Minutes of Meeting March 28 2016

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Dave R. calls meeting to order at 5:58. Wait…5:58?  Two minutes early? Pinch me…I’m hallucinating.

We have 51 members and 8 guests present. Dave welcomes friends and long-missing members, than recognizes more than a dozen members who helped with our March show. He says the Elks Club welcomes us back next year.

The club’s income from the show was in the high triple figures, which helps our bottom line.

Clyde S. is given plaque in thanks for his talk last month on coins.

We’re in contact with a Native American reservation in Hoonah, Alaska, which has asked us for a stamp donation. We will box ’em up and send them north.

Former member Joel G. talks about a project he’s working on…collecting postmarks for schoolchildren. He’s looking for volunteers to help the effort.

Special guests Ken Seymour and Evelyn Gomes from the FL Attorney General’s office give a presentation on avoiding fraud targeting senior citizens, including IRS scams, Publishers Clearing House scams, money transfer fraud. They staff an office here in PC and have recovered more than $41,000 for victims since the office opened last July. Dave gives them plaque thanking them for the presentation.

A travel agent guest invited by Dave and Silvia gives details of a Viking River Cruise special deal.

Dave says the club is giving a presentation to NARFE (retiree group) on stamps and coins April 20 at noon at Golden Corral. He encouraged any interested members to bring samples to show and tell.

Frank W. and Don J. win the door prize vouchers.

John S. takes the 50-50.

Auction is held.

Treasure chest winner is Allan K. who is NOT present. Yet another rollover. Give the box some love.

Respectfully submitted,

Jody D.

Recording Sec’y



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