Minutes of Meeting June 26 2017

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There were 61 members and guests present.

President Dave R. opened the meeting at 6:05 PM.

The club had a very busy night giving free evaluations of stamp and coin collections to the general public who came out in the rain for this free club service.

After welcoming everyone to our meeting and thanking everyone for the desserts (Dessert Night) Dave R. introduced our newest member #283   Kent   S.

Dave R. spoke briefly on our 14th annual show tables selling well.

Dave R. mentioned that even though we had a heavy rainstorm at the time of the meeting that he was ecstatic with the turnout.

We had eight speakers tonight:

Bob K. gave the financial report and spoke about fake pennies and the removal of the 1 cent coin and the dollar bill.

Frankie D. spoke about items not used in the Post Office anymore and new delivery concerns that some criminals are putting in false new address cards to the post office.

Anatoly spoke on the history of the Ukraine/Crimea in early 1900’s and his collection of Russian stamps.

Dr. John Z. spoke about starting a committee  to put frames together for members to show items at our meetings. This is a great idea.  Dr. Zak will chair this committee.

Linda C. spike about the July 18th open house at the election office from 10:00 am till 6:00 pm in Bunnell which will showcase new equipment and a mock election.

Mike N. spoke about George Gay and his actions at the battle of Midway in the Pacific.

Jean H. spoke about being careful with tampered gift cards at Publix and other stores.

Silvia R. was presented two gift cards from the club for her special birthday.

Our club had a very active live auction that was a lot of fun.

Door Prize Voucher winners:  #135 Jean P. and # 44 Jim B.

50/50 winners: # 275 David S. and #210 Jane M.

David R. shared his high school yearbook picture of himself next to his twin brother and asked everyone to guess which was Dave. The majority picked the wrong pic.

The treasure Box winner was # 281 James V. who was NOT present to take home his winnings. Better luck next month.

Dave R. thanked everyone for helping put up and take down the tables.

A special thank you goes out to Bob H. who helped for the first time at the auction table and to Alvin A. who helped show and run the auction items.

Let’s not forget Frank D. for running the auction table with the help of Joyce C.

Thank you Vera for taking care of the sign in table. Could not do this with out you.

The secret word for the Internet door prize voucher for the JULY meeting is summer.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Minutes submitted by Jane M.


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