Minutes of Meeting April 27 2015

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David R. called the meeting to order at 6:10 pm.   The late opening was to give members more time to get their auction items on the new configuration of tables.   This new configuration was necessitated because of the new PA system installed and the fixed cable microphone only reached a certain distance.

Total attendance of members and guests was 68.

Dave R. reminded all present that the next meeting will be May 18 2015, the third Monday.   This change from our normal meeting on the 4th Monday of the month is due to VFW holding Memorial Day activities on May 25.

A motion was made by John D. and seconded by Ed W. that our club donate $150.00 to the Friends of the Library (FOL).    Motion was approved by all present.

The Flagler County Free Clinic sent the club a very nice letter of appreciation for its donation which had been made on behalf of our member Mr and Mrs Frank S.   We have forwarded this letter to them.

Member Jane M. was given a special award for all of her help with the Chinese auction that was held at our annual stamp and coin show in March.   Thanks Jane, and let’s not forget Frank M.  and his help in selling tickets for the auction.

Jose L. told the club about a stamp web site that has good prices on the new impref US stamps.  Fliers were handed out providing the URL for this web site.    As is club practice, we do not include in our minutes the names of dealers who are outside of our club.   We will, however, share such info on request.

We had two special presentations:

Lt. Eric N, from the Flagler County’s Sheriff Dept COP, gave us a great presentation on how the COP operates and the many functions they perform, including home security surveys.   The COP activities works in conjunction with the Sheriff’s office, which frees up the Sheriff’s deputies for more important functions.

Member Ed W. gave a fascinating talk on British forgery notes during WW II, which were printed by the Germans.  Ed was given a standing ovation by the audience.


After the meeting we received word that the Elk’s Club has approved our application for our annual stamp and coin show to be held on March 5 2015 at the Elk’s.

Minutes submitted by:

Silvia R, Hostess


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