Minutes of Meeting Sep 28 2015

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Dave R. calls meeting to order at 6:05. And they say women are always late.
Attendance 57 (51 members and 6 visitors)
One of our earliest members, #16, was in town and dropped by briefly to say hello. He actually thought we still met at the public library.Moment of silence for Tony the fish. RIP, little swimmer.Dave gives certificate of appreciation to Everett M. for all the assistance he gives.

Larry P, Anthony B, and Peggy L are new members #259, 261 and 262.  Great to have you!

Nominations taken for our three elected positions. All incumbents re-nominated. Jody D. attempts to nominate Donald Trump for president. Dictator Dave says he can’t do that, since the Donald isn’t a member. No others nominated. Current president, VP (Frankie D.) and Treasurer (Bob K.) are automatically re-elected. Yup, we’re stuck with the same ol’ same ol’.  😉

Dave stresses need for youth coordinators. He’ll discuss in private with our young members.

Dave asks members to please volunteer to staff tables and bring coins/stamps along for the Home Show on Jan 23 and 24.

A couple more tables for our March show were purchased during the meeting. There should only be a couple remaining at this point.

Reminders… our November dinner at the graze-a-teria, a.k.a. Golden Corral, will feature a crazy hat contest. Wear yours and win a prize, perhaps.

Next, Dave had bricks in his head. He said the brick the club purchased from the Chamber is being made, and he asked for a motion to buy a $100 brick to honor veterans outside the Elks Club. Passed unanimously.

Dave and Sil’s Big Deal of the Day… notebooks at Target for a nickel apiece. Given out to all members in attendance. Might want to think about donating them to a Stuff Bus campaign.

Dave passes around a 3-cent stamp from 1917, old Austrian money, and currency from Algeria from 1929. If it’s old, Dave’s got it. Silvia excluded, of course.

Ed W. brought in two Greek medals from pre-WWI era bought in a store in Queens, NY. He gave history lesson on the battles in the Balkans in the run-up to the war.

Special door prize drawing held.

Dave reminds all…next month is the “good of the club” auction. Also…you can bring in any collectible-type item to auction off…not just coins and stamps.

Sue G. and Mike P. win door prize vouchers.

Kathy G. wins 50-50.

Farewell, Paul B., who’s relocating to be near family in Massachusetts. He’ll be back for the dinner, though.

Auction is held, followed by reverse auction.

The Treasure Chest is won for the second straight month! Our old pal John D. takes it home. John became a member about the same time the Standing Liberty quarter came out.

Only one more meeting in 2015!

Respectfully submitted,

Jody Davis
Recording Sec’y


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