and  explained how this worked. A unanimous vote sealed the deal. This is tentatively  planned for June and will be advertised to the general public to attend. Only  members in good standing can place items in the auction. All the details and  forms will be available at our May meeting.
Two more tables were purchased for our show. There are still a few tables  left. Remember this is a Coin, Stamp and Collectable’s show so let’s get a table  and have a lot of fun.
I thank everyone for continuing to put items into our treasure box.  The “box” is getting bigger and bigger. Remember that one name will be picked  out of the box at the end of the auction and the winning name must be present in  order to win.
Helen and Nancy won the vouchers !
The 50/50 was won by our 200th member Dean G. who graciously donated his  winnings back to the club.
Thank you Dean and welcome to our club.
The treasure box would of been won by #198!
We thank Paul and Robert S.  for their donation of a stamp album for  our raffle at our next show.
We thank very much Phil K.for given us the three rolls of old nickels for  all the kids !!!
We thank ,Kraze , Jean , Frankie , Geri, Paul N. ,and David for doing the  auction !!
We thank Emma and Caleb for helping with the “racing doggies” giveaway’s  during the auction.
Ed W. gave a fantastic talk on medals. We encourage all members that have  an interesting topic (does not have to be just coins or stamps) to stand up and  give us a one or two minute talk. We all have other interests as well.
In order to get more youth into coin collecting the club is putting  together starter kits. We have the coins we need but we have to get the  cardboard 2X2’s for pennies, nickels, and quarters as well as the plastic 81/2  by 11 pages that the coin holders slip into. Please, all of our coin  members, help us out with this.
Submitted by:
Silvia (the boss) R.
Dave (yes dear) R.

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