Minutes of Meeting July 25 2011

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57 Members and 14
Visitors entered our doors.


Once again a terrible
rain storm hit just before the doors opened at 5:00 PM.

Our president welcomed
everyone who came and long time no see Janice S. welcome back Janice.

Thanks to Dean for
donating for the good of the club and for the Famous Treasure Box which keeps
growing.  Remember, to win the treasure
box you have to stay to the end of the auction.

Al and CL also donated
for the good of the club

Dar gave a short talk
about counterfeit coins that was received at her bank.

David talked about
special handling stamps along with a funny story about runaway loose baby
chicks on his mail route. These four stamps that complete this series.

The images of the
special handling series

was finally shown using
the club’s projector. Dave now knows how to get the projector working right.
Great job Dave. The images were great.  Dave
also shared a sheet showing counterfeit invert stamps with a regular one. These
were the Canadian and American versions of the 4 cent St. Lawrence Seaway

Dave reminded everyone
that all any member has to do is make a cd of their collectable’s to share and
we can show it to our membership. Help is available to those (like Dave) that
need help in doing this.

Dave talked about the
costs of running our meeting and stressed that everyone can help by
participating in the 50/50.

The response to our
request for donations in Linn’s and Coin World has been great. The stamps and
coins will be used to attract new youth members and young at heart to our club
and will be distributed at the annual home show and our annual stamp and coin

Silvia R. has personally
contacted by mail and phone every donor. Thank you Silvia R. (I think I will
keep her another 40 years!)

Bob K. is looking into a
charter bus for the stamp show in Dec. and the coin show in Jan. More details
will follow.

John D. and Al won this
month’s vouchers.

Nancy did the 50/50 and
she also won the 50/50. Thanks for all your help Nancy.

36 stayed for the

Our beloved Bill Bullis
name was drawn for the Treasure Chest.

St.Augustine will be
having their yearly show on Nov.5 at the VFW in St.Augustine.

Christine and Angela,
Jerry and Lily s Granddaughters, were presented with brand new albums donated
by Louis A. and by Marilyn and the members of the Pottstown Stamp Club located
in PA.

Gleefully submitted by,

David Rosenthal,



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