Minutes of Meeting Jan 25 2016

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Dave R. calls meeting to order at 6:04. He’s getting better, folks! 74 in attendance at the start.

We have many visitors tonight thanks to the Home Show over the weekend. We were in the main area this year. Dave thanks all members who helped out in the booth and spoke to scores of attendees.

Club holds moment of silence for our friend and member Charlie Cohen, who passed away several days before.

Dave recognizes Treasurer Bob K. and his bride on their 50th wedding anniversary, and gives them a gift from the club.

Reminder…club show is coming up on 3/5. It’s been sold out for months.

Allen A. gives presentation on the history of coinage, going way back to 700 BCE. That’s a few years before Dave R. was born.

Dave shows letter with a first day cover from NJ man who designed the stamp. The letter is from 1957. He tells members that a number of the stamps in his collection have really jumped in value…so you never know!

Don J. and Lee S. are recognized as new members 265 and 266. Dave then reintroduces officers and has everyone identify self and collection preference as we do at the start of each year.

Dave says Flagler schools are interested in having the club put on presentations. The Nat’l Assn. of Retired Federal Employees is interested as well.

Bob K. gives treasurer’s report.

VP Frankie D. says he gave a presentation to kindergartners and they gave him their full attention and were fascinated. Frankie then gives Dave a gift from the members to mark his upcoming birthday.

Allen A. and James B. win the voucher door prizes. Many extra door prizes are awarded…a canister of jelly beans.

50-50 is split into two winners because the pot is rather large. Jacob S. and John D. win. John, who’s a helluva guy despite being a Patriots fan, donates his winnings back for the good of the club.

Auction is held.

Treasure chest winner is member 44…James B. He was at the meeting but LEFT BEFORE THE END. Once again, the box rolls over.

Respectfully submitted,

Jody D. (#62)

Recording Secretary


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