Minutes of Meeting June 27 2016

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5 – 6 pm
A blessing was given before the meal by Carmela F.
Club members and guests enjoyed a cover dish meal consisting of an 18 ft sub sandwich, baked beans, cold slaw and various fruits and desserts. Everyone had a great time. One big hit was Bob C.’s organic chicken. Not to mention all the yummy home made deserts and salads. We thank everyone for sharing the side dishes and participation. And let’s not forget Geri F’s fantastic potato salad.
David called meeting to order at 6 pm. (Third time in a row!!)
58 members and 8 visitors in attendance.
A moment of silence was observed for Shirley Davis, mother of  member #62 Jody D. our Correspondent Secretary,  who passed away this past week.  Our condolence to Jody and family.
David explained the process of how the club’s auction tables are displayed.
Dave shared with the club an article about state silver one ounce bars selling for $57.00 each and were advertised as very limited!! This was in the club’s opinion a little overpriced$$$
Dave mentioned that our tables for our annual stamp and coin show are selling fast and will be another sellout. If you have not sent in the contracts for this show and want a table please do so quickly.
Frankie D. gave a brief on the deceptive advertising of Morgan silver dollars, showing a newspaper article.  Morgan dollars advertised for approx. $17.  GREAT PRICE!  Wrong.. fine print said these are copies.
Member #49, Dr. John Z, gave a talk on his attendance at the World Stamp Show 2016 held in New York at the end of May.   He is putting together a slide presentation for a future meeting.  Thank you very much Dr. Z.
Honorary member Ray H.  gave a slide presentation on Florida paper currency from 1817 – 1865.    Thank you for a very interesting presentation.   Ray will give PART 2 at our July 25 meeting for period 1865 – 1935. Ray was presented a gift from our club for all he does.
David introduced new member #270 Larry G.  Welcome to our club Larry.
Returning members #226 Kendra and #236 Ken E. were welcome back.  Kendra is one of our youth interested in stamps and Ken, her father, has interest in coins and stamps.
Certificates of appreciation were given to Jean H. and Lina for all the help they provide the club.
Member #73 Michael Belanich and his daughter Paula are leaving Florida and moving back to upstate New York.  Michael has been a member since July 2005.   We wish them well and safe traveling.
Frankie D. will talk to the Palm Coast postmaster about having a tour of this facility in the near future.
David announced that member #155 Phil K. had donated mercury dimes to the club and that these would be given out as door prizes.   Thank you Phil.
David called the number for the door prizes. #165 Paul S. and # 50 Paul N. won.
50/50 was called.  Two winners were #44 Jim B. and #181 Ron S.    Congratulations to both.
Meeting ended at 7:15 pm.
Auction started at 7:25 pm.
There were 10 lucky winners of the after auction special door prizes. It pays to stick around.
Treasure Chest winner was #138 Bob K.   He collected his “goodies”. (He was so happy.Emoji) This was Bob’s 18 time winning. (No not really).
Wishing everyone a safe and happy 4th of July.  For our Canadian members/friends a happy July 1 to you.
See everyone at our July 25 meeting.
Substituting for our beloved Jody D. Recording Secretary:
Bob K. and Dave R.

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