Minutes of Meeting June 22 2015

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Dave R. calls meeting to order at 6:05. We would have started at 6:00, but Silvia kept saying “Wait, wait…just another minute” while she furiously arranged stamp packets.
Attendance: 60 members. And 45 stayed for the auction!
Dave R. tells boring story (thankfully short) of his and Sil’s European vacation. He says the International Stamp Show in London was underway when they got there, so he altered plans to attend. Some great rarities, he says.

Dave advised all who want to buy a table at the March ’16 club show to pick up a contract from him and return it ASAP. Only a finite number of tables exists.

Club recognized 4 youth members in attendance.

Dave mentions June D., who is a real estate agent, offers to give 10% of proceeds to the club for every sale involving a club member.

Bob K. gave Treasurer’s report. We’re not broke. We got bucks.

Mike Nishti proposes taking nominations and a vote for the woman we want to select to replace Hamilton on the sawbuck ($10 bill) in 2020. He says he prefers the change be made to the 20 instead of the 10. Members will be polled via email. Jody D. suggests Silvia to replace Hamilton.

Jose L. tells us about stampnewsnow.com–a website that keeps up with new issues.

Ray Herz presents part 1 of a presentation on modern coins. This segment covered the Coinage Act of ’65 and the end of circulating silver coins. Part 2 next month.

Dave G. and Bob S. win door prize vouchers. Vira B. wins 50-50.

Auction is held.

Jacob becomes first youth member ever to win Treasure Chest. He is in attendance.

Respectfully submitted,

Jody Davis
Recording Sec’y


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