Minutes of Meeting June 24 2013

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58 members and guests were present.

President Dave R. called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM.

After getting all the members and guests attention, Dave had everyone stand for a moment of silence for our dear departed Florian B. Florian was always at the sign in table with his wife, Vera. Florian will be greatly missed by all.

Dave R. asked everyone to keep Francine’s mother in their prayers for a speedy recovery.

Before the meeting started there was tremendous activity shared by everyone. Trading, buying and selling both stamps and coins have now become a landmark for our club. Let’s all bring in our items of interest in to share with our members and guests.

Dave R. and Silvia R. showed pictures of their Alaska cruise on the newly donated movie screen (thanks Bob K.) before the meeting started.

Dave R. spoke about their trip and had a very special coin and a keepsake for all that attended from Skagway, Alaska. Given to each was a very rare “gold” coin commemorating the United States vice-presidential run by Sarah Palin!! Also, a good luck Horseshoe Penny from Skagway commemorating its 100th anniversary in the year 2000.

Dave R. gave everyone an opportunity to guess the difference between a caribou and a reindeer. After several members expressed their opinion on this important matter, Dave finally told everyone that the only difference is that reindeer FLY!!

As a reminder, there are five Mondays in July and we will have our regular monthly meeting on the fourth Monday, July 22, 2013.

Dave R. told everyone the contracts were signed on Friday the 6-21-13 with the Elk’s Lodge for our 10th Annual Stamp and Coin Show. Applications for tables were sent out to all participants and the waiting list for the show. This show will be a sellout again.

Ed W. gave a short talk on his trip out west. Thank you Ed for taking the time to share this with the club.

C.L. W. gave a quick report on the beginning state of setting up a youth voucher program that will compensate all the youth that help at the club “Club Bucks” that can be used as cash for the auction or purchase items from members to enhance their collections. The club will reimburse the members for all “Club Bucks”.

Our beloved John D. gave our treasury report.

Silvia R. our hostess was presented a gift card for Red Lobster for her #@!&* year birthday. Happy Birthday Silvia R.

A special thank you to Frank and Jane M. for their donation of the Blackberry “I-Pad” and to Paul and Bob S. for their donation of four US mint commemorative stamp panel albums and to Frank S. for his donation for British stamps and to Jean P. for his donation of Scott catalogs and Ed Wolf for his book donation, all for the “Good Of The Club”.

Thank you Bob K. for helping with the projector and manning the sign in table.

Thank you Paul B. for taking care of the 50/50.

Thank you C.L. W., Francine F., Kraze K., Frank D. and Dave R. for taking care of this months Auction.

Thank you John D. for handling all the business associated with the auction.

The door prize vouchers for the auction were won by C.L.W. and Bob C.

The 50/50 winner was picked by Jane M. and won by Dave R.  Thank you Jane!!

36 members and guests stayed for a great auction.

The Treasure Box would have been won by Jim B. if he was at our meeting.

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Silvia R., Hostess





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