Minutes of Meeting July 27 2015

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Dave R. calls meeting to order at 6:07. 6:07! Shame on you!

In attendance were 68 members and 11 guests.   32 members/guests stayed for the auction.

Dave asks all to sign cards for two members dealing with illnesses.

Nice to see Phil Schwartz and Carol.

Dave reminds us the October “Good of the Club” auction can include items other than coins and stamps.

Members vote unanimously to spend $55 (or whatever it may end up being) for a table at next year’s Home Show.

Dave introduces three visitors.

Thank you, Paul S., for smoothing the path to get our advertisements run locally.

Tables for March  5, 2016 club stamp and coin show are one-half sold. There is a waiting list for those interested.

Mia, an English girl who got many gifts of stamps from us, mailed us quite a few British stamps and envelopes as a thank you.

Dave introduced the Little family (mom, dad & 2 sons)… one boy collects coins, the other, stamps.

Dave sez Palm Coast Data got big new contracts and is here in PC to stay. He thanked them for supplying us with a lot of stamps.

Jody D. is presented with his late father’s (Sy Davis) membership number… #62. Jody thanks everyone for the honor, then performs a striptease to show the club how his fancy club golf shirt now looks like swiss cheese. Silvia promises him a new one. I should live so long.

Bob K. gives Treasurer’s report and warns members about a Microsoft virus scam making the rounds.

Dave announces we’ll have live music at this November’s holiday party.

Mike N. got an article mentioning the club in the News Journal.

Ray H. presented Part 2 of his coin presentation, this one focusing on post-1964 clad coinage. He gave major emphasis to why the Ike, Susan B. Anthony, Sacagawea and Presidential dollars were, as he put it, epic fails.

Danny R. and Phil K. win door prize vouchers.


Auction is held.

Winner of Treasure Chest is Ray M. who was NOT in attendance. Another rollover.

Respectfully submitted,

Jody Davis
Recording Sec’y


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