Minutes of Meeting Oct 22 2012

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Flagler County Stamp and Coin Club, Inc.

Minutes for 10-22-2012


President Dave R. opened the meeting at 6:01 PM. There were 69 members and guests present.


Dave welcomed everyone to our last meeting of the year and thanked Frankie D.,

our Vice-President, for running our September meeting. You did a great job Frankie.


Dave spoke about a stamp store and a coin store that Silvia and Dave visited inBarcelona,Spainand was told by both owners that the stamp and coin business is doing well inSpain. Both stores are very busy and have been in business for over 30 years each and in the same location.


From the estate of Lou Kiss and Ralph Cooper, and from members Phil N. and Eric E.,  60 cub scouts received stamps, albums, coins and supplies.


We welcome back Florian to our meetings. You were missed by all.


Dave made several announcements about upcoming events and dates.


CL W. told the members that he has a bus available for the FUN coin show inOrlandowith round trip seats available for only $10.00. The trip will take place on Jan 12, 2013.  This is a great price considering gas costs today. Contact C.L. if you are interested in taking the bus for more information.


John H. spoke about the courtesy that should be given to dealers that travel to give appraisals on collections.


Thank you Francine F. for selling tickets for the Belk’s charity day sale. You efforts were outstanding.


Thank you Geri F. for handling the 50/50.


Thank you Carol S., Phil S., and Mindy R. for handing out the puzzle sheets and treats on the tables.


Thank you Dan and Edith F. for you donation of coins for the club programs.


Thank you Joan for your donations of used stamps for our programs.


Due to the change of location for our annual Stamp, Coin, and Collectable Show our club no longer needed the pop-corn machine which was auctioned off for the good of the club.


Nominations were held for officers for the year 2013.

All nominated candidates said they would serve if elected.

All nominated  positions were won by acclimation.


33 members and guests stayed for the auction.


Our Officers For The Year 2013 Are:


David R. – President

Frank D. – Vice-President

John D. – Treasure


All appointed positions are to remain the same:

Bob Kegley – Webmaster

Mike N. –  Sergeant-at Arms

Francine F.-  Correspondence and fund raising

Alva W. – Historian

Max W.- Youth Advisor

Ed W.  – Educational Director

Vera and Florian B.- Greeters

Frankie D. and Kraze –  Auctioneers

Dar A. – Chaplin

Silvia R. –  Hostess


Kraze won the 50/50

Door Prizes went to Phil A., Carol S.

Special Door Prizes were given out to the “guys” who had the right numbered ticket. These were miniature and very collectable John Deere lunch boxes.

Joan and Robert won the special hats.


For only the second time we had a winner for our TREASURE BOX. Yes sadly but true the Treasure box is now empty except for one item.


Congratulations to Paul S. for winning the Treasure Box. Paul went through the box like a kid going through the bulk candy barrels of time gone by.


Submitted by:

Silvia R.,  Hostess


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